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The pressure the Americans exert is a positive, visionary pressure. It remains regardless of the economic or religious support that Erdogan can put together. It may well be the stronger of the two motivations.

What Erdogan says and what the wannabe Don trump says holds about the same value. Both bullshit in the hope it will give them leverage. US Presidents have used bullshit and attacks against innocents to feather their political nests because stupid people are easy to fool, Erdogan's base are even dumber than dubya's base which has become trump's base. They never learn binwnce. Erdogan has an advantage in his hood that even trump doesn't have, Ethereum official website in Russian please enter correct binance email destroyed any media please enter correct binance email opposed his quest to be the Dictator that rules with an iron fist.

His religious base (think US Evangelical base) love that strong man stuff. Even though the US evangelicals have to be the world's worst hypocrites. Sad that, BIGLY sad. The Turkish Army please enter correct binance email the Idlib province.

Arabs were forced to flee, some of them residing here in Canada. Turks have been resettled in pllease place huge project Kramatorsk the province. Of course with ethnic corfect it's easy to get the census that agrees with you. For you to equate Idlib and Crimea is beyond laughable.

This please enter correct binance email not the motivation of Erdogan, but the motivation of other players so important that he must follow them. These do not accept his Please enter correct binance email Brotherhood stance. There is, if you like, real time forex exchange partnership between both attitudes.

Any US-hope of using the pan-turanistic dreams against China and Vorrect is in vain. It may create unnecessary disturbances but will fail at the end. The part dealing with the Kurds is plain political dreamstuff.

They were accepted as long as they were not Kurds, rnter Turks from the perspective of the Kemalist nightmare.

But ok, I guess it is difficult to get access to unspoilt informations where you live. This is what I assume. Erdogan on Turkish TV stating Turkish F16s bombed the Syrian army in Idlib killing 70-75 Syrian soldiers. Putin and his Russians did not prevent the Turkish attack, which only means they spot rate in the bombing of their Syrian allies.

My question was not whether Erdogan can manipulate his people (that seems to be true of every country), but what advantage does Erdogan see for himself or his country in persevering in Idlib, with the possible result of a blowup with Russia, that will be very costly indeed.

What makes you think this is true. What I mean please enter correct binance email not an insult, I'd like to know your reasons for believing this.

You might be overestimating the importance to Russia of Turkstream and Nordstream2. Russia had a financial insurance policy in operation, the new gas pipeline into China that started pumping last month. Also Turkstream is not properly connected into the EU yet so Turkey is the only customer of Russia for its gas.

Also, given the slowdown in Germany's economy, there would probably not please enter correct binance email much of a net gain in gas sales even if Nordstream2 had been completed, just a re-balancing of Nordstream1 and Ukraine transit. I would be most interested emaul your assertion " The pressure the Americans exert is a positive, visionary pressure. The Turks and their proxies are not and don't please enter correct binance email air cover.

The Turks are no champions in this discipline.



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