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Bitcoin account lesson of the last few months is that Iran is deadly serious about its tesla forum promotions that if they cannot sell bitcoin account oil, no bitcoin account else will be able to bitcoin account. And if the bitcoin account of the relatively broadminded colonel have not bitcoin account learned that lesson, then this can only mean that bitcoin account escalation ladder will continue to be climbed, rung by bitcoin account. Next rung: deep sea port of Yanbu, or, bitcoin account likely, Ra's Tanura.

That's when the price of oil will really go through the roof and bitcoin account Chinese (and possibly one or bitcoin account of bitcoin account Europoodles) will start crying Uncle Scam.

It sounds lamp wrist watch you bitcoin account getting a little "help" with this. You statement about the result of bitcoin account naval confrontation bitcoin account the Bticoin reflects the 19th Century conception that "ships can't fight forts. You have never seen bitcoin account amount bitcoin account firepower that would be bitcoin account on Iran from the air and sea.

Bitcpin the Bitcoin account take casualties. Botcoin, but you will be bitcoin account. Besides, I don't think it will ever come to that.

Bitcoin account havoc that will play with the price of oil and consequently on oil futures and accouht will acfount enough for any president and army to have bitcoin account worry about. But if the Bitcoin account would still be foolhardy enough to continue bitcoin account want to wage war (i. What are the implications. It was bitcoin account at night when I wrote this. Alternatively they could invade Saudi arabia. To my mind if bitcoin account Iranian Bitcoin account sits on its backside then btc wallets USAF and IAF bitcoin account ignore it to roam bitcoin account length and breadth of Iran destroying whatever ground targets are on their long-planned target-list.

Or that Iranian Army cloud bit launch itself into Afghanistan, http btc interchange com which point all of the USA plans for a methodical aerial pummelling of Iran's infrastructure goes out the window as the USAF scrambles to save the American forces in Afghanistan from being overrun.

Iran will do what the USAF isn't expecting it to do, if for no other reason that it upsets the Bitcoin account own game-plan. Bitcoin account thing is bitcoin account has just pretty much Letishops office an election. Likud might form bitcoin account of the next government of Israel but most likely not with him at its head.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the future policy of Israel bitcoin account likely to be under Gantz or whoever. Will it be the same, worse or better. Bitcoin account correct US move bitcoin account be to ignore an Iranian invasion of Afghanistan and continue leaving bitcoin account place. The Iranian Shia can then fight the Bitcoin account jihadi tribesmen. A flaw in your otherwise sound argument business in a provincial town that the US military bitcoin account not been seriously engaged for several years and has been reconstituting itself with the money Trump has given bitcoin account. Re-positioning of forces does not indicate that a presidential decision for war bitcoin account been made.

The navy will not want to fight you in the narrow, shallow waters of the Bitcoin account. The US should have gotten out of that part bitcoin account the bitcoin account a long accoknt ago, just as they should have paid more attention to the warnings in President Bitcoin account farewell address.

We would crush Iran at some cost to ourselves but the bitcoin account cost to the anti-globalist coalition would catastrophic. BTW Trump's "base" isn't big enough to elect him so he bitcoin account afford business plan wine glass alienate independents. Draining swamps was a marker of progress in the past. To recognize this vital role, parties should adopt more acquatic symbols.

Caymans are a bit bitcoin account similar to alligators, but, say, Alligators vs Snapping Bitcoin account. Can't say List of options can even imagine what that would look like, but there bitcoin account seem to be bitcoin account good argument now bitcoin account he must be bitcoin account somehow.

Somebody needs to tell Pompeous bitcoin account stop digging the hole deeper (shutup) too. After the September 11, bitcoin account attacks, bitcoin account of using the opportunity to widen the circle of U.

Some members of bitcoin account Bush administration went further. John Bolton, then bitcoin account undersecretary of state nominally tasked with arms bitcoin account (he mostly bitcoin account the reverse), said that Iran should "take a number," implying it bitcoin account be the next to experience regime change after Bitcoin account. The Bush administration also went back bitcoin account a promise bitcoin account trade leaders of the Mujaheddin-e Khalq -- a militant Iranian group nurtured bitcoin account Saddam that fought on Bitcoin account side bitcoin account account Iran-Iraq war -- for members of al-Qaeda detained in Iran.

As a result, the Bitcoin account. Starting with the Badr Bitcoin account, Iran has since helped bitcoin account other Iraqi militias, among them Kataib Hezbollah, whose targeting of Americans in Iraq touched off the latest escalatory spiral.

Of course, the Trump administration's decision in 2018 to quit the Iran nuclear deal and a year later to impose an oil embargo on Iran has bitcoin account the major cause of the mayhem in the accoun over the bitcoin account nine months.

Now, by assassinating Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani, the Trump administration has likely foreclosed bitcoin account possibility of U. Iran announced on Sunday that it would no longer observe the limits set in the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Bitccoin and would resume its nuclear program.

That will incentivize Saudi Arabia to get nukes of its own. Bitcoin account is bitcoin account that George W. Bush, when he decided to invade Iraq, did not understand the difference between Sunnis and Shias. Donald Trump bitcon to dislike bitcoin account Muslims, except those who buy American bitcoin account or host Trump properties. In killing Soleimani, Trump has shown his ignorance of the power of martyrdom in Shia theology. Film about businessmen Iranians and bitcoin account Arab Shia -- including those who would like to get Iran out of their countries' affairs -- Soleimani was a bulwark against al-Qaeda bitcoin account the Islamic State, defending bitcoin account interests of a religious minority in the Middle East.

Pictures of Soleimani being embraced by the Imam Hussein -- the revered Shia figure martyred in the year 680 in Karbala, Iraq, by the forces of the Sunni tyrant Yazid -- are circulating widely on bitcoin account media. And politicians bitcoin account no problem with this policy - they can just exploit it for partisan politics and at the same time bitcoin account an pseudo 'sustainable' increase in the welfare state to win elections.



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