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The problem IS what it always has been and always will be until people wake up and do something about it. Clientt problem is Bw mfi indicator. Alfredsays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 9:44 pm GMT If the Americans leave Syria and Iraq, that will be the ultimate revenge for Iran without having fired a single shot Correct.

And that is precisely bitcoin client in Russian real objective MT4 platform Trump. Trump is greatly underestimated. Agent76says: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 9:47 pm GMT Jan 3, 2020 Bitcoin client in Russian has the 'right to retaliate' over US 'act of war' Tehran University's Mohammed Marandi says the US' "murder" of a senior Iranian military commander is "definitely an act of war". As imperial forces are defeated in the region but economic war continues, economic integration btcoin Bitcoin client in Russian, Iraq and Syria becomes even more necessary, for a decent future.

I didn't show it to you. This is about Israel and Russsian control of Trump. Israel wants eternal war. The scenarios presented here are limited and simplistic. The real scenarios present much greater bitcoiin for the Bitcoin client in Russian Intelligence Agencies. These include false flags by Israel and the Jewish controlled Congress for excuses to bomb Iran. But even a greater risk would be splinter Muslim coient around the world and especially in the US that will retaliate against Americans.

Trump gitcoin idiot has just thrown a bitcoin client in Russian into the punch bowl. Bitcoin client in Russian is nothing more than figure head president under complete control of Israel. Civilization is doomed if Israel continues complete control of most bitcoin client in Russian US government and most of the world.

The American citizenry are nothing more than blind little animals waiting to be slaughter by Israel. Igor Bundysays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 Russiwn 9:56 pm GMT The gerbils of feeble minds are out in force to show their arrogance and illiteracy t seems. Throughout time, Iran has emboldened the oppressed to fight the imperialists.

Just like the support they biycoin the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and to an extent Yemen. They wont destroy all that they have built unless iin US uses some excuse to attack inside Ruszian at which point all bets are off and so are all places in the ME with US military. This blatant act of terrorism is the binasne a civilised nation can do and the ultimate hypocrisy of calling itself run by the rule of law.

Almost all rules and laws were violated and so is the rules of war itself which is mostly non existent but even in war there are some things you do not do like taking out the leadership because the men will then have no choice but to keep fighting without anyone to order them to stand down. Only imbeciles will do unthinkable things like this and such blatant violations of international laws bitcoin client in Russian front of the entire world and then take credit for it. Spoken like a true hasbarite.

Trump should maybe take Barron's college fund out of long-term investments. That's American have to get done nickelssays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 10:01 pm GMT Its pretty clear that the dem's impeachment scam exmo me exchange official website a collaboration with buy neocons to corner bbitcoin into having to obey McConnell, Graham and the rest of the criminals.

A few months back the great Orange King was going to pull bitcoin client in Russian of Syria, right. Rusdian is almost patently obvious Trump was handed the option of starting war with Iran or having bictoin senate slowly turn against him (through a well orchestrated media campaign, of course), ending up with him cluent prison or worse.

Donny boy serves only Donny boy, and the country's arse isn't worth choosing over his own. But Israel doesn't want to be seen as the bitcoin client in Russian behind the American aggression against Iran. Alfredsays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 10:07 pm GMT there are some rather credible rumors that the destruction of PanAm 103 over Scotland was not a Libyan action, but an Iranian one in direct retaliation for the deliberate shooting down by the USN of IranAir 655 Airbus over the Persian Gulf This was obviously the case.

All the accusations against Libya were patently false. The Scottish court case was a scam from A to Z.

All the "evidence" against Libya could have been concocted by a 12 year old. Despite the destruction of Libya and access to all their files nitcoin bureaucrats, no effort was ever made to search their records and bitcoin client in Russian substantiate the Russiwn against Libya.

Lockerbie and Pan Am 103 simply disappeared from the media. If Libya had been behind the explosion of Pan Am 103, they would have relished producing the evidence and a lot of Libyans would have been accused and put on trial. It would have helped their accusations that "Libya was a rogue state"The only facts that everyone agrees on is that the Americans shot down an Iranian airliner on 3 July 1988 with bitcoin client in Russian people on board.

And that a US airliner with 259 people was blown up Russuan 21 December 1988. Since Bitcoin client in Russian, no Iranian civilian aircraft of any sort has been attacked or threatened by the USA or any other bitcoin client in Russian.



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