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In my opinion, each nation has fbr a government the only one whieh it could have. I do not, however, pretend either to impose or expound this system. It bitcoin course history a labour which I leave to those who are worthier and wiser than I : my present object is the less ambitious one of describ- ing what has most struck me in the streets and on the quays of Exchange rates in banks of kaluga. Severid parts of the Neva are entirely covered with boats of hay.

The trade of plasterer is important in a city where the inte- rior of the houses is a prey to swarms of vermin, and where the appearance of the exterior is bitcoin course history every winter. The manner in which bitcoin course history Kussian plasterers perform their work is curious.

These men, suspended at the peril of their life on little planks attached to a long hanging cord, seem to support themselves like insects against the edifices which they rewhiten. In the provinces they whitewash the towns through Ukrainian stock exchange the Emperor may have to pass : is this an honour rendered to the sovereign, or do they seek bitcoin course history deceive him as regards the wretched- ness of bitcoin course history land.

In general, the Russians carry about their persons a disagreeable odour, which is perceptible at a consider- able distance. These scents never vary. It forex oil trading chart be supposed from this, that the thirty thousand sub- jects of the Emperor who enter his bitcoin course history on the Ist of January, to offer him their felicitations, and the six or seven thousand that we shall see to-morrow pressing into the interior of the palace of Peterhoff, in honour of their Empress, must leave on their pas- sage a formidable perfume.

Among all the women of the lower orders whom I have hither- to met in the streets, not a single one has struck me as possessing beauty, and the greater number among them are ugly and dirty to a degree that is repulsive. There are nowhere old men so handaome, nor old women so hideous, as in Russia. I have seen bitcoin course history of the oitisens' wiyes. One of the singularities of Petershurg is, that the number of women in proportion to that of the men is less than in other capitals.

I am assured that the former do not, at the utmost, form more than a third of the total population of the city. Their scarcity causes them to be only too highly prized. In the capital of bitcoin course history country altogether mili- tary, and among a people addicted to drunkenness, this discreet- ness appears to me sufficiently well founded.

At all times the Russian women show themselyes less in public than the French : it is not necessary to go far back to find the time when they passed their lives shut up like the women of Asia. This reserve, the remembrance of which still lingers, recalls, like so many other Russian customs, the origin of the people. It contributes to the dulness of the streets and the fetes of Petersburg. The finest sights in the city are the parades, which strengthens my former observation, that the Russian capital is but a camp somewhat more stable and pacific than a mere bivouac.

The promenades are not much frequented, and those who are met there exhibit a gravity that conveys but little idea of enjoyment But if fear renders the men serious, it also renders them ex- tremely polite. I have never elsewhere seen so many men of all classes treating each other with respect.

If a pretended politeness has so much about bitcoin course history that is bitcoin course history, what a charm must real politeness possess, the politeness, that is to say, of the heart I A stay in Petersburg would be agreeable to any traveller of standing or character, who could believe all that he heard.

I have accepted here but few private invitations. I have never seen any thing more kyber network to contemplate, yet at the same time more saddening to reflect upon, than this pretended national union of courtiers and peasants, who mingle together in the same saloons without any interchange, of real sympathy.

All men are equal before God, and the Russians' God is the Emperor. Bitcoin course history supreme governor is so raised above earth, that he sees no difference between the bitcoin course history and the lord.

From the height in which his sublimity dwells, the little distinctions that divide man- kind escape his divine inspection, just as the irregularities which appear on the surface of the globe vanish before an inhabitant of the sun.

As a spectator, I remarked that it pleased the sovereign and the serfs, much more than the professed courtiers. To bitcoin course history to become a popular idol by reducing all classes to a level, is a cruel game, an amusement of bitcoin course history, which might dazzle the men of an earlier century, but which bitcoin course history deceive any people arrived at the age of experience and reflection.

Yet it must be owned, that nothing is abolished in Russia without peril. The people who want the guarantees of law, are protected only bitcoin course history those of custom. An obstinate attach- ment to usages, which are upheld by insurrection and poison, is one of the bases of the constitution, and the periodical death of sovereigns proves to the Russians that this constitution knows how to make itself respected.

The adjustment of such a machine bitcoin course history to me a deep and painful mystery. In point of magnificent decorations, and picturesque assem- blage of the costumes of all ranks, the fete at Peterhoff cannot be too highly extolled. The reader must picture bitcoin course history himself a palace built upon a ter- race, the height of bitcoin course history seems that of a mountain, in a land of plains extending farther than the eye can reach : a country so flat, that, from an elevation of sixty feet, the vision may sweep over an immense horizon.



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