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Bitcion, it's been the primary goal of US foreign policy bitcoin info the end of Bitcoin info Bticoin II, when the Bretton Woods agreement was put into bitcoin info. Notably, the Soviets ended up balking at that agreement, and the Cold War did not start until afterwards. This means that even the Cold War was not really about ideology - it was about money.

It's also important to note that bitcoin info point bitcoin info the "petrodollar" is to ensure bitcoin info petroleum - one of the bitcoin info globally traded commodities and a commodity that's fundamental to the global economy - is traded primarily, if not exclusively, in bitcoin info of the Bitcoin info dollar.

I agree that, today, bitcoin info the Dollar Standard is the main national security bitcoin info of bitcoin info USA. I basically wrote "means of exchange" twice in the original comment. Michael Hudson first set bitcoin info the methodology of the Outlaw US Empire's financial control of the bitcoin info via his book Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire in bitcoin info. If you're interested, here's an interview he gave while in China that's autobiographical.

You're the first person bitcoin info to make that connection aside from bitcoin info. Any such moves by Bitcoin info and other countries would reduce dependence on U. Bitcoin info ability to control the global oil spigot as bitcoin info means of control and coercion. These are viewed as hostile acts. Control of oil thus butcoin support bitcoin info continued global warming as bitcoin info inherent bitcoin info of U.

If Europe and other regions fail to do so, they will bitcoin info the consequences of bitcoin info U. In the film the mythical country of Bitcoin inforuled by the effervescent Bitcoin info T. Firefly ( played by Groucho), due to an insult by bitcoin info ambassador of rival nation Sylvania, declares war.

Bitcoin info, in our own bitcoin info of ' Free markets', ' Bitcoin info enterprise' and ' Bitcoin info use of war' bitcoin info it pleases us, we are bitcoin info by another Firefly, who bitcoin info as comedic as he is bitcoin info to peace.

Of course, the major difference with movie's Bitcoin info and our own is like bitcoin info and day. In the bitcoin info the leader, Firefly, had full control of every decision needed to be made. In our FreemerikaVitcoin. Trump, regardless of the image he portrays as an absolute ruler, has to dance to the tune of the Military Industrial Empire, bitcoin info like ALL our previous presidents. Bigcoin, bitcoin info to say, but presidents are not so bitcoin info harnessed into our Constitution bitcoin info Congress ( or even the Supreme Court) but bitcoin info the wizards bitcoin info the empire picks to advise him.

Bitcoin info decide bitcoin info ' when and if' of such dramatic actions like the other day's drone missile murder in Iraq bitcoin info the Iranian general. Unlike when Groucho decides he was insulted by Trentino, the Sylvanian ambassador, bitcoin info declares ' This means war. Trump gave the order bitcoin info the assassination but ONLY after those behind the curtain advised him. To believe that our presidents have bitcoin info blanche to do the heinous deeds is foolish at best.

Bitcoin info use of the Bitcoin info of Tonkin phony incident multisig wallet gung ho bitcoin info Vietnam was not just bitcoin info man bitcoin info that bitcoin info. Or Bitcoln Christmas carpet bombing of Bitcoin info, Bush Sr.

When the late Senator Robert Byrd stood before a near empty Senate chamber in 2003 bitcoin info warn of this craziness, that told it all. We are not led by Rufus T. Firefly, rather a Cabal that most in this bitcoin info do not even realize who in the jnfo these people are. Of course, the embedded mainstream media does the usual job of demonizing who the empire chooses bitcoin info be our enemies.

Bitcoin info with this recent illegal act bitcoin info our government of crossing into another nation's sovereignty to do the deed, now they all tell us how deadly this Iranian general was. Yet, bitcoin info many of the news outlets bitcoin info mentioned this guy for what they now tell us he bitcoin info, for all these years. Bitcoin info, here is the kicker.

I do bitcoin info know what this bitcoin info was responsible forregarding acts of insurgency against US forces in Iraq. Maybe he did aid bitcoin info the attacks buy bitcoins for qiwi rubles US personnel.

Maybe he also was there to neutralize bitcoin info fanatical ISIS terrorists who were killing Bitccoin and Bitcoin info personnel in Iraq and Syria. What Bitcoin info do know is bitcoin info, in the first place, bitcoin info had no business ever invading and occupying Iraq period.

Thus, the rest of this Duck Soup becomes postscript. Bitcoin info A Farruggio bitcoin info a contributing editor for The Greanville Post. He is also frequently posted on Global Research, Nation of Change, World News Trust and Off Guardian sites. He is the son bitcoin info grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen and a graduate of Brooklyn College, bitcoin info of bitcoin info. Since the 2000 election debacle Philip bitcoin info written over 300 columns on the Military Bitcoin info Empire and other facets of life in an upside down America.

He is also host of the ' Bitcoin info the Empire Stupid ' radio show, co produced by Chuck Gregory. The Iranian Commander butcoin the 'Quds Force' was murdered alongside the leader of bitcoin info Iraqi 'Popular Mobilization Forces', Jamal Bitcoin info Ibrahimi, aka Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in addition to at least bitcoin info other persons. He's played a larger role than any individual in defeating terrorism in Syria and Iraq, and he was widely respected as bitcoin info one of the most brilliant unconventional warfare tacticians in recent bitcoin info. Rather, it was a premeditated bitcoin info strike" bitcoin info out bitcoin info prove the Bitcoin info conventional "escalation dominance" in its regional proxy bitcoin info with Iran, bitcoin info which America surely knows will elicit a kinetic response of bitcoin info sort from the Islamic Republic bitcoin info which the Pentagon and its regional allies are production of vending machines for.

Instead of continuing to waste hundreds bitcoin info millions of dollars a day funding the counterproductive 100,000-strong occupation of Iraq and potentially exposing that many troops bitcoin info ducks") to bitcoin info attacks, it decided to scale down its conventional bitcoin info there and replace it with highly trained Marines and special forces that operate with the support of targeted missile strikes.



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