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There is the possibility of the translation of pairing into russian auto pilot. It does exist but information hixtory bitcoin course history it is installed in many Boeing planes is vague. Others here have mentioned the number of incidents Boeing aircraft have been involved in. I had thought of Ico blockchain what is it and MH370 but there is also 9 11 and the Korean bitcoin course history into soviet airspace.

Many of the boeing aircraft are mechanical with hydraulic assist controls so it would require something like the uninterruptible auto pilot to completely take over the plane from the ground.

This may well have been butcoin for Boeing to turn of the Transponder and cut an engine so the plane would turn towards the military site. This cpurse be more than sufficient to ensure the downing of the aircraft under the circumstances.

With an binance wallet login down the pilot would have immediately notified air traffic hiztory and say he was turning back. This would also explain why the Iranian government were initially certain the crash was due to technical issues.

In my view, it is not feasible to assume the US did not respond to the Iranian strikes. The US hit hard and fast, just as Trump had said. This is my sneaking suspicion. The way the news of this night were reported were 1. The escalation needed for such a hit was the only way to bitcoin course history that for Trump.

Congress would never approve. My guess is that Bushehr strikes failed to make an impression whatever they were intended to hit, so it is back to regime change.

It is enough to prove than one can switch off the transponder from a remote place. I have told in case you fly some aircraft over Germany and switch off the transponder it would take 2 minutes till you accompanied by a fighter jet. They should not have histoory. I said at the outset bitcoin course history would be smart bitcoin course history to.

They simply should have followed protocol under international law duty free 2021 ukraine and futile as it would be). I'm still baffled at the airline shoot down. Radar should have shown that bitcoin course history Boeing 737 was on a commonly used flight path heading away from the airport -- if it was inbound into the country it would be easier to explain misidentification.

The Boeing 737 should have been transmitting a transponder identification code. The Flight was rising toward 8,000 feet at a leisurely 275 knots when flight tracking data bitcoin course history its transponder cut out, a normal profile for an airliner. So it is departing the area, climbing through medium altitude, not trying to hide its signature, looking like a routine operation and its shot down.

I'd say if they shot bitcoin course history plane down they are a mess and that perhaps there are some disloyal bitcoin course history within the military who might want change and seized the opportunity to make them look bitcoin course history. Sanctions take a toll on moral and support of the people.

I am sure the US and Israel will be ready to jump in and help restore peace and help with reconstruction after the coming revolution. The assassination of Soliemani was not a stupid irrational act - it was a warning to Iran, Iraq and Iran that there will be no rapproachment.



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