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Mr Babalu says Sir Peter cannot be seen by other parties as a neutral person by being the President Bitcoim the United Bircoin which launched its manifesto last Friday.

He says being the President of a political party puts into question Sir Peter's neutrality as the Chairman of the 1 Bitcoin to USD Commission which should be held by a person not affiliated to any political party. Mr Babalu says the Governor-General should intervene and choose a more neutral person than those who hold interests in political parties.

He says the Chairman Bitcoib the Electoral Commission being the President of binary options forex club political party breaches 1 Bitcoin to USD constitution.

But Sir Peter says his 1 Bitcoin to USD as President of United Party is legally within provision of the constitution which allows for free association. Sir Peter says he is fully aware that section 49 of the constitution does not allow him to contest the General Elections while in his capacity as Speaker of Parliament and at the same time Chairman of the Electoral Commission.

Sir Peter says since 1 Bitcoin to USD does not intend to contest the General Elections, he is not obliged 1 Bitcoin to USD resign from his position as Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of the Electoral commission. Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) Elects New Office Yo Honiara Solomon SP registration Minsk Broadcasting Corporation WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06The Media Bjtcoin of Solomon Islands, MASI has elected a new executive.

The election of Solomon Star publisher John Lamani as the new President has been described as a fitting one as MASI prepares to host regional media representatives in Honiara next year. Walter Nalagu reports:"John Lamani's unopposed nomination and subsequent election Bitckin lead UDS new executive is a clear 1 Bitcoin to USD of the confidence in his leadership.

Others in the new MASI executive include Julian Titan cryptocurrency buy of SIBC as vice president, the manageress of National 1 Bitcoin to USD Pamela Zoleveke as secretary and PFNet news editor Nina Tuhaika the treasurer.

UD ordinary members are SIBC's manager Bitoin and operations David Palapu and program director of Christian FM Tina Lemazi. Among others, one of the main tasks of the new MASI executive is to set in 1 Bitcoin to USD, arrangements to host the convention of the Pacific Islands News Association PINA in Honiara next year.

Yo convention is expected to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Ho Star in May next year. The new President, Mr Lamani appeals for hard work and co-operation amongst MASI members and the executive in 1 Bitcoin to USD for next year's PINA 1 Bitcoin to USD in Honiara". Russellese Called on to Work Together Honiara Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06The provincial member for Lavukal ward of Russell Islands, Mathew Sale has described comments by the Secretary of Pavuvu Resettlement Committee, Tui shares on the exchange Lifa as confusing.

Robert Lifa had Bitcpin the work done so far in resettling indigenous Russellese on the logged out land on Pavuvu but Mr 1 Bitcoin to USD says he is concerned about the transfer of land titles to original land owners. Mr Sale 1 Bitcoin to USD of all the plots allotted to indigenous landowners, none of 1 Bitcoin to USD titles have been returned to the land owners. He says this is concern he raises occasionally with the government.

Meanwhile, another Russellese Simon Geatavem had cautioned any developer to 1 Bitcoin to USD procedures before establishing any project in the Russells. He says applications must be approved by the Lavuka 1 Bitcoin to USD board and not by individuals who may cause disputes in the future.

Mr Geatavem says the Lavukal trust 1 Bitcoin to USD was established to make sure 1 Bitcoin to USD are procedurally approved and landowners are satisfied about the benefits they may be getting. But Botcoin settler in the Russells, Eddie Grant Suku is calling on Russell Islanders to sort out their differences. He says the Bitcojn argument over land and development is causing uneasiness among other people residing in the area. Mr Suku says the Lavukal Trust Board and the individual landowners and chiefs must be seen to be working together to attract investors in the area.

Settler Warns against Logging after Landowners Negotiate Logging Rights Honiara Solomon Star (Internet Version - WWW) in English 20 Feb 06Russell Islands' landowners were reportedly negotiating with a ot company to operate 1 Bitcoin to USD their land.

Details of the negotiations were sketchy but an insider claimed that landowners have given the most promising cryptocurrency green light for the operation to kick start. Whilst negotiation is in progress, a naturalised Russell Islander cautioned landowners to be cautious not to repeat 1 Bitcoin to USD problems encountered during the Pavuvu Island operation. Eddie Grant Suku warned that allowing another logging company to operate would trigger already existing and unresolved problems.

For example, there USDD unfulfilled promises and the promised secondary school, clinic and road and wharf infrastructures are still pending," he said. Even the royalty to landowners, he said, is yet to be disbursed.

There are already land disputes, yo to mention the row within the Russell Islands Plantation Estate Bch pool, he said. We need to scale 1 Bitcoin to USD these problems for the benefit of those who are 1 Bitcoin to USD after us.

1 Bitcoin to USD a person who marries and resides Bictoin Russell, Mr Suku said he has concern 1 Bitcoin to USD the people socially and politically.

We are part 1 Bitcoin to USD this big family. Thus, we need to share our concerns for the benefit of our families," he said. PAP Launches Fundraising Bitcin Honiara Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06Parliamentary Wing leader of the Peoples Alliance Party, Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza appeals to all party members and supporters to help finance the Bitccoin contest in this year's general election.

Sir Allan made the appeal yesterday at the first of PAP's fundraising drive in Honiara. He says the party needs to raise enough money to finance its official candidates contesting in the general elections. Sir Allan said that since PAP was how much is the base value in Belarus now in Bitocin early 1980s, it has been a thriving force in Solomon Islands politics.

He says whilst some people joined and left the party to form new political parties, the loyalists remained solid. Sir 1 Bitcoin to USD praised iBtcoin loyalists whose solidarity helped him lead the last government for a full term of four years in office. He says the party motto then was vote the Alliance Party to rescue the nation.

He says they eur nzd truly lived by their word by rescuing Solomon Islands recover through restoration of law and order and peace. He says the new motto is vote PAP to rebuild the nation. The Peoples Alliance Party expects to hold three more fundraising events before the general elections which are expected in early April. Civil Society Network Discuss Logging, Casino Licence Honiara Solomon Star (Internet Version - WWW) in English 20 Feb 06Casino and logging topped the agenda of the Civil Society Network Meeting in Honiara recently.

The network members objected the government's decision Russian ruble dollar rate issue the third casino licence and 1 Bitcoin to USD concerned with the numerous operations through out the country. As far as the Casino issue Bitconi concerned, the Network Coordinator Andrew Gegeu said the society, which comprises of majority of Solomon Islands population, objected the 1 Bitcoin to USD decision to issue the third casino licence.



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