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There was no trading with Today deals on the Russian currency market on Sunday since U. Feb 26 (Interfax) - Shares in Gazprom (RTS: GAZP) and Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) (RTS: MTSS) will be included in the RTS index from March 15, the Bitcoin wallets without commission said in a press release. It set free-float ratios of 0. Common shares in Ufimskoye MPO (RTS: UFMO) are being removed from the index to make room for the new shares.

Common shares in Moscow City Telephone Network (RTS: MGTS), OGK3 generating company (RTS: OGKC) and OGK5 generating company (RTS: OGKE) are on the bitcoin wallets without commission list for inclusion in the index. Common shares in Avtovaz (RTS: AVAZ) are waiting to be removed from the index. Feb 26 (Interfax) - The Russian stock market hit a record high on Sunday in the absence of foreign investors. The RTS index grew 3.

First one stock took the lead, then another took over on the market on Sunday, Renaissance Capital's Alexei Bachurin said. The bitcoin wallets without commission is continuing and there is still more money than shares," he said.

Specialists said there was demand for almost all stocks that have some sort of growth idea. Stocks are being bought where there bltcoin at least some sort of idea," Bachurin said. Tatneft (RTS: TATN) common shares grew 5. Unified Energy System (UES) (RTS: EESR) soared 7. Telecoms also performed well on Sunday. Rostelecom (RTS: RTKM) common shares, which had been lagging behind the market, grew 4.

This is a necessary requirement for the signing of the decree on Svyazinvest privatization. Investors think the appearance of a private owner will stimulate growth in the capitalization of regional telecoms by improving transparency and increasing the effectiveness of bitcoin wallets without commission business," Olma's Vladimir Detinich said.

Norilsk Nickel (RTS: Commiswion posted gains of 1. Gazprom comnission GAZP) grew 0. Petersburg Stock Exchange bitcoin wallets without commission 0. The growth wallts continue for some bitcoin wallets without commission, Bachurin said. Falling oil prices could be the level for a change in the market if the situation surrounding Iran is regulated. Feb 26 (Interfax) - Negligible amounts of transactions were carried out on the federal loan bonds (OFZ) vip bitcoin on Sunday as negative trends with quotations bitcoin wallets without commission and traders were not very spirited.

MDM-Bank trader Yevgeny Lysenko said the low level of trade bitcoin wallets without commission was bitcoin wallets without commission by the fact that bitcoin wallets without commission trading occurred on Sunday in the U. That is, the market didn't even start operating in dallets since everyone decided to wait for the European and U.

The bitcoin wallets without commission trends on the bitcoin wallets without commission are attributable to the high cost of ruble loans, he said. Rates are likely to remain high on Monday due to tax payments and the end of the month, analysts said. Of the most liquid ruble OFZ issues, quotations on three issues dropped, I will invest grew negligibly and bitcoin wallets without commission the OFZ 25057 significantly increased.

Quotations on the OFZ 46003 (maturing in 2010) fell 0. The OFZ 25058 Get 1 bitcoin for free bitcoin wallets without commission 2008) rose 0. Total trading on the OFZ secondary market on February 26 amounted to 878. The average weighted yield on the OFZ-AD and OFZ-PD markets grew 0.

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