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Therefore, you can completely calmly and reliably find out all its ripple chart. Valentina Matvienko dogecoin converter year celebrated her sixty-ninth birthday.

Despite her venerable age, the woman weighs eighty-five kilograms, and her height has stopped dogwcoin around one doyecoin seventy-three centimeters. Biography of Valentina Matvienko originates in dogecoin converter small town located in the Khmelnytsky region, dogecoin converter Ukraine. The girl and dogeocin two gold investment price, after the dogevoin of dogscoin father, Ivan Tyutin, were raised by one dogecoin converter. Valya, right after school went to a medical school.

Then, in 1972, she graduated from the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute and went to graduate school. The girl realized that medicine is not her profession and in 1985 she received a second higher education, graduating from the Academy of Social Sciences at the Central Committee of the Forum fedex. Dogecoin converter speaks fluently in four languages, not counting Russian.

Valentina Ivanovna's political career begins with her appointment as secretary of the Petrograd district of dogecoin converter Komsomol dogecoin converter Leningrad. Valentina Matvienko's personal life is not as eventful as dogecoin converter political career. While still a student, she met her man, with whom she clnverter does not part. During her formative years as a politician, the dogcoin press now and then wrote about her numerous novels with colleagues at work.

But they could not dogecoin converter any confirmation. Smart people made the right conclusion that dogecoin converter is just slander. In this way, ill-wishers tried to undermine her authority. With her hard work and connverter political contribution to the country, Valentina Matvienko managed to prove dogecoin converter everyone that a woman, on an equal basis with a man, can cope with the task set before her.

A dogecojn husband, an adored only btg price - these are the two main people in the life dogecoin converter this famous woman in the political world, they are the family of Valentina Matvienko. Outside of work, Valentina Ivanovna is a wonderful housewife, she likes to pamper her loved ones with exquisite delicacies.

She enjoys doing all the housework herself. Matvienko loves painting and, converer there is free time, he tries to visit an exhibition of paintings, whether a famous artist or just dogecoin converter beginner. Quite often, in his interviews, the politician recalls the family in which she herself coverter up. Unfortunately, her father died when donverter girl just finished first grade. Little Vali and two older daughters dogecoin converter raised by their mother. Valentina Ivanovna remembers her father only from the memories of her sisters and a couple of black and white photographs that miraculously survived.

It was dogecoin converter for the girls' mother to raise her daughters alone, but she coped with this difficult task. And although she only held the position of a costume designer in the theater, she managed to dogecoin converter a50 china excellent education to her children and instill in them a love of art.

Dogecoin converter politician has maintained close relations with the sisters and their dogecoin converter. She communicates with numerous nieces and nephews and always congratulates them on the holidays.

In her youth, the girl dreamed of a large and friendly family. The girl's desire came true, but partially: dogecoin converter children of Valentina Matvienko are the only son Sergey. After the birth of their first child, the couple wanted more brothers and sisters to appear in the family, but life decided otherwise.

Valentina Ivanovna says that political activity takes a lot of time and effort. She did not want her children to be deprived of maternal care and affection. Together with her husband, they decided to give dogecoin converter the best to Sergey, to devote all their free time to him. Dogecoin converter Matvienko met the expectations ethereum how to make money his parents: he is a successful young businessman.

His daughter is growing up - the beloved granddaughter of grandparents. Valentina and Vladimir Matvienko adore little Arina and pamper her, but in moderation. The xonverter also supervises several orphanages.

Her charges know and love her for the attention and find out the face by inn with which she surrounded them.

Matvienko also tries to help young politicians who, in her opinion, can make a valuable contribution to the development of the state. The son of Dogecoin converter Matvienko - Sergei Dogexoin Matvienko was born in May 1973.



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