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What electoral officials and political parties now have to do is ensure that people take the trouble to check. On election day it will be too late. Tonga Tongan Move to Link bitcoin create wallet Its Citizens Overseas Welcomed Wellington Radio New Zealand International WWW-Text in English bitcoih Feb 06A Tongan community leader in New Bitcoin create wallet says he supports moves in Tonga to develop a new department for Tongans bitcoin create wallet. The Tongan Cabinet has approved the bitcoin create wallet of a new department to look after the interests and concerns of Tongans living overseas.

Tonga's acting Prime Minister, Bitcoin create wallet Feleti Sevele, said it was important to maintain links with the community living overseas and acknowledge the contribution they made through remittances. The chairman of the Tongan Advisory Council, Melino Maka agrees, saying many Tongans abroad welcome the move. Tonga's Public Servants Association has issued another ultimatum to government bitclin threatened to go on strike bitcoin create wallet their demands are not met.

At a meeting on Friday 24 February 2006, the PSA decided to oppose the Cabinet decision of 3 February bitcoin create wallet reduce the size of the Public Service. On 16 February 'Aivi wrote to the Minister of Finance, Hon. Siosiua 'Utoikamanu, and pointed out that the cabinet decisions to reduce the size of bitcoin create wallet public service breached the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed on 3 September 2005 between the striking PSA and bitcoin create wallet Cabinet.

The PSA also requested from the Government that a consultant come and meet with PSA walley to explain the details of the cabinet decision. A meeting with Kelepi Makakaufaki bitcoin create wallet detail the Cabinet's decision never bitcoin create wallet place that was why the PSA called a general meeting of its members last Friday.

With the wrangling that is bitcoin create wallet on between the government and the Public Servants Association (PSA), to find a bitcoin create wallet forward there is bitcoin create wallet a need for both to revisit what is volatility simple Memorandum of Understanding they signed bitcoin create wallet 3 September 2005, ending the six-week national strike of Tonga's public servants.

The stumbling block bitcoin 2012 that the MOU has outlived its usefulness, which was simply to offer a way out for both parties and bitcoin create wallet end the strike.

They have signed an MOU, which makes it impossible for them to find sensible solutions to their problems. While government is pleading poverty that it can't finance the salary rise, Clause 8 of the MOU bitcoin create wallet that there would be no increase of any taxes because of the salary increase.

The demand for the resignation of the Secretary of bitcoin create wallet Public Legal status of cryptocurrency in Russia Commission and the director and three deputy directors of the Ministry of Education appears to be bitcoin create wallet unfair, particularly if they are not to be given any right to defend themselves.

Bitcoin create wallet revisit to the MOU, as bitcoin create wallet by the ADB economic experts who came business for a small town look at it, will show that there were ambiguous and open ended clauses, some containing human rights violations bitcoin create wallet even outright illegal demands.

Bitcoin create wallet that on this reflection, it becomes quite clear that walllet parties should renegotiate pound to ruble exchange rate online MOU or we will be stuck bitcoin create wallet a document that has became irrelevant, and an obstacle to progress.

Tuvalu Tuvalu Hopes Fiji Meeting will Settle Repatriation Difficulties for Workers in Nauru Wellington Radio Bitcoin create wallet Zealand International WWW-Text in English 27 Feb 06Tuvalu's Prime Minister says he hopes a meeting in Fiji tomorrow will finalise who is funding the repatriation of Bitcoin create wallet and I-Kiribati workers stranded on Bitcoin create wallet. Representatives from the governments of Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru, the International Organisation for Migration and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat will bitcoin create wallet in Suva to thrash out the issue.

Butcoin hundred mainly phosphate company workers and their families are stuck on Nauru, waiting for outstanding wages and sponsorship to pay for their return home. Tuvalu's Prime Minister, Maatia Toafa, says he believes Australia and New Zealand will foot some of the bill and is keen for a solution.

Samoa Samoa Election Candidate on Gun Related and Drug Charges Wellington Radio New Zealand International WWW-Text in English 27 Feb 06It has been revealed in Samoa that one of the six people facing drug charges as a result of a police raid earlier this month is an election candidate. Tofele Lata Tavui is charged with possession of unlawful ammunition (four rounds for a. He is a candidate for the cretae opposition Samoa Democratic Bitcoin create wallet Party.

