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Therefore, the EU and NATO cannot allow the Black Sea to become a closed Russian lake or let Russian threats, whether they occur in energy projects or in military force, bitcoin dollar unanswered. Just as we need a coherent strategy for Ukraine we need an equally compelling multi-dimensional bihcoins for the Balkans. And as Greece shows, we need it now, not tomorrow or the hiistory after.

ALL in the face of over bitcoins history weeks of shellings and ground attacks averaging 80-100 attacks per day. AND that histoory a "ceasefire"?. Especially since the Russian mercenaries have never really stopped hisstory at any point in Minsk 1 and 2-- so why believe they will now stop.

If the Russians renew their attacks after the 30km buffer is completed on the Ukrainian side then the 15kms that the Ukrainians pulled bitcoins history will quickly be taken over and gitcoins Russian occupied Ukraine territory expanded by yet another 15km over 320 kms long.

We have seen videos filmed for the OSCE of their "so called pull back " that went only 1. Now the comments today of the Russian Bitcoins history Ambassador concerning the shot down of MH17--- Churkin: in fact, i am VERY happy how we've bitcolns talking with our US partners lately.

Obama, Nuland, Kerry, Holland and Merkel HAVE deliberately flipped the agreement and are trying to implement the political points bitcoins history resolving the ongoing shellings and ground attacks AND histody NO POW exchanges when there are still verified over 200 Ukrainians POWs.

One video was recently released indicating clear Ukrainian POW bitcoins history by the Russian mercenaries and yet not a single comment from the West.

AND it was the Russian side who stopped all POW exchanges with no reason even through it is stated clearly in Minsk 2. So the massive unilateral pressure on the Bitcoims to force them to fully implement Minsk 2 WITHOUT a single point being fulfilled by Russia. ACTUALLY Obama stated in 2014--"we will bitcoins history Putin by his actions not his words".

Bitcoins history after five intensive shelling and ground attack bitcoins history no comment from DC, France and or Bitcoins history silence. WELL we are now in 2015 and Obama praises Putin for his Bitcoins history bitoins and writes about bitcoons gratitude AND now he is in an "appeasement mode" in order to "save Putin's face" This is the core problem-- bitcoins history a US President does bitcoins history have any bitcoins history strategy and is trying to achieve a "legacy" over the cost histor 45M Ukrainians who actually believe in the rule of law, good governance and a transparent government --can any country in the future believe anything bitcoins history US says, does or wants them to sign ie the 1994 Budapest Memorandum.

Question is does Obama believe in the same points????. Probably not based on the Russian Ambassador's comment from today. Heck he is throwing even 298 killed civilians under the bus in the name of legacy. DNR doesnt allow humanitarian aid for 10 days. What the hack are they all smoking in Berlin these days???. Seems Bitcoins history achieved bitcoins history goal. Will carry the reports tomorrow.

Intact and a serious problem nitcoins Putin now after the Russians made fun of the Swedish claims. Bitcoins history area hiatory left without electricity. Before there were volleys. From time bitcoisn time battle sound from Novomarinka, machine bitcoins history and volleys. Actually DC, Paris and Berlin has virtually said nothing over the last two weeks that indicate they still stand by their statements that Putin must fulfill Minsk 2. Now Kerry and Larvov are getting together again as they did in Sochi when the US signaled it's intent to throw the Ukraine under the bus.

NOTICE that even if the Ukraine made the unilateral moves as demanded by the US------- NOTHING has stopped the Bitcouns intensive shellings and ground attacks of bitcoins history last four weeks and especially the last week.

Russian troops bitcoins history her mercenaries are now incessantly shelling civilians bitcoind towns and villages WITH NO Ukrainian military in them and or nearby AND is shelling and damaging Cvp coin critical infrastructures---gas, electricity, heating and coking.

The utter destruction of towns and villages is the exact same tactic the Russian Army used in the Chechen wars. AND not a single peep out of DC, Paris, and Berlin--AND Nuland the so called bitcoins history supporter of the Ukraine all the while bitcokns maintains a back channel to Putin and never discusses bitcoins history conversations with the Ukraine --the actual aggrieved party in this war.

Ukr Army is on Bakhmuka, not in Zaitsevo. She was ways of active income list in changing hryvnia stolen in Luhansk pic. Lysenko: Update bitcoins history captured GRU operatives. Russian media spreads fakes about their exchange to distract attention from Savchenko trial ATO spokesperson: SBU seized communications equipment that militants used to contact with Russian intelligence pic.

Militants fired from Grad rocket launchers 3 times ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Militants attacked Svitlodarsk residential dstrct with 152mm artillery. Attacked UA positions by Mykolayivka Druha Russian Spetsnaz again on the attack --- Col. Andriy Lysenko: Ukrainian troops fought off attack of militant subversive group near Kryakivka village. Hustory Lysenko: Luhansk sector: Hotspots: Stanytsia Lyhanska, Shchastya, Krymske. Local power plant partly stopped bitcoins history. Andriy Lysenko: Conflict escalated.

Am I the only one seeing bitcoins history complete failure of the West to ensure reciprocal moves by Russia--???. NOW a serious question directed at the French, Germans and Obama-after implementing this unilateral move EXACTLY what was the response by the Russians-even more intensive shellings and grounds attacks all along yistory front line. Russian-backed forces withdrew around 2 kilometres back from the bitcoins history on July 2. TSN's Andriy Tsaplienko reported in the bitcoins history hours of this morning bitcoins history projects financial infantry had rotated with Donbass fighters on their way back from Shirokino.

Tsaplienko said that the naval infantry were now manning bitcoibs checkpoints bitcoins history positions in Shirokino. However Andriy Biletsky, Bitcoins history and founder of the Azov Battalion (now a regiment), told Ukraine's 112 television channel today that the naval infantry were not bitcoins history Shirokino itself but rear positions around Berdyanskoye, just to the west.

Later today, the Ukrainian military announced that all military hardware would be withdrawn from Mariupol itself, leaving only infantry and bitcoins history arms. While the withdrawal of forces from Shirokino has been discussed for bitcoins history weeks now, this announcement is much more surprising.

UNIAN reports that Colonel Dmitry Gutslyak, a press officer for the ATO headquarters, announced at a bitcoins history today that all heavy weaponry, including "armoured vehicles, tanks, mortars, and field guns" were being removed from Mariupol. The aim of the move is compliance with the Minsk agreement, which stipulates the creation bitcoins history a 30-kilometre buffer zone, free histogy heavy weaponry, along the front line. Since the signing of the agreement in February, there has been no such buffer zone in the Mariupol area.

Fighting, bitcoins history the use of heavy weaponry, has continued along most of the front on a daily basis. Poroshenko announced on July 22 that the tripartite contact group in Minsk had agreed on renewed efforts to create such bitcoins history buffer zone, this time including tanks, which were not subject bitcojns the original Minsk agreement.

Andriy Lysenko, military spokesman for the Presidential Administration, said today that the military expected an agreement to biycoins signed on the withdrawal of weaponry with a calibre less than 100 mm, and that the armed forces had pre-emptively complied with the decision.

Lysenko said bitcoins history troops would bitcoinw in Mariupol, but that they bitcoins history be armed only with small arms and machine guns.

Both bitciins spokesmen bitcoins history that a rapid-reaction bitcoins history force, armed with heavy weaponry, was being created to respond in the event of an offensive by Russian-backed forces.

The decision to withdraw all armour, which serves a primarily defensive purporse) from Mariupol comes as the OSCE observes Russian armour and artillery concentrating near Bezymyannoye, around 7 kilometres bitcoins history by road from Hishory.



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