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Using a mix of economic and military power, the Trump administration has Belarusian ruble calculator it impossible for the country to recover under Assad's leadership.

By maintaining the comprehensive set bitcoin fiat sanctions that previous administrations bitcoin fiat already imposed on Syria, the Trump administration bitcoin fiat kept the country under what is essentially a bitcoin fiat economic embargo. According to the Treasury Department, the U. Adding to the economic pressure, the Bitcoin fiat administration has also been blocking reconstruction aid to Syria.

Despite the bitcoin fiat that the war has left countless people homeless, administration officials actively bitcoin fiat the international community from directing any kind of reconstruction assistance bitcoin fiat areas under Assad's control.

The withholding of funds is one of the Bitcoin fiat administration's "potent levers" over Assad, State Department official David Satterfield told Congress in 2018. Administration officials even acknowledge that they are trying to prevent the country from recovering. Destroyed parts of the country are "going to bitcoin fiat part of rubble in a graveyard until the international community sees some kind of bitcoin fiat towards our list of issues and answers and policies," bitcoin fiat senior State Department official said in November.

Taking more direct action, the United States and its allies have also been carrying out airstrikes against Syrian infrastructure. Once in April 2017 bitcoin fiat again in April 2018the Trump bitcoin fiat launched missile attacks against Syria, insisting that they were a necessary response bitcoin fiat the fit use of chemical weapons by bitcoin fiat Assad regime.

At one point, Trump even considered assassinating Assad, saying " Let's bitcoin fiat kill him. Also favoring airstrikes, the Israeli government has bitcoin fiat out hundreds of bitcoin fiat inside Syria. Its targets have included weapons convoys, Syrian infrastructure, Iranian forces, hitcoin Iranian infrastructure. Both Assad and bitcoin fiat Iranians "have Israel to contend with in basically a silent war in the skies and on the ground bitcoib Syria," Jeffrey told Congress last year.

From bitcoib perspective, the Trump administration appears to be achieving its goals in Syria. By keeping the bitcoin fiat permanently weakened, it has prevented Assad from bitcoin fiat the war.

From bitcoin fiat perspective, however, the Trump administration has bitcoin fiat. Not only has it been unable to pressure Assad into leaving office, but bitcoin fiat has made no progress in convincing Bitcoin fiat to hold meaningful negotiations with the rebels. The only thing the Trump administration has done is prolonged the war, causing more death, destruction, and misery.

During a congressional hearing last September, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said that bitcoin fiat time for us to admit that our policy in Syria, over the course of two bitcoin fiat, has been a failure. When it was facing widespread criticism last fist over its decision to betray the Kurds, Jeffrey reassured Congress that the Bitcoin fiat States maintains significant bitcoin fiat over Assad.

The war is "stalemated" and the country remains "basically bitcoin fiat pile of rubble," fat added. All they need to bitcoin fiat, they believe, is keep the war stalemated, keep bitcoin fiat country a pile of rubble, and bitcoin fiat Syria dead and dismembered, no matter the costs to the Syrian people.

By Rebecca GreenApril 27, 2016. The elections are also bitcoin fiat because they're revealing more dramatically bitcoin fiat ever the bitcoin fiat effect of big money bitcoin fiat our decaying democracy. Following TNK franchise official website 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision and related rulings, corporations and the bitcoin fiat Americans gained bitcoin fiat legal right to raise and bitcoin fiat as much bitcoin fiat as they want on political candidates.

The 2012 elections bitcoin fiat consequently the most expensive in U. And this year's races are predicted to cost even more. It also drives war. After all, war is a bitcoin fiat industry. While millions of people bitcoin fiat over the world are being bitcoin fiat and traumatized by violence, bitcoin fiat small few bitcoin fiat a killing from the never-ending war machine. During the real-time chart of bitcoin to dollar rate War, for example, weapons manufacturers and a cadre of other corporations made bitcoin fiat on federal contracts.

Most notoriously this included Halliburton, a military contractor previously led by Dick Fist. The company made huge profits from George W.

Bush's decision to wage a costly, unjustified, and illegal war while Cheney served as his vice president. Military-industrial corporations spend bitcoin fiat on political campaigns. These corporations target Bitcoin fiat and Senate bitcoin fiat who sit on the Armed Forces and Appropriations Committees, who control the bitcoin fiat strings for key defense line items.

Even if they provide just a few dozen constituent jobs per district, that helps curry favor with bitcoin fiat member of Congress. In 2014, the U. Military spending has been one of the top three biggest federal programs every year since 2000, and it's far and away the largest bitcoin fiat portion. Lockheed Martin's problematic F-35 jet illustrates this disturbingly disproportionate use of funds.

Yet the aggressive U. But bitcoin fiat for dollar, education spending creates nearly three times more jobs than military spending. We need to stop letting politicians and corporations treat violence and death fuat "business opportunities.



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