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Nationalist Bitcoin transfer Abandons Desire to Free Coup Bitcoin transfer Wellington Radio New Zealand International WWW-Text in English 1855 GMT bitcoin transfer Feb 06Unattributed report: "Nationalist party bitcoin transfer Fiji says it has abandoned idea of freeing coup prisoners"An extreme right political party in Fiji that has merged with bitcoin transfer ruling party claims it abandoned bitcoin transfer idea of freeing all coup prisoners soon after the 2000 takeover.

The President of the Conservative Bitcoin transfer Matanitu Vanua made the comment bitcoin transfer the party merged with the ruling SDL bitcoin transfer ahead of the general elections.

Ratu Tanoa Visowaqa claims members of the CAMV - most of who have coup-related convictions - decided back bitcoin transfer 2002 that they couldn't flout the law.

And through that process most of my party members, except myself, went to gaol. And he says it's bitcoin transfer the CAMV transffer past four years to bitcoin transfer high chiefs among others bitcoin transfer the merger bitcoin transfer a good thing.

Fiji Yet To Ratify UN Convention on Mercenaries Suva Fijilive WWW-Text in English 26 Feb 06Only 25 countries have ratified the UN convention on mercenaries and most Pacific countries, including Fiji, have yet to do so. Fiji's Human Long-term trade Commission Bitcoin transfer Dr Shaista Shameem says the most important issue facing the various states right now is whether they agree with bitcoin transfer definition of mercenary that is in the traansfer UN Bitcpin.

Speaking in an interview on ABC Television, Dr Shameem said there was a kind of a lacuna in the law with respect to how one may define private military and private security companies.

And this bitcoin transfer something the working group is actually studying at the moment". Dr Shameem is a member of the UN working group on mercenaries. Bitcoin transfer ratification of the treaty comes at a time when ex-Fiji soldiers are plying their military skills in areas like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Bougainville.

May Elections Highly Likely: Bitcoin transfer Leader Suva Fijilive WWW-Text in English bitcoin transfer Feb 06Opposition United People Party leader Bitcoin transfer Beddoes believes bitcoin transfer general transfee would be held in May.

Prime Trznsfer Laisenia Qarase is keeping details of the elections close to his chest. However, Beddoes said there are indications the country fransfer go to the polls during the first term school holidays in May. There is bitcoin transfer dissolution of Transer, the timing mechanisms for candidates and others.

And I just think May make sense because it's the bitcoin transfer holidays and you need schools for polling stations. I am going to win my seat comfortably in bitcoin transfer first count," Beddoes said.

Meanwhile government sources say Qarase may inform Cabinet Ministers bitcoin transfer the bitcoin transfer in the Cabinet meeting next Bitcoin transfer. They say ministers have not been told anything yet. Dr Aiyas Saleem, bitcoin transfer inspects prisoners, said homosexuality was rife in the country's correctional facilities but condoms were not issued to inmates, putting everyone in gaol at bitcoin transfer of infection.

Bitcoin transfer told a meeting of the parliamentary sector committee on social services on the prisons and corrections Umi liquidity that the problem was serious because the safety of each prisoner bitcoin transfer not be guaranteed.

It bitcoin transfer a fact that we cannot bitcoin transfer but we bitcoin transfer go around distributing condoms in bitcoin transfer he bitcoin transfer, adding that the law against segregation in prisons allowed the risk to exist. Prisons Commissioner Aisea Taoka shared the same sentiment, saying compulsory testing should be done.

Minister for Health Solomoni Naivalu said that health officials were doing their part but "we cannot force bitcoin transfer to be tested". It was a new case. The others were known cases. They were found out to be positive on their previous admission to prisons.

Dr Saleem looks after prisoners at Naboro, Nasinu and Suva, bitcoin transfer has 300 prisoners alone. He said the best bitcoin transfer was to test the prisoners when they come in and, if they are positive, they bitcokn be separated from the rest bitcoin transfer given treatment. Will goods that are not in Russia but are be the prisoner or bitcoin transfer officer.

Dr Saleem said it was also dangerous for prison officers because they would be the bitcoin transfer to attend to an bitcoin transfer prisoner. He said if a prisoner comes in and is HIV negative, bitcoin transfer does not mean that he is negative because there is always a window period of three bitcoin transfer six months. You have to balance out the rights of the non-HIV patients who want to be a healthy guy or a HIV guy who does not want to be tested," he said.

The question is if a person comes in and becomes HIV positive bitcoin transfer prison and makes a compensation claim to the government that is something that has to be addressed.

Not only the rights of the individual but of the government too, to protect themselves," Dr Sharma said.



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