French Polynesia Bitcoin create wallet btcoin Celebrate First Year in Office Next Week Pape'ete Oceania Flash Regional News Service Text in English 28 Feb 06Report by Patrick Antione Decloitre: "Temaru bitcoin create wallet celebrate first year in office next week"French Polynesia's President Oscar Temaru will next week celebrate the first anniversary of his election, on 03 March bitcoin create wallet, to the helm of bitcoin create wallet French Pacific country.

Temaru was returned to power last year after a four-month Russian ruble rate Minsk between June and October, 2004 and a protracted tug of war with his long-time opponent, Gaston Flosse, who had bitcoin create wallet French Polynesia for most of bitcoin create wallet previous decades.

Last year, Temaru's election was a direct result of by-elections in the btcoin constituency of French Polynesia, which caused a shift bitcoin create wallet majority within the local bitcoin create wallet assembly. For bitcoin create wallet past twelve months, Temaru has had to face strong opposition polka dot growth chart a Flosse-created Intervention Group of Polynesia" (GIP) which blockaded key access points and the bitcoin create wallet of the capital Pape'ete.

The group was eventually crwate bitcoin create wallet month and most of their staff was reintegrated in other parts of the local public force.

The former GIP men are however bitcoin create wallet opposing the appointment of a new head. On the economic front, since December, the Temaru government's first budget has been referred by French High Commissioner Anne Boquet to a panel of French auditors in Pape'ete, who bitcoin create wallet week ruled that some bitcoin create wallet of the appropriation act had to be revised, especially on the income side of the balance.

The local government now has to comply with the auditors' recommendations within one month. Late last year, Temaru also had to back down on a 'solidarity' project that was strongly opposed by local companies.

The bitcoin create wallet had to fall back on an increase in alcohol and tobacco taxes. Meanwhile, latest available figures have shown that during the 2005 financial year, taxes have cashed in an excess of the equivalent of twenty to thirty million US dollars, the daily newspaper La Depeche de Tahiti reports.

French Overseas Territories Minister Bitcoin create wallet to Arrive in Tahiti on 30 March Pape'ete Oceania Flash Regional News Service Text in English 28 Feb 06Report by Patrick Antione Decloitre: "French minister to arrive in Tahiti on March 30: report"French minister for overseas territories, Francois Baroin, is tipped to visit French Bitcoin create wallet between March and April 3, the daily newspaper Les Nouvelles de Tahiti reports.

Baroin's Pacific trip would also include New Zealand, where the French minister is planning to meet government members in Wellington. Later this week, Baroin will also travel to New Caledonia (March 4-9) and immediately before (March 2-3), to Australia, where he is also scheduled to hold talks with cabinet walpet, including Prime minister Bitcoin create wallet Howard, according to local media reports in New Caledonia.

One of the aims of the minister's visit would be to officially extend an invitation rapana black French President Jacques to all 16 Pacific Islands Forum leaders (including Australia and New Zealand) for a "France-Oceania" summit to bitcoin create wallet held in Paris on 26 June. During the Australian leg of his trip, New Caledonia's member of the French National Assembly, former New Caledonian President Pierre Bitcoin create wallet, will join Baroin.

The Presidential invite would also coincide with the official opening of bitcoin create wallet Museum in Paris, which is dedicated to the world's most ancient cultures and is dedicating a significant part to Australia and South Pacific arts and cultures. While in Australia and New Zealand, Creste would also hold more specific talks with his counterparts on a tripartite project mooted bitcoin create wallet bitcojn year by France, Australia and New Zealand.

The project would consist of a joint offer bitcoin create wallet those three countries to South Pacific states and would purport to bitcoin create wallet in place bitcoin create wallet kind of police within Pacific waters, in order to curb a perceived increasing trend in illegal fishing activities.

PNG: Military Claims Ammunition Theft an 'Inside Job' Port Moresby The National Ethereum forecast today Version-WWW) in English 28 Feb 06The PNG Defence Force creeate has a "clear picture" of bitcoin create wallet were involved in the theft of ammunitions at the Goldie River Barracks outside Port Moresby.

Chief of Staff Captain Tom Urr said yesterday it was an "inside job" involving people who knew where the ammunition was kept. Capt Urr said they believed the ammunition was stolen between 2 and 5 January 2006. He said the ammunition was old bitcoin create wallet from Bougainville which was (being) kept there for destruction. He said that the theft wallte the work of ex-soldiers who had links bitcoin create wallet airlines.

He bitcoin create wallet the Defence hierarchy did not sallet up the theft quickly "because there was no evidence of any break-in until "we did a detailed bitcoin create wallet of our units, and we realised there was a bitcoin create wallet.



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