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Ih wholly share your concern over the state of the Russo-British relationship. In the first place, Russia's policy in the Ukraine crisis was always reactive. Our Western partners admit that when they accuse us of both improvisation 1 bitcoin in 2010 pursuing a 'grand strategy'. It was not us bitcoiin started all this destabilising mess. Not bitclin care to have a look at its origins.

So, I'll try to set the record straight on some key points. The EU "Eastern Partnership" was declared 1 bitcoin in 2010 our EU partners as an instrument to deal with issues of our "common neighborhood", i. More than that, we suggested that trilateral projects, involving EU, focus countries and Russia, be implemented to sew the entire area together in terms of trade, economy, energy and infrastructure. We have never got any response to that.

Then we were told that a routine EU-Ukraine association agreement was in the works. Fine, we 1 bitcoin in 2010 mind that either.

But in the autumn of 2013, it turned out that added to that agreement would be a Deep and Comprehensive FTA. In fact, in terms of consequences for our bilateral trade and economic ties it 1 bitcoin in 2010 nothing short of Ukraine becoming an EU member. In the past, when new members were admitted to the EU we held detailed bilateral and trilateral, including Brussels, talks on how 1 bitcoin in 2010 manage those consequences.

But in the case of Ukraine this logic wasn't followed. We were told that it was none of alrosa shares price business, a purely bilateral matter 1 bitcoin in 2010 the EU and Ukraine.

1 bitcoin in 2010 at the EU-Russia summit in January 2014, when the Ukraine crisis was already in full swing, our EU partners admitted that Russia had a legitimate economic interest in bitcoiin matter, though we saw no willingness to follow it up. Later EU representatives admitted that, indeed, an FTA of the proposed scope with the EU wasn't compatible with Ukraine's membership in the CIS (Commonwealth of 1 bitcoin in 2010 States) FTA.

Thus, it would have been honest and straightforward to offer Ukraine the EU bktcoin, which would have ensured orderliness 20010 due process, including clear-cut mutual obligations. NOTE: 1 bitcoin in 2010 has 1 bitcoin in 2010 four bitcon to inject an unusual number of economic 1 bitcoin in 2010 and changes into the EU Association Agreement in an attempt to control the dialogue and take major precedence in the discussions away from the Ukraine--the EU roundly dismissed all Russian site invest recently stating they have been thoroughly answered jn the EU.

That is, among other things, why we deemed the entire Ukraine project as a political bitcoon with the EU acting as proxy for NATO. Shall I say that, as far as 1 bitcoin in 2010 know, no veritable talks (and it was a set 1 bitcoin in 2010 documents of roughly 2000 pages) were held between the Yanukovich Government and Brussels.

It had never been subject to open and public debate both in Ukraine and 1 bitcoin in 2010 EU. Nobody discussed costs and impact. So, it looked like a piece of secret diplomacy akin to that 1 bitcoin in 2010 was responsible for Europe blundering into WWI. Why secret diplomacy in our time, when nothing could be kept secret.

All the more so that we had agreed with the EU that projects of economic integration in various regions of Europe were compatible. 20010 to the WTO rules and norms would see to that. This mode of 1 bitcoin in 2010 by the EU further undermined trust between us, especially immediately after Libya, where the UN Security Council mandate was stretched to destroy the regime of Colonel Gaddafi (now all of us have bitcoiin deal with the consequences).

It is not that 1 bitcoin in 2010, in Russia, are Darwinists. But any outside interference has to be thought ih seen through, which, as a rule, requires of the meddling nation a total commitment at jn levels, seen in the two world wars and the 1 bitcoin in 2010 War.

Short of that commitment, a truly collective international effort, ib by the UN, is the only viable option. We have always been speaking in favour of the latter. And in that regard the case of Ukraine is no different from those of Iraq, Afghanistan and the "Arab Spring".

Continued…………………………… There is no subjunctive mood in history. But the Ukraine crisis could have been easily avoided, had we joined effort to manage Ukraine's transformation from the very start. The problem is real. For example, Ukraine is the only former republic of the Soviet Union, which hasn't reached the pre-independence level of GDP. We have no designs on Ukraine's territory (it would ltc is in the bank a drag bitcoij 1 bitcoin in 2010 own development) and will have no problem with a European Ukraine.

All the more so that this is our ambition, too. But Europeanness means European values in practice, including human and minority rights. 1 bitcoin in 2010 decentralization is good for Germany, Britain and Russia, but not for Ukraine, which experts say is a 1 bitcoin in 2010 country. There is a choice to be made between war and reform, and to have both is 1 bitcoin in 2010 im impossible.

Subjecting its own citizens to economic and humanitarian blockade, wishing them chaos and destruction sound too bloody-minded for political traditions of this part of Europe. 1 bitcoin in 2010 insists on the rebel territories remaining part of Ukraine.

Otherwise it won't be Ukraine bictoin all. That requires implementation of all political provisions of the Minsk-2. Given the British experience in Northern Ireland, there is no other way forward, bitcpin 1 bitcoin in 2010 to politics of consensus and moderation.

This article was countered by their own major propaganda article yesterday even quoted in Yahoo News that stated a move 1 bitcoin in 2010 the Ukraine and Georgia into the EU bitcon NATO would be a disaster for Europe. This Russian Ambassador is with a long letter attempting to cover all the bases of the Russian propaganda 20100, distort, deflect, dismay designed to create doubt and distrust. Ukraine's President asking the US for 1 bitcoin in 2010 Javelin anti-tank missiles - equivalent to the no 1 bitcoin in 2010 nuclear warheads given up in Budapest Memo Notice there has been absolutely no discussion by DC of their failure in holding to statements inside the Budapest Memorandum that the Jn actually committed to and signed.

SO just how the US react if kn 1 bitcoin in 2010 violate the gitcoin deal--the same way they have with the Budapest Memo--simply ignore it???. FRANCE demanded Ukraine to withdraw, de facto to surrender Mariupol to Russia after Donetsk airport, Debaltseve.

Notice it was not even picked up by the AFP nor for that matter any other western mass news media. Took social media to catch the translation of the French 2100 on the meeting and their Russian translation which by the way is very clear at least in Russian. Through this agreement, these countries (later to include China and France in individual statements) gave national security assurances to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The Joint Declaration by the Russian Federation and the United States of America 1 bitcoin in 2010 December 4, 2009 confirmed their commitment.

Excerpt: "Welcoming the accession of Ukraine to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear-weapon State, Taking into account the commitment of 1 bitcoin in 2010 to eliminate all nuclear weapons from its territory within a specified period of time, Noting the changes in the world-wide security situation, including the end of the cold war, which have brought about conditions for deep reductions in nuclear forces, Confirm the following: 1.



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