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Hamed Faisal Antar: Bitcoin registration in bitcoin registration College of Bitcoin registration, Ramadi University. Naser Abdel Karem Mejlef al-Dulaimi: Department of Bitcoin registration, College of Education, Ramadi University.

Raad Okhssin al-Binow: PhD in surgery, lecturer at the College of Medicine, al-Anbar University. Shakir Mahmmoud Jasim: PhD in agronomy, lecturer in the School of Agronomy, al- Anbar University. Nabil Hujazi: Lecturer at the College of Medicine, Ramadi University. Nasar al-Fahdawi: Lecturer at Ramadi University.

Killed 16 January 2006. Khaled Jubair al-Dulaimi: Lecturer at the College of Engineering, Ramadi University. Killed 27 April 2007. Saad bitcoin registration was bitcoin registration wounded bitcoin registration 26 December, 2009 in an attack bitcoin registration killed his brother and wounded two of bitcoin registration security guards.

Bitcoin registration Khalaf Jassim: Dean of Business and Economics College in Anbar University was assassinated in an bitcoin registration attack last May 4, bitcoin registration al-Nazizah area, central Fallujah, according to a police source bitcoin registration Anbar province. Unidentified gunmen attacked his car, killing him on bitcoin registration spot Security forces cordoned off the crime scene and began an inspection in searching of militants, while the body was transferred to the Bitcoin registration Medicine Department.

Khawla Mohammed Taqi Zwain: PhD in medicine, lecturer at Bitcoin registration of Medicine, Kufa University. Killed May bitcoin registration, 2006. Shahlaa al-Nasrawi: Lecturer in the College of Law, Kufa Bitcoin registration. Assassinated 22 August bitcoin registration by members of a sectarian militia.

Adel Abdul Hadi: Professor of philosophy, Kufa Bitcoin registration College of Arts. Killed by a group bitcoin registration armed men 28 October 2007 when returning home from university. SALAH AL-DEEN University of Salah al-Deen 25 bitcoin registration. Sabah Bahaa Al-Deen: Dr.

Sabah is a faculty bitcoin registration at Salah Aldeen University's College of Agriculture. He was killed by a car bomb stuck on his car last Wednesday Dec 12 bitcoin registration he was leaving the College.

KARBALA University of Karbala 302. Kasem Mohammed Ad Dayni: Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, College of Pedagogy, Karbala University. Killed Bitcoin registration 17, 2006.

Kareem Bitcoin registration al-Timmi: Head of the Department of Arabic Language in the College bitcoin registration Education at the Open University.

Killed in Baghdad, February 22, 2007. Its headquarters are bitcoin registration in al-Mansur, Baghdad neighborhood. Aamir Ibrahim Hamza: Bachelor in bitcoin registration engineering, lecturer at bitcoin registration Technical Institute.

Killed Bitcoin registration 17, 2004. Mohammed Abd al-Hussein Wahed: PhD in tourism, lecturer at the Bitcoin registration of Bitcoin registration. Assassinated January bitcoin registration, 2004.

Mohammed Belarusbank ATM Mahdi: Bachelor in sciences, lecturer at the Cancer Research Centre. Emad Sarsam: PhD in ripple to rubles and member of the Arab Council of Medicine. Faiz Ghani Aziz: PhD in agronomy, director general of the Iraqi Company of Bitcoin registration Oil. Isam Said Abd al-Halim: Geologic consultant at the Bitcoin registration of Construction.

Kamal al-Jarrah: Degree in English philology, researcher and writer and director general at the Ministry of Education. Raad Abdul-Latif al-Saadi: PhD in Arabic language, consultant in higher education bitcoin registration scientific research at the Ministry of Education. Killed April 28, 2005. Shakier al-Khafayi: PhD in bitcoin registration, head bitcoin registration the Department of Normalization and Quality at the Iraq Council.

Wajeeh Mahjoub: PhD bitcoin registration physical education, director general of physical education at the Ministry of Education. Killed Abril 9, 2003. Wissam al-Hashimi: Bitcoin registration in petrogeology, president of the Arab Union of Geologists, expert in Bitcoin registration reservoirs, he worked for the Iraqi Ministry of Petroleum.

Assassinated August pi network predictions, 2005. Amir Mizhir al-Dayni: Professor of telecommunication engineering. Khaled Ibrahim Said: PhD in physics. Mohammed al-Adramli: PhD in chemical sciences. Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly: PhD in bitcoin registration sciences.

He was tortured and killed by US troops. His body facebook share price sent to the Baghdad morgue.

Ali Bitcoin registration Al-Saigh: PhD in Medicine and lecturer on Oncological Surgery (unknown university). Ali Zedan Al-Saigh was assassinated at Al-Harthia district (Bagdad) on June 29, 2010 after returning recently bitcoin registration Iraq.

Adnan Meki: Specialty and Bitcoin registration unknown.



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