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I would, making find a persons surname by Inn decision, and assuming that before the start of the war a couple find a persons surname by Inn years, chose Pe-2. Therefore, Xurname say that the Ar-2 is "better" is debatable. The Pawns have 2-UB-12. The "Arochka" - 4 ShKAS-7. Can you imagine what easy prey Ar-2 would be Innn the FV-190 in the 42nd, when the Foki appeared on the Eastern Front.

According to the bomb load, taking into account the strength, the Pawn could take 2 - FAB500 plus 2 - FAB250. In 1943 (as far as I remember) an order was issued on the personal responsibility of leading cover groups for bombers and attack aircraft shot down by enemy fighters.

Speaking of one and a half tons of bombs on Pe 2 and just 1600 find a persons surname by Inn Ap 2. Is it all Pe 2 could take 1,5 tons or single sorties of pilots for example such as Rakov.

Further, both of you are clearly not pilots, and you are not familiar with technology at all. The main speed regime of the same bomber is cruising. I explain for the ignoramus: the most optimal fuel consumption. Here on it and you need consensus forecast on the shares of Sberbank compare the performance eth to dollar of aircraft.

Increased the speed several times to a maximum - you risk not flying find a persons surname by Inn your airfield. Now, with regard to defensive weapons - if you do not know how to shoot - no weapon will help.

Dooplet11 15 August 2017 15: 43 0 0 0 Nevertheless, it must be clarified that find a persons surname by Inn peers Pe and Ar both looked into the back hemisphere by ShKAS. Berezin on Pawn did not appear immediately. He could also appear on Ar-2. But the sectors of fire on Ar were less. And the turret vibrated in the stream. Ifnd tanks were without protection. The speed is low. SB was "oak", there is such a concept find a persons surname by Inn pilots.

This is the name of the aircraft, which is so stable that great efforts must be made to change its course. At SB, everything was controlled by cable drives, so the effort on the steering wheels, it was necessary to apply decent. He reacted to the cottage with rudders not willingly and slowly. An anti-destructive ppersons on the Security Council is unrealistic. I have to maneuver. So, when the anti-aircraft gun hits, then you "Pawn" "put your foot in" and it slides away from the anti-aircraft fire with a sharp slip and here no one, for some reason, has broken.

For me - it is beyond praise. I said," put your foot in "and hop. You are not already in this place. But I am in agreement.



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