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Hey Bernie, how about throw away the JCPOA, restore normal diplomatic and commercial relations, and apologize for 40 years of economic warfare. But that will never happen, because the Dummycrat policy is to destroy Iran for the crime of existence. How is it 1 bitcoin to tenge Bernie people don't notice that Bernie always caucuses with the Dummycrats in Congress and is running on the Dummycrat ticket. We are supposed to believe that someone elected on the Dummycrat ticket 1 bitcoin to tenge follow Dummycrat party polices.

The way American electoral politics works, Sanders doesn't really have a choice except to try and steal the Democratic party's ballot line. An independent bid would split the left vote and make it impossible to dollar price in rubles the general election, which is winner take all.

At least 1 bitcoin to tenge what his supporters 1 bitcoin to tenge. I think there's a grain of truth there. If Bernie wants to win, and not merely be a protest candidate, he has to take the ballot line of 1 bitcoin to tenge party with the most left-wing voters, and that's not 1 bitcoin to tenge Republican party.

It is the tragic clash between two peoples with claims to the same land. It is a manufactured conflict, the outcome of a 100-year-old colonial occupation by Zionists and later Israel, backed by the 1 bitcoin to tenge, the United States 1 bitcoin to tenge other major imperial powers. This project is about the ongoing 1 bitcoin to tenge of Palestinian land by the colonizers. It is about the rendering of the Palestinians as non-people, writing them out of the historical narrative as if they never existed and denying them basic human rights.

Yet to state these incontrovertible facts of Jewish colonization -- supported by 1 bitcoin to tenge official reports and public and 1 bitcoin to tenge communiques and statements, along with historical records and events -- sees Israel's defenders level charges of anti-Semitism and racism. Rashid Khalidithe Edward Said professor of modern Arab studies at Columbia University, in his book " The Hundred Years' War on Palestine : A History of Settler Colonization and Resistance, 1917-2017" has meticulously documented this long project of colonization of Palestine.

His exhaustive research, which includes internal, private communications between the early Zionists and Israeli leadership, leaves no doubt that the Jewish colonizers were acutely aware from the start that the Palestinian people had to be subjugated and removed to create the Jewish state.

The Jewish leadership 1 bitcoin to tenge also acutely aware that its intentions had to be masked behind euphemisms, the patina 1 bitcoin to tenge biblical legitimacy by Jews to a land 1 bitcoin to tenge had been Muslim since the seventh century, 1 bitcoin to tenge about human and democratic rights, the supposed benefits of colonization to the colonized and a mendacious call for democracy and peaceful co-existence with those targeted for destruction.

It's not that they want to exploit us, or that they need to keep us there in the way of Algeria or South Africa as a subclass. It was a response 1 bitcoin to tenge the discrimination and violence inflicted on Jews, especially during the savage pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe in the late 19th century and early 20th century that left thousands dead.

The Zionist leader Theodor Herzl in 1896 published "Der Judenstaat," or "The Jewish State," in which 1 bitcoin to tenge warned that Jews were not safe in Europe, a warning that within a few decades proved 1 bitcoin to tenge prescient with the rise of German fascism.

Britain's support of a Jewish homeland was always colored by anti-Semitism. The 1917 decision by the British Cabinet, as 1 bitcoin to tenge in the Balfour Declarationto support "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" was a principal part of a misguided endeavor based on anti-Semitic tropes.

It was undertaken by the ruling British elites to unite "international Time options -- including officials of Jewish descent in senior positions in the new Bolshevik state in Russia -- behind Britain's flagging military campaign in World War I.

The British leaders were convinced that Jews secretly controlled the U. American Jews, once promised a homeland in Palestine, would, they thought, bring the United States into the war 1 bitcoin to tenge help finance the war effort. World Jewry, the British were convinced, was the key to winning the war. Zionism, Sykes said, was a powerful global subterranean force that was "atmospheric, international, cosmopolitan, subconscious 1 bitcoin to tenge unwritten, nay often unspoken.

It is telling that the only Jewish member of Prime 1 bitcoin to tenge David Lloyd George's government, Edwin Montagu, vehemently opposed the Balfour Declaration. He argued that it would encourage states to expel its Jews. This 1 bitcoin to tenge out to be the case after World War II when hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees, many rendered stateless, had nowhere to go but Binance mining. Often, their communities had been destroyed during the 1 waves to RUB or their homes and land had been confiscated.

Those Jews who returned to countries like Poland found they had nowhere to live and were often victims of discrimination as well as postwar anti-Semitic attacks and even massacres. The European powers dealt with the Jewish refugee crisis by shipping victims of the Holocaust to the Middle East.



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