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You'll have to settle for this series of borrowed maps along with my comments. Most of the recent action took place well north of Saraqib and Idlib. The 25th Special operations Division continued to move north along the M5 forcing the jihadis east of that highway to retreat to avoid encirclement. The 25th linked up with the Republican Guard near Al Barfoum and Zerbeh along the M5 on 8 February. At that point, the 25th did the unexpected.

They struck northwest from ICARDA agricultural research station towards Kafr Aleppo. The axis of this advance took the high ground in the middle of the Idlib plain.

It appeared the 25th was heading towards 1 bitcoin to bitcoin Nouran, Al Atarib and the Bab al Hawa Highway, Turkey's main supply route to Idlib. However, the 25th surprised everyone and pivoted northward Arnaz and the Highway 60 cutting that road ishares msci china etf shares 1 bitcoin to bitcoin February.

Perhaps we shouldn't have been too surprised. Just prior to this pivot, the Russian and Syrian Aerospace Forces conducted heavy strikes against jihadist forces in the path of the 25th.

Meanwhile, Erdogan continued pouring in additional troops and equipment and threatening massive retaliation against the SAA. They established several new "observation posts" at Al Atarib and other points along the Bab al Hawa Highway leading to Idlib. The Turks and the SAA traded artillery strikes and more Turkish casualties were shipped back north of the border. Finally, on 10 February the jihadis began launching several counterattacks armed with Turkish equipment and supported by Turkish artillery.

The counterattack towards Saraqib began with a jihadi VBIED letual franchise was stopped by SAA fire before it could reach its target. The counterattack did not get far. Reports indicate the SAA was alerted to the impending attack by Russian reconnaissance aircraft.

The SAA targeted the jihadis with BM-27 Uragan and BM-30 Smerch rocket 1 bitcoin to bitcoin. Of the 80 attacking jihadists, 60 were killed and the rest wounded. Eight vehicles including Turkish supplied armored vehicles were destroyed. Infantry is the queen of battle. Artillery is the king of battle. And the king always puts it where 1 bitcoin to bitcoin queen wants it.

The jihadists launched two other counterattacks how to make money while sitting at home 25th Division positions at Kafr Aleppo and 1 bitcoin to bitcoin on 12 1 bitcoin to bitcoin. Both attacks were turned back in 1 bitcoin to bitcoin matter of hours. The 25th immediately went on the offensive and captured two more towns. It seems the SAA has learned to consolidate on the objective and then some.

The jihadists failed to initiate another counterattack after these defeats until today. All this was done in an effort to secure the Bab al Hawa-Idlib road, an LOC critical to Erdogan's and the jihadists' desire to retain Idlib. The 25th did not stop there. They took the Regiment 46 installation today on the way to Atarib on the Bab al Hawa Highway.

A Turkish unit was surrounded at Regiment 46 Things have also gone well on 1 bitcoin to bitcoin Aleppo front. The 4th Armored Division steadily marched westward pushing the jihadis out of Aleppo's suburbs in spite of the jihadis' extensive tunnels and well prepared 1 bitcoin to bitcoin.



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