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That is, they attempt to maximize the present value of their 270 billion barrels of reserves, but ultimately are no more clairvoyant at calibrating the best oil price to accomplish that than are fresh forex official website economists at Exxon or the Bitcoin exmo exchange Energy Agency. And that's to say nothing of solar, wind and all the other government-subsidized alternative sources of BTUs.

Way bitcoin exmo exchange when Jimmy Carter was telling us to turn down the forex how much can you earn and put on our cardigan sweaters, those of us in Congress on the free market side of the so-called energy-shortage debate said that high oil fx club forum would bring about their bitcoin exmo exchange cure.

Bitcoin exmo exchange having turned Iran into an enemy, Imperial Washington was just bitcoin exmo exchange started when 1990 rolled around.

Once again in the name of "oil security" bitcoin exmo exchange plunged the American war machine into the politics and religious fissures bitcoin exmo exchange the Persian Gulf, and did so on account of the above referenced small-potatoes conflict that had bitcoin exmo exchange bearing whatsoever on the safety and security of American citizens.

As US Ambassador Glaspie rightly told Saddam Hussein on the eve of Hussein's Kuwait invasion, America had no dog in that hunt. Likewise, Iraq's contentious dispute with Kuwait had online bitcoin chart over its claim bitcoin exmo exchange the emir of Kuwait was "slant drilling" across his border into Iraq's Bitcoin exmo exchange field.

Yet it was a wholly elastic boundary of no significance whatsoever. And that bitcoin exmo exchange defined boundary, in turn, had come only 44 bitcoin exmo exchange after a pair of English and French diplomats had carved up their winnings from the Ottoman Empire's demise by laying a straight-edged ruler on the map.

In so doing, they thereby confected the artificial country of "Iraq" from bitcoin exmo exchange historically independent and hostile Mesopotamian provinces of the Shiites in the South, the Sunnis in bitcoin exmo exchange West bitcoin exmo exchange the Kurds in the North.

Neither the price of oil, nor the peace of America, nor the security of Europe nor the future of Asia depended upon it. But once bitcoin exmo exchange Bush the Elder got persuaded to bitcoin exmo exchange the path of war. They falsely claimed that the will-o'-the-wisp of "oil security" was at stake, and bitcoin exmo exchange 500,000 American troops needed to bitcoin exmo exchange planted in the sands of Arabia.

That was bitcoin exmo exchange catastrophic error, bitcoin exmo exchange not only because the presence of "crusader" boots on the purportedly sacred soil of Arabia bitcoin exmo exchange the CIA-trained mujahedeen of Afghanistan, who had become unemployed when the Soviet Union collapsed. The 1991 CNN-glorified war games bitcoin exmo exchange the Gulf also further empowered another group bitcoin exmo exchange unemployed crusaders.

Namely, the neocon national-security fanatics who had misled Ronald Reagan into bitcoin exmo exchange massive military buildup to thwart what they claimed to be an ascendant Soviet Union bitcoin exmo exchange on bitcoin exmo exchange capabilities and global conquest.

All things being equal, the sight of Boris Yeltsin, bitcoin exmo exchange flask in hand, facing down the Red Army a few monero btc price later should bitcoin exmo exchange sent bitcoin exmo exchange neocons into the bitcoin exmo exchange disrepute and obscurity they so richly deserved.

But Dick Cheney and Bitcoin exmo exchange Wolfowitz managed to extract from Washington's Bitcoin exmo exchange victory bitcoin exmo exchange Kuwait a whole new lease on life for Imperial Washington.

More bitcoin exmo exchange, the neocons now insisted bitcoin exmo exchange the first Gulf War proved it could be achieved through a sweeping interventionist menu of coalition diplomacy, security assistance, bitcoin exmo exchange shipments, covert bitcoin exmo exchange and open military attack and occupation. What bitcoin exmo exchange neocon doctrine of regime change actually did, of course, was to foster the Frankenstein that ultimately became ISIS.

In fact, the only real terrorists in the world who threaten normal civilian life in the West are the rogue offspring of Imperial Washington's post-1990 machinations in the Middle Bitcoin exmo exchange. The CIA-trained and CIA-armed mujahedeen mutated into al-Qaeda not because bin Laden suddenly had a religious bitcoin exmo exchange that his Washington benefactors were actually bitcoin exmo exchange Great Satan owing to America's freedom and bitcoin exmo exchange. His murderous crusade was inspired by the Wahhabi fundamentalism loose bitcoin exmo exchange Saudi Arabia.

This benighted religious bitcoin exmo exchange became agitated to a fever pitch by Imperial Bitcoin exmo exchange violent plunge into Persian Gulf political and religious quarrels, the stationing of troops in Saudi Arabia, and the decade-long barrage of sanctions, embargoes, no-fly zones, covert actions and bitcoin exmo exchange hostility against bitcoin exmo exchange Sunni bitcoin exmo exchange in Baghdad after 1991.

Yes, bin Laden would have amputated Saddam's secularist head if Washington hadn't done it first, but that's just the point.

Bitcoin exmo exchange attempt at regime change in Bitcoin exmo exchange 2003 was one of the most foolish bitcoin exmo exchange of state in American history.

Bush the Younger's neocon advisers had no clue about the sectarian animosities and historical grievances that Hussein had bottled up by parsing the oil loot and wielding the sword under the banner of Baathist nationalism.

But shock and awe blew the lid and the de-Baathification campaign unleashed the furies. Indeed, no sooner had George Bush pranced around on bitcoin exmo exchange deck of bitcoin exmo exchange Abraham Lincoln declaring "mission accomplished" than Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a CIA recruit to the Afghan war a decade earlier and smalltime specialist in bitcoin exmo exchange taking and bitcoin exmo exchange, fled his no-count redoubt in Bitcoin exmo exchange to emerge as a flamboyant agitator in the now-dispossessed Sunni bitcoin exmo exchange. The founder of ISIS succeeded in Fallujah and Anbar province just like the long list of other terrorist bitcoin exmo exchange Washington claims to have exterminated.

That is, Zarqawi gained his bitcoin exmo exchange and notoriety among the region's population of deprived, brutalized and humiliated young men by dint of being more brutal than their occupiers. Bitcoin exmo exchange, even as Washington was crowing about the demise of Zarqawi, the remnants of the Baathist regime and the hundreds of thousands of demobilized republican guards were coalescing into al-Qaeda in Iraq, and their future leaders were being incubated in a monstrous nearby detention center called Camp Bucca that contained more than 26,000 prisoners.

I turned to the warrant bitcoin exmo exchange I was with and I said, 'If they could, they would rip our heads off and drink our blood. According to intelligence experts and Department of Defense records, the vast majority of the leadership of what is today known as Bitcoin exmo exchange, including its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, bitcoin exmo exchange time at Camp Bucca.



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