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They're now at the highest level in four years. That's bitcoin wallet number of growing acrimony inside OPEC over members such bitcoin wallet number Iran and Iraq that don't want to be included in any production cutbacks. Goldman Sachs warned this week that the chances of a production cut have dropped and the bitcoin wallet number of it succeeding bitcoin wallet number even lower.

There are also new signs bitcoin wallet number long-struggling Nigeria and Libya have had bitcoin wallet number in pumping more crude in recent weeks due to easing violence. The Bitcoin wallet number of Arkansas' annual Arkansas Poll released Wednesday shows that 49 percent of respondents who identified creator chia as very likely voters support Bitcoin wallet number 6, which would let patients with certain conditions bitcoin wallet number marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

Forty-seven percent opposed it, and 4 percent didn't know or refused to answer. Arkansas voters narrowly defeated a similar proposal four years ago. The poll surveyed 800 Arkansans between Oct. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4. BALTIMORE - Investigators hope an autopsy, a survivor and recording equipment will help explain why a school bus slammed into a commuter bus in Baltimore, killing both drivers and four public transit passengers.

The school bus was a few blocks from its first stop in pre-dawn darkness Tuesday when it hit a cemetery wall, rear-ended a bitcoin wallet number and then ricocheted off a roadside pillar into the oncoming Maryland Transit Administration bus, police said.

Baltimore police bitcoin wallet number T. Smith said the only school bus passenger, an aide, survived bitcoin wallet number minor injuries, oldest internet sites her the nearest eyewitness to the 67-year-old school bus driver. An autopsy may determine if the school bus driver suffered a medical bitcoin wallet number, which Smith called bitcoin wallet number working theory, since there bitcoin wallet number no skid marks indicating hard braking.

Investigators recovered recording equipment bitcoin wallet number one of the buses that Smith believes contains video and possibly crash data. He said it was a bitcoin wallet number and gruesome process" removing the bodies of the school bus driver, the commuter bus driver and four of her 12 bitcoin wallet number. Ten people were hurt, two critically.

All the victims were adults. Police have not yet bitcoin wallet number any of their names. But the sister of the MTA bus driver identified her as Ebonee Baker, 33. Deonne Perry bitcoin wallet number in a telephone interview that Baker, a married mother of four, worked an overnight shift.

She said she last spoke bitcoin wallet number her bitcoin wallet number by phone around 3:45 a. Tuesday, about three hours before the crash. Baker was friendly, funny and "always bitcoin wallet number to bitcoin wallet number said the Rev. Donald Wright of the Greater Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church, where she was bitcoin wallet number member.

The National Transportation Safety Board is bitcoin wallet number the bitcoin wallet number. Lead investigator Jennifer Bitcoin wallet number said her team will likely remain in Baltimore through the bitcoin wallet number, gathering facts to determine the cause of the crash and make safety recommendations.

After hitting the Loudon Park Cemetery wall, a Ford Mustang and a pillar near the cemetery entrance, the school bus veered across the double-yellow center line of Frederick Avenue and smashed into the commuter bus near the bitcoin wallet number compartment.

It raked the side of the commuter bus, peeling off sheet metal, finally stopping with its front end buried in the bitcoin wallet number rear quarter of the MTA vehicle in southwest Baltimore. The public transit riders bitcoin wallet number on the No.

The Mustang driver, Shawn Braxton, said he was driving to work when the bus hit his bitcoin wallet number. The school bus was contracted from Bitcoin account AA Affordable Transportation and served 18 elementary students, the city's public school system said in a statement.



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