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Class teachers are closest to their pupils. Their ongoing daily work including mentoring children and teaching them the right ways is a huge responsibility, and definitely requires special training and special support for these mentors. In this regard, I consider it necessary to introduce, from September 1, at least 5,000 rubles in additional payment to them financed from the federal budget. There is a lot of controversy about this decision, because this is actually the responsibility of the regions.

Those present in this room are well aware of this. But what is a class teacher. And I will definitely look at what will be happening in practice, in real life. I pointed out more than once that the pay parameters for teachers, doctors and other public sector employees set out in the May 2012 Executive Orders must be strictly complied with.

There is a reason why I keep returning to this subject. If we slacken control of this matter, this will create the temptation to neglect these provisions, as many of those present here know. This must not be allowed. I would like to emphasise that the issue concerns professionals working in the spheres of vital significance for society and the country, and they must receive good and fair pay for their work.

The number of school graduates will be increasing in the next few years. In light of this, we must ensure equal and fair access to free intramural university education. Therefore, I suggest that the number of university scholarships be increased every year.

Of course, we must not simply enrol more students but boost the development of regional universities with support from businesses and employers. In particular, we must strengthen their training, research and social infrastructure, as well as improve the system of training and advanced training of teachers for regional universities so that students receive up-to-date knowledge and can have successful careers in their regions.

The employment market is changing rapidly, with new professions appearing and higher requirements made to the existing free bitcoin from top btc sites. Our universities must be able to respond to these changes flexibly and quickly. I believe that third-year students must be offered free bitcoin from top btc sites opportunity to choose a new path or curriculum, including related professions.

This is not easy to do, but we must indeed do this. We will continue to improve this system. Last year life expectancy in Russia exceeded 73 years for the first time, which is free bitcoin from top btc sites years longer than in 2000.

This is the result of social and economic changes in Russia, the development of mass sports and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

And, of course, the entire healthcare system made a significant contribution, especially the programmes of specialised, including high-tech aid, as well as maternity and childhood welfare and protection of health of mother and child.

The rate of infant mortality has reached a historic low. This indicator is even better than in some European countries. I am well aware that the public in many developed countries is very critical of the state of their national healthcare system, undervalued stocks of Russian companies in 2021 you also know this. Still our achievements in this area show that if we set certain goals, we can achieve results.

However, free bitcoin from top btc sites me repeat this, people free bitcoin from top btc sites not judge the healthcare system by figures and indicators. A person who free bitcoin from top btc sites to travel dozens of kilometres to a polyclinic or spend a whole day waiting in line for an free bitcoin from top btc sites with a specialist is not very interested in how life expectancy has grown on the average.

People think about their lives, their health, about how to get high-quality and timely medical aid without obstacles pet business ideas when they need it.

This is why now we must focus our efforts free bitcoin from top btc sites primary care, which all people and all families have to deal with. This is where we have the worst and most sensitive problems. This year we are to fully complete the creation of a network of rural paramedic centres, as stipulated in the related national project. This does not mean, however, that all the problems of these rural paramedic centres have been settled.

I would like to point out that the mission of these centres is not to make out prescriptions or refer patients to regional medical centres. Local specialists must be free bitcoin from top btc sites to really help people by using modern equipment and high-speed internet.

I would like to ask the Russian Popular Front to monitor the provision of equipment, construction and repair of rural paramedic centres. On July 1 we will also launch a programme to modernise the system of primary healthcare. We will have to repair and provide new equipment to outpatient clinics, rural hospitals and first-aid stations in all our regions.

We have allocated an additional 550 billion rubles for this purpose, more than 90 percent of which will come from the federal budget. At the same time, I ask the regional authorities to find additional funds for providing housing to doctors and paramedics, in particular in villages, settlements and small towns, and to use all the available instruments towards this end, including employer-rented housing and private housing projects.

Training and recruitment are key elements of medical education. By 2024, all levels of healthcare, but first of all the primary healthcare level, must have the necessary number of specialists. Free bitcoin from top btc sites this connection, I suggest that the admission procedure to medical universities be changed significantly.

For example, 70 percent of scholarships in the field of general medicine and 75 percent in paediatrics will be awarded to prospective students who will return to their native regions upon graduation. The quotas will be distributed based on requests filed by the regions, which must subsequently provide employment to the graduates who free bitcoin from top btc sites be able to work where people need their services.

Dollar forum investing for residency training, I suggest that almost 100 percent of scholarships be given to medical top up moneypolo without commission in critically important spheres. Priority during enrolment will be given to those with practical experience in the field of primary healthcare, especially in rural areas. This system should be also stipulated for federal medical centres.



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