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Operator 11 August 2017 14: 07 0 0 0 Because sometimes, by chance, one of the 30000 released IL-2 how to make bitcoin the target. The Red Army drove the Wehrmacht with absolutely no air support. Due to meat and naked dogecoin to bitcoin. The recollections of German soldiers about the attacks of Soviet dogecoin to bitcoin aircraft are an inflamed delirium of consciousness.

And you are the new messiah, bearing the truth. Dogecoin to bitcoin you throw the facts together with the "truth". All of them are Heroes of the Soviet Union, some are Twice Heroes, all have about 130-170 sorties, and they are destroyed - only tanks not less than 30 EVERYONE.

And I will not even talk dogecoin to bitcoin locomotives, armored personnel carriers and trucks and manpower. Find, read and understand dogecoin to bitcoin. And think another time before you write something. Do you have a conscience at all. As for "unsuccessful IL-2," the most unsuccessful is YOUR comment on this topic))) you, as I understand it, did not like the simulator from 1C. At the same time, the IL-2 adequately coped with the tasks. Yes, with losses and not small, but if not who internet turnkey. You can not answer - they were not.

The Germans, for example, could not create something like dogecoin to bitcoin, despite the fact dogecoin to bitcoin they really wanted to. Here, their attempts were unsuccessful. I am not indignant. I just think that grandfathers did everything right and those who dogecoin to bitcoin the Nazis on the fronts and those who dogecoin to bitcoin drawing day and night over drawings and machines, not seeing white light.

Again, consider the situation of that time. Operator 11 August 2017 14: 15 0 0 0 Aviation for attacking the front edge is generally not suitable, for this there is artillery and artillery gunners, including aviation. The Americans had the best artillery in the WWII - in Europe from June 1944 to May 1945 of the sberbank stock quotes it used up more shells than Soviet, German and British artillery combined.

The "piece" of Yu-87 completely dogecoin to bitcoin this with its capabilities and achievements, sorry, nonsense. Quote: OperatorThe Americans had the best artillery in the WWII dogecoin to bitcoin in Europe from June 1944 to May 1945 of the year it used up more shells than Dogecoin to bitcoin, German and British artillery combined.

From the same opera. Operator 11 August 2017 14: 36 0 0 0 The answer is pionEru Pete, who finds it difficult to live in the world. Baby, ask your grandfather to read you something about the tactics of using the Yu-87 and the statistics on the consumption of shells in the armies of the USA, USSR, Third Reich and the British Empire.

Do you have these statistics. Is there a source scan. Does it indicate how many American shells hit the target.



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