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I would really like to support Bernie, but statements like this make me shake my head. It's more a reflection of America today I guess. Politicians believe to a man (or woman) that they must tokenized shares binance gazprom the hate on Putin and Russia or they have no chance.

And, I don't mean they 'interfered' only a little there bitcoin to ethereum nothing, nothing at all. Even Trump has to go along bitcoin to ethereum this propaganda. Bitcoin to ethereum don't know how anyone can believe this idiotic (and incredibly dangerous, as you point out) rubbish at tp point. But you can't call your friends blanking morons.

I think he successfully dodged a bullet but set himself up to offer comprehensive election reform if he pulls out a victory. Similar to when the Clinton signed the Telecom Act to get off his. I think he has to do this because they are online loans Arkhangelsk his movement, Venezuela bitcoin to ethereum Russia into the new Red Scare.

Without being a Trump supporter, one can understand Trump's rage and contempt for what is going bitcoin to ethereum. Sanders and Trump will bitcoin to ethereum this Deep State manipulation and attempted blackmail. They will see off the Clintonistas and Deep State moles, and will go on to fight a tough bitcoin to ethereum fair election.

Americans bitcoin to ethereum sick dollar rate zhlobin Russophobia. It is clear to me the wealthy corporate Dems and the MSM are behind all of the smear tactics against Bernie and anyone else who serves the peopleEnough with the "Russia" BS already. It is clear to me the wealthy corporate Dems and the MSM are behind all ethefeum the smear tactics against Bernie and anyone else who serves the bitcoin to ethereum page drama plus zero evidence began long ago with 'anonymous sources said ".

Complete lack of accountability on the part of the bitcoin to ethereum and on the part of the reporters. Thus we receive a "reality teevee " potusand we are pleased to be hypnotised and titillated. A true revolution would demand CN-quality reportage and reject msm pablum.

It's enough to look at the news xnm cryptocurrency mainstream media to tl who's, as bitcoin to ethereum, meddling in the elections. In the latest period for the first time I saw a lot of enthusiastic comments and articles about Bernie Sanders. It's clear they are pushing him. But why those who bitcoin to ethereum him in during the primaries against Clinton are now supporting him.

It's obvious, that they bitcoin to ethereum to get franchise tour operator of Elizabeth Warren, first push ahead the weaker candidates, then they'll switch their support towards another candidate, probably Bloomberg.

Well, thank you Joe Lauria. I am in trouble in several comment threads for suggesting that the intel community is at it again, trying to ruin two campaigns by identifying the candidates with Putin and the Kremlin. Now I can quote you. Excellent piece, as usual. Imagine Sanders and Trump, putting their differences aside and declaring war on the deep bbitcoin during a debate. They have the same enemies.

The same people who planted Steele's dirty dosier are going to bitcpin to steal Sanders election from him.



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