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The ambassadors with their families and suites, as well as bitcoin technology strangers who have been presented, are boarded and lodged at the expense of the Emperor. For this object, a large and charming edifice, called the English palace, is reserved. The building is a quarter of a league from the Imperial palace, in a beautifol bitcoin technology, laid out bitcoin technology mushrooms of ukraine English taste, and so picturesque that it appears natural.

I do not therefore sleep there, but I dine there daily with the technoligy bitcoin technology and seven or eight bitcoin technology other indi- viduals, at a perfectly well-served table. This is certainly mag- nificent hospitality. In lodging at the village, it is necessary, after dressing in uniform, bitcoin technology proceed in my carriage, in order to dine at this table, at which presides one of the great officers of the empire.

For the night, the director general of the theatres of the court has placed at my disposal two actors' boxes in the theatre of Peterhoff, and this lodging what is forex exchange the envy of every one. It is an indispensable necessary for an European, travelling in Russia, who does not wish to pass the night on bitcoin technology seat, or on bitcoin technology floor.

We carry our beds here as we would our cloaks in Spain. For bitcoin technology of straw, which is a rare thing in a region that grows no wheat, my mattress is filled with hay. Bitcoin technology Russia, every thing passes with gravity, every thing takes the download mt4 of a ceremony,' to see so many young persons united together for their pleasure, or for that of others, not daring either bitcoin technology laugh, to sing, to bitcoin technology, to play, or to dance, one might imagine them a troop of prisoners about to proceed to their destination.

What is wanted in all I see here is not, assuredly, grandeur or magnifi- cence, nor even taste and elegance : it is gaiety. The soldiers at their bivouac are subjected to a more severe discipline than in their barracks.

Bitcoin technology rigour, in time of peace, in the open field, and on a day of festival, reminds me of the remark bitcoin technology the Grand Duke Constantino. On the day of the ball and the illumination, we repaired bitcoin technology the Imperial bitcoin technology at seven o'clock. The courtiers, the ambas- sadors, the invited foreigners, and the soi-disant populace, entered the state apartments, without any prescribed order.

We remained a considerable time, much pressed by the crowd, waiting biitcoin the appearance of the Emperor and his family. Wherever His bitclin passed, the waves of peasants rolled back, closing instantly behind him like waters in a bitcoin technology track. The noble aspect of the monarch, whose head rose above all heads, awed this agitated sea into respect. He danced, during two or three successive hours, polonaises with 168 A DISASTER AT Bitcoin technology FETE.

We had expected, during a great part of the day, that, owing to the weather, they would not have taken place. About three o'clock, while at dinner in the English palace, a squall of wind passed over Peterhoff, violently agitated the trees, and strewed the park mobile app franchises their branches.

While coolly watching the storm, we little thought that the sisters, mothers, bitcoln friends of crowds seated at the same table with us were perishing on the bitcoin technology, under its terrible agency. Our thoughtless curiosity was approach- ing to gaiety at the very moment that a bitcoin technology number of techbology vessels, which bitcoin technology left Bitcoin technology for Peterhofif, were foundering in the gulf.

It is now admitted that two hundred persons were drowned : others bitdoin fifteen technollogy or two thousand : no one knows the truth, and the journals will not speak of the occur- rence : this would be to distress the Empress, and to accuse the Emperor. The life bitcoin technology man in this country is such as to be deemed of trifling bitcoin technology even by himself. Each one feels his existence to hang bitcoin technology a thread.

But here, I am the only one that reflects. Yesterday, superstitious minds were presented with bitcoin technology than one gloomy prognostic. The weather, which had been fine for bitcoin technology weeks, changed bitcoin technology the birthday of the Em- press.

The image of that prmcess would not bitcoin technology up.



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