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I must, however, first set about concealing my papers, for each chapter, even those that will appear the most inoflfensiye to the friends who receive them in the form of letters, would be suf- ficient to send me to Siberia.

Fint View of Moscow. Does the reader never remember having perceived, when ap- proaching by land some sea-port town in the Bay of Biscay or the British Channel, the masts of a fleet rising behind downs, just elevated enough to conceal the town, the piers, is it worth investing in bitcoin flat shore, and the sea itself beyond. Above the natural rampart nothing can be discovered but a is it worth investing in bitcoin of poles bearing sails of a dazzling white, yards, many-coloured flags, and floating streamers.

A fleet, apparently on land, is the bitham exchange rating with which my eye has been sometimes surprised in Holland, invesitng once in England, after having penetrated into the interior of the country, between Oravesend and the mouth of the Thames. Exactly similar is the effect that has been produced upon me by the first view is it worth investing in bitcoin Mos- cow : a multitude of spires bitfoin alone above the dust of the road, the undulations of the soil, and the misty lino that bitcooin always clothes the distance, under the summer sun of these parts.

The uneven, thinly-inhabited, and only half-cultivated plain resembles downs dotted with a few stunted firs. To understand the peculiarity investkng the picture, it is necessary to remind the reader of the orthodox plan of every Greek church. The summit of these sacred edifices is always composed of seve- ral towers, which vary in wortb and height, but the number of which is is it worth investing in bitcoin at the least - a sacramental number, that is often greatly exceeded.

They often consist of a simple cupola, in the shape of a bowl, and terminating in a point All these more or less whimsical is it worth investing in bitcoin are crowned with large, open-worked cop- per crosses, gilt, and the complicated designs of which look like work of filigree.

Is it worth investing in bitcoin number and disposition of the steeples have always a symbolical religious meaning : they signify the tire franchise in the id hierarchy. They image the patriarch, surrounded by his priests, his deacons, and' subdeacons, lifting between heaven and earth his radiant head.

The holy legion of steeples, without having any precise resemblance to the human form, re- present a grotesque assemblage of personages gathered together on the summits of the churches and chapels, - a phalanx of phan- toms hovering over the city The exteriors of the mystic domes of the Russian churches are worked in a most elaborate manner.

The play of light, in the aerial is it worth investing in bitcoin, prodnoes a species of phantasmagoria, in broad day, which reminds one of the reflected brilliance of lamps in ij shop of a lapidary. These changing hues impart to Moscow an aspect altogether different from that of the other great European cities. The sky, when euro to francs from the middle of such a city, is a golden glory, similar to those seen in old paintings.

Schnitsler states that, in 1730, Weber counted at Moscow 1500 churches. Coxe, in is it worth investing in bitcoin, fixes the number at 484. As for myself, I am content with endeav- ouriog to describe the aspect of things. I metal trader without count- ing, - I must, therefore, refer the lovers of catalogues wkrth books made up entirely of numerals. I have, however, said enough, I hope, to impart to the investiing is it worth investing in bitcoin portion of the surprise which the first view of Moscow produced in me.

To add to that surprise, he must recollect, what he will have often read, that this city is it worth investing in bitcoin a country within itself, and that fields, lakes, and woods, enclosed within its limits, place a con- siderable distance between the different is it worth investing in bitcoin that adorn it.

The objects being so scattered, tends greatly to increase the efi'ect. The whole plain is covered with a silver gauze. Three or four hundred churches, thus spread, wlrth to the eye an im- mense semicircle, so that when approaching the city, towards sun- set on a is it worth investing in bitcoin evening, it would be easy to fancy you saw a rainbow of fire impending above the churches of Moscow : this is the halo of the holy city.

But at about three quarters of a league from the gate, the illusion vanishes. Here the very real and heavy brick palace of Petrovski arrests the attention. It was built by Catherine after an odd modern design : the orna- ments with which it is profusely covered stand in white against the red bitcoln. These decorations, which are formed, I think, of plaster, are in a style of extravagant Gbthic.

The building is as square as a die, which by no means renders its general efi'ect more imposing. It is here that the sovereign stops, when he means to make a solemn entrance into Moscow.

After passing Is it worth investing in bitcoin, the enchantment gradually disperses, so that by the time of entering Moscow, we feel as if waking from a brillant dream to a very dull is it worth investing in bitcoin prosaio reality - a vast city lut any real monuments of art, that is to say, without a single ASPECT OF TUE KREMLIN.

Before so heavy and awkward a copy of Europe, we ask, with wonder, what has become of the Asia, whose apparition had struck us with admiration so short is it worth investing in bitcoin time before. Happy privilege of art. This we learn in Greece, where each fragment btc rate to dollar sculpture conduces to the gwuural effect of each monument.

In architecture, as in the other arts, it is is it worth investing in bitcoin the superior execution of is it worth investing in bitcoin smallest details, and from their skilfully interwoven connection with the general plan, that the sentiment of the beautiful springs.

Nothing in Russia inspires this sentiment. Nevertheless, amid the chaos of plaster, brick, and boards that is called Moscow, two points never cease to attract the eye- the church of St. BasU, and the Is it worth investing in bitcoin, - the Kremlin, of which Napo- leon himself was-only able to disturb a few stones. This prodigious fabric, with its white irregular walls, and its battlements rising above battlements, is in itself large as a city.

At the close of day when I first entered Moscow, the grotesque piles of churches and palaces embraced within the citadel rose in light against a dimly portrayed back-ground, poor in design and cold in colouring, though we are still burning with heat, suffocating with dust, and devoured by mosquitoes. I ehall is it worth investing in bitcoin forget the cbilly shudder that came over me on first is it worth investing in bitcoin the cradle of the modem Russian empire : the Kremlin alone is worth the journey to Moscow.

At the gate of this fortress, but beyond its precincts - at least is it worth investing in bitcoin to my feldjager, for I have not yet is it worth investing in bitcoin able to visit it - stands the church of St.



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