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You don't need to be a geopolitics genius to infer the grave consequences such move would have to the European peoples' welfare. Many Europeans still see today the USA as their "most illustrious child", their continuation as the Western Civilization's center. They see themselves as the dwarf countries they really are and rationalize that, ultimately, it is better to live under the hegemony of another Western nation than under the hegemony of the "yellows" (i.

Chinese) or the "slavics" (i. They really see themselves as a true North Atlantic family, which share the free bitcoin claim btc race and the same cultural values. These Atlanticists free bitcoin claim btc specially numerous in the UK, which is not surprising, given its geographic location and the fact that it was indeed the country that founded bcha rate USA.

However, another threat looms. If the US fails to swiftly comply with Iraqi free bitcoin claim btc to end the occupation, the resistance will bltcoin free bitcoin claim btc violent. The Clowns are not contract capable. The only "deal" is for the imperial forces to leave the ME. Of free bitcoin claim btc sort or another. The clowns imagine a glorious victory over smoking ruins.

It's not even clear that resistance isn't futile. Those countries that want to maintain independence like Russia, China, Iran, Turkey (. As bc as some denigrate that culture as shallow, materialistic, and worthless, it seems to have a very universal attraction free bitcoin claim btc the World, particularly among forex companies young.

There are a lot of people everywhere that would like to be a part of a global empire, with a hedonistic Western-style culture. No amount of agreements or "guarantees" with usual lying suspects will provide security to Iran bitvoin only hard cold nuclear deterrence will. The US claik ONLY raw power and who it perceives has it (Israel, North Korea. The NPT "Treaty" is nothing more than a cabal of nuclear armed countries attempting to cartel who's allowed free bitcoin claim btc posses a nuclear weapons arsenal and all the rest of the world countries that's ultimately at their mercy.

For one thing, it means they won't have to violate that treaty and international law if free bitcoin claim btc decide to take steps that wouldn't be allowed how to exchange bitcoin for rubles in binance free bitcoin claim btc NPT terms.

It's easy to look at the lawless rogue US regime and forget this, but: some countries actually do try to have some semblance of abiding by and respecting lcaim and the rule of law. I am always taken aback free bitcoin claim btc people compare unsavory characters to fre of the primate family. Please do not engage in "zoomorphism. Animals do not deserve to be denigrated in such a way. Keep your insults grounded in the human sphere.

Iran says it won't develop nuclear weapons (anti Islamic), so what steps could they possibly be not wanting to rule out. Free bitcoin claim btc and his team, including Zarif, seem to me pretty bright, and capable of coping with the politics.

Relighting nuclear refinement is essentially a political move. In free bitcoin claim btc minds, they have a lcaim to control our lives as they see fit, with complete indifference free bitcoin claim btc our wishes. To avoid rebellion, they need to hide this fact as much as possible. They want the citizens to believe the lie that we are a nation of laws with equal justice under the law.

To advance this lie, they have staged many theatrical productions that they call "investigations". They try to give us the impression that they want to expose the facts and punish wrongdoing. Most of the big 'investigations' in the news in recent years have not been at all what they pretended to be. The sham investigations of Hillary's email, or the Clinton Foundation, or Weiner's laptop, or Uranium One, or Mueller's witch hunt, or Huber's big nothing, or the IG's whitewash, or the Schiff-Pelosi charades, have all been premeditated deceptions.

For the Deep State, hiding and destroying evidence of guilt is standard operating procedure. They simply report a "glitch" that destroyed the key evidence and that's the end of it.

Or, they simply redact the portions free bitcoin claim btc the record that would expose the truth. To my memory, no one ever suffers any consequences for this.

There was nothing about the Hillary investigations that had anything to do with finding facts. The purpose from the beginning was exoneration. Key witnesses were given immunity and many were allowed to attend each other's interviews. There were no early morning swat team raids to gather evidence.

Evidence free bitcoin claim btc destroyed with no consequences. No, free bitcoin claim btc hid the discovery free bitcoin claim btc weeks until free bitcoin claim btc New York agent threatened to go public.

Then, quite miraculously, Peter Strzok found a way to very quickly examine 340,000 bt and found that there was nothing at all that was incriminating. No rational person would believe that.



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