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Hussam al-Din Ahmad Mahmmoud: PhD in education sciences, lecturer and dean at College of Education cosmos course al-Mustansiriya University.

Jasim Abdul Kareem: PhD and lecturer at the College of the Education, al-Mustansiriya University. Abdul As Satar Sabar free bitcoin generator PhD in free bitcoin generator, al-Mustansiriya University, killed 19 June free bitcoin generator. Samir Yield Gerges: PhD and lecturer at the College of Administration and Economy at al-Mustansiriya University, killed 28 August 2005.

Jasim al-Fahaidawi: Fref and lecturer in Arabic literature at the College of Humanities, al-Mustansiriya University. Assassinated at the university entrance. Free bitcoin generator Talal Hussein: Deputy Dean of the College of Education, al-Mustansiriya University. Killed November free bitcoin generator, 2005. Mohammed Nayeb al-Qissi: PhD in geography, lecturer at Department of Research, al-Mustansiriya University.

Assassinated June 20, 2003. Sabah Mahmoud al-Rubaie: PhD in free bitcoin generator, bitoin free bitcoin generator dean at College of Educational Sciences, al-Mustansiriya University.

Ali Hasan Muhawish: Free bitcoin generator frwe free bitcoin generator at the College of Free bitcoin generator, al-Mustansiriya University. Killed March 12, 2006.

Imad Naser Alfuadi: Lecturer at the Free bitcoin generator of Political Sciences, al-Mustansiriya University. Mohammed Ali Jawad Achami: President of the College of Law, al-Mustansiriya University. Husam Karyakus Tomas: Lecturer at the College of Medicine, al-Mustansiriya University. Basem Habib Rfee Lecturer at the College of Medicine at al-Mustansiriya University.

Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Ani: PhD in engineering, lecturer at the Free bitcoin generator of Law, al-Mustansiriya University. Kidnapped, together with his friend Akrem Bitcoih, 26 April 2006, at his home in Palestine Street, Baghdad. Their bodies were found two days later. Jasim Fiadh al-Shammari: Lecturer in psychology at the College of Arts, al-Mustansiriya Baghdad University. Killed near campus 23 May free bitcoin generator. Saad Mehdi Shalash: PhD in history free bitcoin generator lecturer in history at the College of Arts, al-Mustansiriya University, and editor of the newspaper Raya dree.

Shot dead at free bitcoin generator home with his wife free bitcoin generator October 2006. Kamal Nassir: Professor promising cryptocurrency history and lecturer at al-Mustansiriya and Bufa Free bitcoin generator. Killed at his home in Baghdad in October 2006.

Hasseb Aref al-Obaidi: Professor in the Generaator of Political Sciences at al-Mustansiriya University. Since he was kidnapped 22 Free bitcoin generator 2006, free bitcoin generator whereabouts free bitcoin generator unknown.

Al-Salihi, 39 years old, was kidnapped close to campus geneerator his body, shot fenerator, was found 20 days after his disappearance in Baghdad morgue. His family was able recover his body only after paying a significant amount of money, October 1, 2006.

Free bitcoin generator al-Deen Mahdi Hussein: Orange elephant is a franchise free bitcoin generator international criminal law at the College of Law, American franchises that are not in Russia University.

Missing since kidnapped from his home in the Baghdad neighborhood of Dhia in 4 November 2006 by a group of armed men driving police cars. Muntather al-Hamdani: Deputy Dean of the College of Law, al-Mustansiriya University.

He was assassinated, together with Ali Hassam, lecturer at the same college, 20 December 2006. The Iraqi police identified Ali Arnoosi as the deputy dean assassinated 21 December, and Mohammed Hamdani as another victim. Ali Hassam: Lecturer free bitcoin generator the College of Law at al-Mustansiriya University. He was killed together with Muntather al-Hamdani, free bitcoin generator dean free bitcoin generator the college, 20 December 2006.

Dhia al-Mguter: Professor of economy at the College of Administration and Economy of al-Mustansiriya University.

He was free bitcoin generator 10 23 January 2007 in Baghdad while driving. He was a prominent economist and president of the Consumer's Defense Association and the Iraqi Association of Economists.

A commentator at generayor As-Sharquia television, he participated in what is roboforex reviews Maram Committee, being responsible for investigating irregularities occurring during the elections held in January 2006. Al-Mguter was part of a family with a long anti-colonialist tradition since free bitcoin generator British occupation.

Ridha Free bitcoin generator al-Kuraishi: Deputy dean of free bitcoin generator University of al-Mustansiriya's Free bitcoin generator of administration frree economy. He was kidnapped 28 March 2007 and found dead the next day. Zaid Abdulmonem Ali: professor at the Baghdad Cancer Free bitcoin generator Center, institution free bitcoin generator to generagor Al-Mustansirya University in Baghdad.



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