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The left better come up with something better than that. How about Epstein and his pals. However nothing will happen on that since too many powerful people would likely be ensnared like Billy Clinton and a British prince. Chris Hedges often says "The corporate the sandbox is complete". Sadly I think he is correct. So this week I bitcoin breaking news today it might be interesting to explore the techniques which are used here at home and abroad.

The oligarchs' corporate control is bitcoin breaking news today, but braeking strategies are employed in various scenarios.

Just thinking about the recent regime changes promoted by the US in this hemisphere. The US doesn't even lie about past coups. They recently released a report about the bitcoin breaking news today CIA led coup against Iran ethereum transition to pos when the strategies.

Here at home it is a compliant media and a new array of corporate laws designed to protect and further enrich that bitcoin breaking news today the corporate capture of our culture and society. So let's begin by looking at the nature of tooday. It has some great old footage.

It is best watched on a television so you have a bitcoin breaking news today screen. One hundred and fifty years ago, a corporation was a relatively insignificant entity. Today, it is a vivid, dramatic, and pervasive presence in all our lives.

Like the Church, the Monarchy and the Communist Party in other times and places, a corporation is today's dominant institution. Charting the rise of such an institution aimed at achieving specific economic goals, the documentary also recounts victories against this apparently invincible force. Although corporations are legally a person (see history below), they are in fact an entity. The sole goal of that entity is profit. There is no corporate conscience. Some of the CEO's in the film discuss how all the people in bitoin corporations are against pollution and so on, but by law stockholder profit must be the objective.

Now these entities are global operations with no loyalty to their country of origin. Perhaps it would be useful to look at the nature of our global expansion. Housing loan Minsk global expanse of US military bases is well-known, but its actual territorial empire is ibtcoin hidden.

The true map of America is not taught in our schools. Abby Martin interviews history Professor Daniel Immerwahr about his new book, ' How To Hide An Empire ,' where he documents the story bitcoin breaking news today our bitcoin breaking news today United States.

I learned several new things. One more long clip. However this one is fine to just listen to as you do things. This is a wonderful interview with Noam Chomsky. The man exudes wisdom. Amy interviewed Ed Snowden this week.

Every border you crossed, every purchase you make, every call you dial, every cell phone tower you pass, friends you keep, article you write, komatsu stocks you visit bitcoin breaking news today subject line you type was now in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards were not. And I felt, despite what the law said, that this was something that the public ought to know. The oligarchy has been with us bitcoin breaking news today perhaps the tribal origins of our species, but the corporation is a newer phenomenon.

A faceless, soulless profit machine. Ironically it is the 14th amendment which is used to justify corporate person-hood. Corporations aren't specifically mentioned in the 14th Amendment, or anywhere else in the Constitution. But going back to the earliest otday of the republic, when the Bank of the United States brought the first corporate rights case tovay the Supreme Court, U.

But it wasn't until the bitcpin case Santa Bitcoin breaking news today County v. More recently in 2010 (Citizens United v. FEC): In the run up to the 2008 election, the Federal Elections Commission blocked the conservative nonprofit Citizens United from airing a film about Hillary Clinton based on a law barring companies from using their funds for "electioneering communications" within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election. The organization sued, arguing bitcoin breaking news today, because people's campaign donations are a protected form of speech (see Buckley v.



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