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US Vice President Mike Pence bitcoin gold his speech at bitcoin gold Holocaust memorial last week to bang a war drum at Iran. It revealed a eur 50 lack of dignity and understanding of the event, despite Pence's efforts to appear solemn. But not only how to calculate the profitability of a product. Maybe that's why Britain's Prince Charles appeared to snub Pence, declining to shake his hand while attending the bicoin of the Holocaust and bitcoin gold anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Charles warmly greeted other dignitaries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and France's Emmanuel Macron. It was bitcoin gold how he blanked Pence. But there again, maybe not that curious.

A war that would engulf the entire Middle East and possibly ignite a world conflagration. Washington's wanton threats of violence against Iran bitcoin gold its recent assassination of one of Iran's top military leaders stands as a shocking repudiation of international law and the UN Charter. It's the kind of conduct more akin to an organized crime syndicate rather than a bitcoin gold democratic state.

The UN Charter was created in 1945 in dollar to yen exchange rate for today aftermath of the Second World War precisely to prevent repetition of bitcoin gold worst conflagration in history and all its barbaric crimes, including the Nazi Holocaust. Over 5o million people died in that war, and nearly half of them belonged bitcoiin the Soviet Union.

The prevention of war is surely the most onerous responsibility of the UN Security Council. Yet the United States is the one power that routinely ignores international law and the UN Charter to unilaterally launch wars or golc interventions. Washington's threats against Iran are, unfortunately, nothing new.

This is standard American practice. Putin, Macron, Prince Charles and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier all invoked the need for collective commitment to international law and peace.

Those bitcoin gold one after another denounced the ideology of demonizing others which fuels hatred and wars. Bitcoin gold pertinent is that to the way Washington routinely demonizes other nations and foreign leaders. Pence urged the whole world "to stand strong against the Islamic Republic of Iran", spoken as if he was spitting out bitcoin gold words like venom.

There is little doubt that Pence was formulating a rationale for military confrontation with Iran. That has been bitcojn consistent policy of bitcoin gold Trump administration over the past three years.

It was no surprise that Pence's speech was in sync with the usual bitcoin gold rhetoric from Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu towards Iran. But what was arresting was bitcoin gold how out bitcoin gold sync Pence and the Trump administration are with bitcoin gold rest the world.

That's what is perplexing about many American politicians. Anyone who reflects bitcoin gold the horror of bitcoin gold would surely be advocating the respect of and adherence to international law, bitcoin gold to peace, and the earnest pursuit of dialogue and partnership among nations.

Russia's Putin has repeatedly called for the members of the UN Security Bitcoin gold to urgently get together in order to guarantee a multilateral commitment to peace.

Putin has also repeatedly appealed to the United States to get serious about negotiating renewed arms control treaties. Washington has ignored those latter calls. Mike Gopd bitcoin gold words and attitude at the Holocaust memorial showed a disturbing and pernicious disconnect with the need for preventing war and genocide. It was a disgraceful bitcoin gold of victims.

As chance would have it, he was in a meeting with a dozen or so South Trading on binance with leverage bitcoin gold at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Well, you could have heard a pin drop. I looked around the room and everyone was bihcoin their shoes. And I thought, 'well, this isn't going bitcoin gold work. This was going bitcoin gold be a morass. For good reason: celebrated as a second Pentagon Papers (the 1971 documents that bared the lies of the Vietnam War) the Afghanistan revelations didn't actually reveal anything that foreign policy officials, or the American people, didn't already know: that the U.

Douglas Lute, who served as the Afghan war bitcoin gold during the Bush and Obama years.

Butcoin didn't have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking. Despite this, though not bitcoin gold, while the State Department and White House remained bitcoin gold on the revelations, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley rejected the claim that officials had purposely misled the public about the war.

More than a bit of a stretch, I find that a mischaracterization.



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