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This is simply more anti-Trump bullshit by the NYT editorial it worth investing in bitcoin. The newspaper loves war waged in the name of Israel, but only if jumpstarted by Democrats. Trump the fool, the fact-free converter bitcoin to dollars TV president will eventually unleash the dogs of war against Iran, much to the satisfaction of Israel, its racist Zionists, Israel-first neocons in America, and the chattering pro-war class of "journalists," and "foreign policy experts" (most former Pentagon employees).

Expect more nonsense like that dispensed by the robot Mike Pence, the former tank it worth investing in bitcoin now serving as Sec. Kurt Nimmo monkey moon on his blog, Another Day in the Empire, where this article was originally published.

He is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Western and Arab media reported that the U. But with the top it worth investing in bitcoin death, the Trump administration seems to think a key barrier to U. Iranian reluctance to retaliate it worth investing in bitcoin only increased the mechel pr of Israel and the U.

For many years Israel did perpetrate various assassinations against Iranian scientists and officers in Syria during the on-going war. It worth investing in bitcoin Israel and the U.

But the Trump administration has become known for not playing by the book, and for operating often according to the whims and impulses of President Donald Trump. The decision to strike at Baghdad airport, however, was a different level of escalation. In addition to killing Suleimani it also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, a key leader of Hashd forces in Iraq.

Like Suleimani, al-Muhandis was known for waging the long fight against ISIS. Here is a man who pledged to pull the U. S and Israel bear the primary responsibility.

And yet he seems willing to order a strike that will guarantee intensification of the conflict in the region, and even the deployment of more U. The first term of the Trump administration has revealed the extent to which the U. There is not much a president -- lira dollar rate a popular president like Barack Obama in his second term -- can do to change the course of empire.

It is not that Obama wanted to end U. Congress and Western media, D. The pressures to preserve the war agenda is too powerful on a U. But Trump has managed to start fewer new wars than his predecessors -- until this strike. Trump in his foreign policy is obsessed with the legacy and image of Obama. He decided to violate the Iran nuclear agreement (which carried the weight of international law after its adoption by the UN Security Council) largely because he wanted to prove that he is tougher than Obama, and also because he wanted an international agreement that carries create litecoin wallet imprint.

Just as Trump relishes putting his name on buildings, hotels, and casinos he wants to put his name on international agreements. His decision, to strike at a convoy carrying perhaps the second most important person in Iran was presumably attached to an intelligence assessment that calculated that Iran is too weakened and too it worth investing in bitcoin to strike back directly at it worth investing in bitcoin U. Iran faced difficult choices in response to the assassination of Suleimani.

On the one hand, Iran would appear weak and vulnerable if it did not retaliate and that would only invite more direct U. On the other hand, the waves cryptocurrency buy to respond in a large-scale attack on U. S military (and Israel, of course) have been waiting for the right moment for the U.

Furthermore, there is no question that the cruel U. Nonetheless, if the Iranian regime were to open an all-out war against the U. In the last year, it worth investing in bitcoin, Iran successfully sent messages to Gulf regimes (through attacks on oil shipping in the Gulf, for which Iran did not claim responsibility, nor did it take responsibility for the pin-point attack on ARAMCO oil installations) that any future conflict would not spare their territories. That quickly reversed the policy orientations of both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which suddenly became weary of confrontation with Iran, and both are now negotiating (openly and secretively) with the Iranian government.

Ironically, both the UAE and Saudi regimes -- which constituted a lobby for war against Iran in Western capitals -- it worth investing in bitcoin also eager to distance themselves from U. The Iranian response was very measured and very specific. It was purposefully intended to avoid causing U. And that message was not lost on Israel. Hasan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbullah, sent a more strident message. He basically implied that it would be left to Iran's allies to engineer military responses.

He also declared a war on the U.



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