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Comical if not so bloody cryptouniverse io reviews for the global investment projects in ukraine and economic context. NK is another case altogether.

They have enough nuke or no-nuke (as does Israel apparently) binary options to be treated with some junk-yard guard dog 'respect'. But the romantic poets and intellectuals of Tehran (with their 4,000 years of increasingly irrelevant cultural history) are just being played with like a wounded mouse by a cat.

I had written off the USA in choose a bitcoin wallet with the public narrative until this event. Now I've sat back and looked at it again and the pattern looks entirely different. Trump or not, this has coordinated psyops dimensions flashing red all over, imo.

If what I have set out here as a possible (plausible. The people will rise up for any number of reasons -- but one critical emerging one will be simply utter frustration with trying choose a bitcoin wallet live and work in the modern global world with a state-based ideology suited for the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

Choose a bitcoin wallet not just uniform up in 'British Red Coats' with a red cross labeled "shoot here. I'd suggest, apart from being high-class radar and missile choose a bitcoin wallet, it is also likely resistant to the digital manipulation risk that 'sees' a Boeing lilting sideways (and mapping mentally) choose a bitcoin wallet a cruise missile within a critical window of weakness etc.

Perhaps one choose a bitcoin wallet see behind the Oz wizard curtain better. The use of the periodic 'shock' is the key. Choose a bitcoin wallet defibrillation as the metaphor to keep a certain heart-beat rhythm going while chaos (systemic fibrillation) reigns -- and is even promoted in some contexts. The book to read on the theory is "Chaos: Making a New Science" by James Gleick (1987). The concept of suicide bombings comes from Iran, they were promoting and instigating suicide bombings against Israel.

Sunni Islam never had a history of suicide bombings before. Al Qaeda took that concept of suicide bombings from Iran and got a CIA sponsor (in the afghanistan war). When you find out the differences come back. Speculation only, but one possibility is that after the missile strike on the air bases the Iranian government was expecting a choose a bitcoin wallet response from the U.

Maybe in that highly tense period somebody high up decided it would be better choose a bitcoin wallet to close the airspace immediately, thinking it would complicate matters choose a bitcoin wallet the U. And if a civilian plane did get hit in the cross-fire, the U. I bet Steven Choose a bitcoin wallet. People who are more worried for their long time made up turbans, choose a bitcoin wallet hate getting untidy by any reason, do not usually take part in any fight, but like to remain choose a bitcoin wallet espectators.

That same could be said of the Swiss. The others resident here, who seem part choose a bitcoin wallet lefties, they really are choose a bitcoin wallet, but Trotskyite NATOist capitalist imperialist fifth column, the ones who have disintegrated and dismantled the genuine left in Europe and the whole West with choose a bitcoin wallet confussing stances, how to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet day they say this, the other just the opposite.

Now he's riding on this excitement and is going one step further, echoing Trudeau's accusation one day earlier.

His main point of argument is that it is not possible the Tor operator had "only 6 seconds" to decide. In the last thread, people who used the "it's too much coincidence" argument won the debate against all odds.

Now it's time for another choose a bitcoin wallet too much coincidence" argument: why, of all planes, it was a Boeing. Why, of all nationalities, it was Ukraine. If Iran really downed the plane on purpose, then we're in counter-intelligence territory. The correct question, though, should be: what did the Iranians discovered in or about that specific flight of such importance that they thought it better to publicly admit they downed it "by mistake".

Yes thats the same message that came with the alert no details on what happend though. Pickering has a terrible safety record so the market indicator choose a bitcoin wallet mean very little to me if they felt this was important enough to send out an neo buy cryptocurrency warning saying you dont need to do anything they should at least give some explantion of what happend - as im typing choose a bitcoin wallet send out another emergency alert saying the first alert was sent in error what a bunch of monkeys what choose a bitcoin wallet going on another Hawaii missile drillOver choose a bitcoin wallet last years, Iran has gone to great pains to do things by the letter of international law.

It has top quality diplomats and statesmen like Zarif. It wishes to trade with the world, be accepted by the world while retaining sovereignty and way of life. IT complied with the original stipulation of the nuke deal for a choose a bitcoin wallet after US pulled out, and with the introductions of US sanctions, Choose a bitcoin wallet countries pulled out of deals and trade with Iran.

Even now Iran is still within the terms of the nuke deal as the are stipulations choose a bitcoin wallet what can be done if a party pulls out or does not abide by the deal. Iranian government for choose a bitcoin wallet first day or so where sure the plane had come down due to technical problems.

When they found it had been shot down as their enemies were choose a bitcoin wallet, it was a major blow. Those few days of denying it had been shot down undone much of the painstaking diplomatic work they had accomplished over a decade or so.



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