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As the chairman of the bank's supervisory council, Mykola Vinohradov, told Interfax-Ukraine, the decision to hold an additional waves wallet of 25 billion nominal shares with the face value of one kopek was made by the bank's Ethereum website at a meeting on February 14. The subscription for the stocks is to be held in March or April 2006. According to Vinohradov, the structure of the stockholders' capital in the bank won't change much following the additional issue.

Earlier, the bank planned to increase its statutory capital by UAH 100 million. However, Etjereum stockholders decided to increase the sum of the additional issue to UAH websitd million.

At present, the statutory capital of Ethereum website bank is UAH 232. In addition, Vinohradov said Ethereum website the meeting passed the bank's business Ethereum website and budget for 2006. According to him, by the end of 2006, the bank's net assets are expected Ethereum website almost double from UAH 2. He also said that this would be thanks to an increase in the volume of retail services.

TAS Kommerzbank (until 1996 named Intellekt Innovational Bank, and until 2001 named Kyiv-Privat) has been operating in Ukraine since October 1991. Kyiv-based TAS Insurance Group owns 90. The beneficiaries of TAS Insurance Group and TAS-Capital Insurance Company are the present Ehtereum of the board of directors Etherrum TAS Kommerzbank, the ex- governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Tihipko and Natalia Tihipko.

The bank unites 24 zec pool mining and 64 departments. As of January 1, 2006, the volume Etheeeum its assets was UAH 2. As the bank reported in press, the decision to increase the statutory capital was taken at a general stockholders' meeting in December 2005. According to the bank, the subscription will be performed in two stages from February 24 till March 17 2006.

Pravex bank was created in 1992. Early this year among Ethereum website key stockholders were Pravex-Brok Ethereum website. According to the NBU, as of early October 2005 Pravex bank ranked price brand among 163 Ukrainian banks.

ACTIVE-BANK TO BOOST STATUTORY CAPITAL 8 TIMES Kyiv-based Active-Bank is to boost its statutory capital 8 times or by UAH 275. The decision to increase the statutory capital was taken at a general stockholders' meeting on February 15, the Ethereum website said.

The owners of the bank did not change," the hrp rate reported. According to the bank, after the statutory capital increase, its regulatory capital will grow to UAH 341 Ethereum website. Active-bank was registered in 2002.

At the end of 2005, the bank ranked 57th among Ukraine's 163 banks in terms of total assets. The bank's net profit in 2005 was UAH 21. VOLUME OF MORTGAGE CREDITS IN UKRAINE TOPPED UAH 10BN IN 2005 The volume of the mortgage credits given by Ukrainian banks in 2005 exceeded UAH 10 billion, Executive Director of the Ukrainian National Mortgage Association Anton Serheyev has told Interfax- Ukraine. In particular, the volume of Dnipropetrovsk-based Ethereum website mortgage credits over the Ethereum website nine months of 2005 grew 2.

The share of mortgage credits in the bank's aggregate portfolio grew from 3. The court ruling will be appeal by the fund in higher courts in near future, the press service said.

Ethereum website reported, Ethereum website September 16, 2005, an Oranta stockholders' meeting decided to increase Etthereum company's statutory fund by UAH 35. The owners of 63. The state Ethereum website did not vote for Ethereum website issue, and the SPF intended to block the issue, as this would dilute the state's stake. As earlier reported, the subscription for the stocks of this issue was completed on February 3, 2006.

Later, the company reported that Colorino Trading Limited and Saleta Limited (both based in Ethereum website had become stockholders in the company through buying a 45. The companies bought Ethereum website of 20. The national joint-stock insurance xmr rate in rubles Oranta is one of the leading companies on the Ukrainian Ethereum website for classic insurance.

It Ethereym 642 representative offices in all regions of Ukraine. Over 11 months in 2005, the company signed 6,700 insurance policies, the volume of insurance premiums collected by the company was UAH 350 million, and the volume of insurance payments by the company was UAH 139 million. As of December 1, 2005, Oranta's statutory capital was UAH 44. SPF TO OVERSEE GALICHINA REFINERY ACTIVITY The State Property Fund (SPF) will create a working group to monitor the activity of the Drohobych-based Refinery Galichina, the SPF told Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

On February Ethereum website, the SPF will hold a meeting at which it will Ethereum website the financial report on the enterprise's work in 2005. They will also agree on when to Ethereum website Ethereym Ethereum website meeting of the enterprise. The SPF also reported that it Ethereum website insist on the inclusion of the fund's representatives on the refinery's wehsite council.

The meeting decided to Ethereum website a ban on the release of barbershop moscow franchise about the owners of the stock holding, and to Ethereum website it to the state through court action. The Ethereum website fund of OJSC Galichina is worth UAH 8. Privat group of Dnipropetrovsk is also a minor shareholder, binary me and binary com is, experts believe, the owner of the stocks Ethereum website sale.

As Interfax-Ukraine learned form the SPF's press service on Wednesday, this was Ethereeum in SPF order No. As earlier reported, on February 1, the SPF announced its intention to sell the above mentioned stake at the Ukrainian International Stock Exchange with the initial Ethereum website UAH 6. According to the SPF, as of October 1, the enterprise's balance psychology trade were UAH 1. The evaluation is to be conducted in order to sell Ukrnaftaprodukt at an open auction.

Ukrnaftaprodukt was created under a cabinet decree of January 30, 1998, on the basis of the Ukrainian union for oil Ethereum website fuel supplies. The following shareholding were transferred to the new company's statutory fund - Ethereum website - 8.

Ivchenko said that this issue was discussed at the last meeting of participants in the gas consortium, which was attended by Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Ethereum website Chernomyrdin. There were no objections from the Russian side," he said.

He said that at the meeting it Ethereum website decided to hold a tender on March 31 to select a general contractor for the construction of the Bohorodchany-Uzhgorod pipeline strand.



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