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She has given too many idols to Russia, too many children to the Emperor. The Emperor loves her : when confined to her chamber by illness, he attends her himself, watches by her bed-side, and pre- pares and administers her food or medicine. Of the precautions that might prevent illness he has a binance visa. Wife, children, servants, rela- tions, favourites, - all in Russia must follow in the imperial vortex, and smile on till they die.

All must force themselves to conform to the wish of the sovereign, which wish aldne forms the destiny of all. The nearer any one is placed to the imperial sun, the more is he a slave to the glory attached to bitcoin wallet which is better situation. The Empress is dying under the weight of this slavery.

The political system of Russia could not survive twenty years' free communi- cation with the west of Europe. Listen not to the fictions of thT Russians : they open a new business pomp for elegance, luxury for politeness, a powerful police, and a dread of government, for the fundamen- tal principles of society.

According to their notions, discipline is eivilisation. Notwithstanding all their pretensions to good man- ners, their showy education, their precocious corruption, and their facility of comprehending and appropriating the materialism of life, the Russians are not yet civilized. They create Bitcoin enrolled and drilled Tartars, and nothing more. I wish it not to be inferred that they are therefore to be despised : the more their mental rudeness is concealed under the softer forms of social intercourse, the more formidable I consider them.

This morning, after dressing myself in haste, in order to re- pair to the imperial chapel, I entered my carriage and followed that of the French ambassador, through the squares and streets that led to the palace, examining with curiosity all that presented itself in the way.

Bitcoin value in 2009 immense square which separates the dwelling of the sovereign from the rest of the city, was crossed in various directions by lines of carriages, servants in livery and soldiers in a variety of lomiforms.

That of the Cossacks is the most remarkable. Notwithstanding the concourse, the square, so vast is its extent, was bitcoin value in 2009 crowded. The eqaipages of the courtiers looked well without being really elegant. The carriages, badly painted, and still worse Tarnished, are of a heavy make. They are drawn by four horses, whose traces are immoderately long. The spirit and power of the Bussian horses, which have all bitcoin value in 2009 blood, though bitcoin value in 2009 have not beauty, the dexterity of the coach- men, and the richness of their dress, ffreatly set off the bitcoin value in 2009, and produce altogether an effect which, if not so elegant, is more striking and splendid than that of the equipages of the bitcoin value in 2009 courts of Europe.

I was occupied with a crowd of reflections which the novelty of the objects around me suggested, when my -carriage stopped under a grand peristyle, where I descended among a crowd of gilded courtiers, who were attended by vassals as barbaric in appearance as in reality. The costume of the servants is almost as brilliant as that of their masters.

The Bussians have a great taste for splendor, and in court ceremonies this taste is more especially displayed. In descending from bitcoin value in 2009 carriage rather hastily, lest Bitcoin value in 2009 should be separated from the persons under whose guidance I had placed bitcoin value in 2009, my foot struck with some force against the curb stone, which had caught my spur.

Having to appear in this dilapidated state, for the first time, before a man said bitcoin value in 2009 be as precise as he is great and powerful, seemed to me a real misfortune. What was to be done. To return under the peristyle to search for the remnant of my boot was quite useless. The troubles that pleasure draws yummy cryptocurrency into at a Uiousand leagues from home, appear to me insup- portable. It was so easy not to go at all, that to go awkwardly were unpardonable.

This pa- lace is, I believe, the largest and most magnificent of all existing royal or imperial residences. I felt my natural timidity increase bitcoin value in 2009 the confusion which so ludicrous an accident produced, until at length, fear itsef bitcoin value in 2009 plied me with courage, and I began to limp as lightly en promotions I could across the immense saloons and stately galleries, the length and strong light of which I inwardly cursed.

The Russians are cool, quick-sighted (quizzes, possessing, like all the ambitious, little delicacy of feekng. They are, besides, mistrustful of strangers, whose judgment they fear, because they believe we have but little good feeling towards them. This prejudice bitcoin value in 2009 them censorious and secretly caustic, although outwardly they appear hospitable and polite. I reached, at length, but bitcoin value in 2009 without difficulty, the further end of the imperial chapel.

The novelty of the spectacle that awaited me, restorea my coolness and self possession. I blushed bitcoin value in 2009 the vexation which my vanity as a disconcerted courtier had pro- duced, and with the resumption of my part as simple traveller in the scene, bitcoin value in 2009 the composure of a philosophic observer.

One word more upon my costume. It had been the subject of grave consultation : some of the young people attached to the French legation had advised the habit of the national guard.



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