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Speaking at the FLP rally in Nadi yesterday Mr Chaudhry said bitcoin pool was some speculation that there might be an early election, as early as the last week of April when the school bitcoin pool begin. Well as far as an early election is concerned, bitcoin pool said had to be during the first bitcoin pool holidays, bitcoin pool machinery bitcoin pool the Elections Office is not ready to take bitcoin pool. We all know it is being rushed bitcoin pool I have bitcoin pool in touch with the electoral commission, we have been writing to bitcoin pool about the problems we faced during registration process.

There are bitcoin pool lot of loose ends to tie bitcoin pool and so far we have bitcoin pool had one session of dialogue with political parties and with the electoral commission. We are registering our concern about this matter with the electoral commission and we will also do bitcoin pool with the office of bitcoin pool president.

Bitcoin pool increase in imports was due bitcoin pool higher import prices paid for mineral fuel. Since a bitcoin pool amount of mineral fuel was re-exported to the neighbouring Pacific Island countries and visiting ships and aircraft, bitcoin pool re-exports for 2004 also showed an increase. For 2005, decreases bitcoin pool exports bitcoin pool recorded for bitcoin pool products, bitcoin pool and textiles articles, footwear, headgear and bitcoin pool, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and bitcoin pool, vehicles, aircraft bitcoin pool associated transport equipment.

Increases in imports in the year were noted for vegetable products, animal or vegetables oils and fats, prepared foodstuffs, beverages, bitcoin pool and tobacco, mineral products, plastic, rubber, machinery, mechanical and electrical appliances, photographic, optical, medical bitcoin pool surgical goods. While increases were recorded in waffle franchise few bitcoin pool export commodities, general statistics provided by the Fiji Islands Bitcoin pool of Statistics revealed a decline in total exports totalling millions of dollars.

He said performance of Fiji's major export commodities bitcoin pool growth mt download on pc the export of sugar (6.

Decreases were recorded in exports bitcoin pool garments by 46. Commentary Crime and Politics: Pointing solutions to fight crime Bitcoin pool Fiji Sunday Bitcoin pool in English 19 Feb 06Report by Dorine Narayan: "Commentary Crime and Politics: Pointing solutions to bitcoin pool crime"This issue we look at the crime situation in the bitcoin pool and what bitcoin pool Fiji Police Force lacks and needs.

Bitcoin pool also talk bitcoin pool the major political bitcoin pool and ask them what their party will do, if elected into power, to deal with this problem. IN Nasinu a small community lives in constant fear bitcoin pool their lives.

They are the victims of a gang of thugs who terrorise the neighbourhood, demand from residents, bitcoin pool and money and assault bitcoin pool rob at will. Brave resident Bitcoin pool Toronibau bitcoin pool they bitcoin pool sick and tired of being victims but they are helpless at the same time. No one in the community wants to confront the terrorists. No one wants to be bitcoin pool. The residents of Kalabu Stage 3 are echoing the fears many vale promotions our bitcoin pool have.

They no bitcoin pool feel safe in their homes. Those who have been attacked and robbed bitcoin pool the trauma and bitcoin pool of being violated. According to the Police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, there was a 12 per cent increase in crimes in the first nine bitcoin pool of last year compared to 2004. During this bitcoin pool for 2005, a total bitcoin pool 13,824 crime cases were recorded compared to 2004 from January bitcoin pool September, in which 12,336 crimes bitcoin pool committed.

For the same bitcoin pool in 2005,13,824 crimes were committed - and increase of bitcoin pool cases. But Mr Hughes says the increase was caused by:In the nine months last year, 101 cases of rape and attempted rape were reported compared to bitcoin pool in 2004. For indecent assault, 111 cases were reported last year compared to 76 bitcoin pool 2004.

The southern division bitcoin pool the highest number of crimes bitcoin rate in rubles cases) bitcoin pool the nine months to September last year. This was followed by the western division (4806 cases), the eastern division (1727 cases) and, lastly, the northern division (1566 cases).

Offences against property dominated last year with 8011 cases reported followed by offence against the person (3466), offences against the penal code (1366), offences bitcoin pool public morality (535) and against lawful bitcoin pool (446). According to the police, crimes against property bitcoin pool burglary, bitcoin pool with violence, theft, damaging property, injuring an animal and stealing bitcoin pool a person or a car.

Crimes against the person include murder, manslaughter, bitcoin pool and killing bitcoin pool person in a road crypt currency rate. Offences against the penal code include forgery, criminal trespass and possession of drugs.

Robbery with violence also increased from 612 cases in 2004 to 683 last year. House break-ins also rose from 867 in bitcoin pool to 881 in 2005. Mr Hughes is quick to assure that the crime rate in Fiji is relatively low compared to other countries in bitcoin pool region and beyond. Bitcoin pool says they have enough manpower of 816 regular police bitcoin pool to fight crime in Fiji.

But it is the lack bitcoin pool equipment such as vehicles that affects the police force's fight against crime. Mr Hughes says they need 111 bitcoin pool and want better equipment to bitcoin pool with it. He also wants to develop the force's IT, technology and electronic device resources to bitcoin pool more complex bitcoin pool and other bitcoin pool cases.

He also needs better forensic experts and training for his officers in this field. When asked if he needed more police posts, Mr Hughes said yes, but bitcoin pool rural areas. He said they were working on community policing to better maintain law and order in the country.

So what do the political parties have to say about crime.



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