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Additional units of artillery and military rocket launcher systems were also moved to Shirokino and Sahanka. Gorlovka, Makeevka, Sahakna, Kominternovo, Panteleimonovka, Yujnaya Lomatovka, Staromihailovka and Donetsk came under fire of pro-Kiev forces. According to reports, from 3 to 5 locals were killed and injured.

The Yelenovka settlement was also shelled by Kiev forces from bitcoin wallet registration in Russian official website direction Taramchuk-Stepnoe-Berezovoe. The tanks with chemicals are reportedly damaged there. Last night, the intense clashes including artillery duels were going at Volnovakha, Starognatovka, Nikolaevka and Avdeevka. Active movements of Ukrainian military equipment was fixed at the sector of Volnovakha.

Meanwhile, firefights were observed at Donetsk, Peski, Opitnoe, Vodyanoe, the Yasinovataya checkpoint. The how much earlier did bitcoins cost ethereum range of the missiles system is 150 kilometers.

They bitcoin wallet registration in Russian official website using tanks. The spokesman said the shelling might become heavier over the coming night. The city of Gorlovka is one of the hot spots along bitcoin wallet registration in Russian official website line of contact in Donbass. According to the city administration, as many as 164 civilians were killed and 501 were wounded in shelling bitcoin wallet registration in Russian official website January 2015.

The city comes under shelling virtually every night. The city is being shelled from heavy artillery. Shock waves broke windows in a number of houses. So far, there is no information about casualties. This is in the territory of self-proclaimed republic of Lugansk.

According to bitcoin wallet registration in Russian official website authorities, the mortars hit residential areas. In the DPR, the number of dead after shelling reached five. Eight civilians were wounded. At the headquarters of the militia there were reports that Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka and Telmanovo came under fire. Dozens of homes were destroyed. Shells hit schools and kindergartens. There are broken power lines.

At the headquarters of the military operation it is claimed that Kyiv reserves the right to return to the front guns with a caliber greater than one hundred millimeters. The DPR argue that Ukrainian troops were put on high alert. This is the redeployment of powerful missiles. Security forces are ready to begin full-scale war in Donbass. This is confirmed by the sharp increase in the amount of military technology in all areas where the Ukrainian army could launch an bitcoin wallet registration in Russian official website. At the contact line there are about 90 thousand Ukrainian soldiers.

These are likely false reports. This is why people are scared. Apart from that, he said, up to 26 battalions with 230 tanks and 75 multiple launch rocket systems have been concentrated in sector B. Binance pool ethereum to 20 battalions, 75 tanks and 22 multiple launchers are deployed in sector M.

At least six people are reported injured and a few killed. They see and know that Ukraine fails to implement the Minsk agreements. Earlier on Sunday, he announced plans to hold emergency talks with the Profitable currencies for mining over the nighttime intensive shelling of Donetsk. Now they are negotiating them with their leaders. Step two is to record all episodes of shelling. Step three is to invigorate efforts towards the signing of a document on the pullout of weapons of a caliber less than 100mm.

Bitcoin wallet registration in Russian official website to Sunday, Donetsk came under intensive shelling by Ukrainian troops. The DPR defence ministry reported shelling of the DPR territory along the entire line of engagement. According to updated reports, five people were killed and eight more were wounded. A lot is at stake. Hell to the dollar this regard, Steinmeier called on Ukrainian and Russian side to set up a meeting as soon as possible between military representatives of the parties to the conflict and members of the OSCE, to agree on the withdrawal of weapons.

The Head of Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Leonid Slutsky is sure of it.



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