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I am sure that Trump's advisers and their poloinvest ru official site of playing war games on their computers might think differently. As for a major missile strike like that after Douma when only a handful of rockets hit their targets especially as Syria did not have the latest anti missile systems, there is a likelihood that not one might reach poloinvest ru official site target.

Trump's actions appear to be that of a very poor gambler trying to take desperate measures to improve his luck. I believe Hitler had great faith investing in a startup conditions his astrologer, does Trump use one.

So did the Deep State direct this fascist, racist, misogynist, jerk of epic proportions Trump to pimp for war against Iran during his campaign.

Can't see from this jerk's body language that he sees himself as a "tough guy". Did the Deep State force him to take on super neocon ex CIA director Woolsey as a foreign policy advisor during his campaign, or force him to suck up to the State of Israel in an AIPAC speech outdoing Clinton's, or suck up to the House of Saud bragging about arms sales with an effing poster, or force him to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, or poloinvest ru official site him to increase military operations in the ME including new rules of engagement making it easier for US troops to slaughter civilians, or force him to attack the Syrian regime, or force him to commit to "take poloinvest ru official site oil", or force him to name torture queen Haspel band course direct the CIA, or force him to nominate an oil tycoon as Secretary of State then replace him with torture advocate ex CIA director Pompeo, or force him to re-initiate and increase military hardware from war zones going to police departments, and the sorry list goes on that OG and other compromised "leftists" regard poor Trump being forced to do by the Deep State.

But people trying to make sense of the latest ill starred US foreign policy adventure only need to understand two things. The complete Zionist stranglehold over US politics and media. The character of the political leadership in the US (and its satellites. From a Zionist point of view, Iraq, Libya and Syria (to a lesser extent) are all a rip roaring success.

The first two are failed states that have been bombed back to the Stone Age. Syria is only slightly better off. Iran is unfinished business, the last major target on the Zionist hit list. All of this achieved by MMK investing US and its satellites providing all the money and the muscle.

US and western leadership in general is abysmal, the worst in its history. Arrogant, venal, corrupt, irredeemably ignorant, delusional, and ideologically driven, buying in to its own exceptionalist propaganda. You cannot expect policies or programmes adopted to be in any way rational or coherent. What passes for an administration in the Trump Circus consists largely of competing, mutually antagonistic factions and fiefdoms, each pursuing their own objectives and generally fighting like rats in a sack.

Trump poloinvest ru official site far from a dictator. He is more like a bewildered bystander presiding over what is at best a chaotic turf war. This is not to absolve Trump of responsibility -- if he poloinvest ru official site incapable of asserting his authority, he simply shouldn't be there.

But people like Bolton and others were foisted upon poloinvest ru official site at the behest of Adelson and Zionist interests. Bolton was openly trying to undermine him in North Korea and elsewhere. There are many ru onlinemschool com similar examples. Seditious and mutinous spooks and dirty cops were conspiring to unseat him even before he was poloinvest ru official site. In Syria, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the State Department were all following their own competing agendas, sponsoring different poloinvest ru official site groups, following different objectives.

Mid level bureaucrats like Vindman and Ioanovitch in all three organisations felt perfectly entitled to formulate and implement their own preferred policies, without poloinvest ru official site reference to the White House. I don't see much to admire in Trump. But apart from some coarse and bumptious behaviour, how does he differ from Obomber or Dubya. It's a mistake to go down the MSM rabbit hole of seeing everything in terms of personalities.

The "Deep State" isn't really a thing, its all of us, its the way that we've poloinvest ru official site trained from birth to think in terms of American exceptionalism and Cold War rivalry. Its thousands of people doing their jobs to the best of their ability and as Hannah Arendt pointed out in her poloinvest ru official site on the Banality of Evil these people are able to be the very best poloinvest ru official site very worst depending on how they're led and used.

To poloinvest ru official site end the article in the Guardian proper is very telling and points to official ethereum wallet that needs significant investigation. Mourners surround a car carrying the coffins of Iranian poloinvest ru official site commander Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi paramilitary chief Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, killed in a US air strike.

I emphasized that de-escalation is the United States' principal goal. I thanked him for his steadfast partnership. We agreed poloinvest ru official site the need for continued, close cooperation. At the same time early claims by the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Force (PMF) that the US had launched another air poloinvest ru official site against them north of Baghdad were later retracted.

According to RT:The Iraqi Army, however, later denied that an airstrike took place there. In a statement quoted by local media, the military urged everyone to be "careful" about spreading unverified information poloinvest ru official site "rumors" in the ripple price in rubles. Some of this implies an attempt on both sides (Iraq and the US at least) to pull poloinvest ru official site. But while this may be welcome it does nothing to explain why the US administration escalated in the first place, in what still looks like a suicidally self-defeating move.

I tend to agree with this. That he is in any way solely, or even directly, responsible is of course vanishingly improbable. US bitcoin price chart online don't, in real terms, have that kind of power now, if they ever did.

It's far more likely Trump just rubber stamped an action urged by Pompeo and his war-crazed backers, or even that buy bitcoins for rubles online only knew about it after it was done.

But that's just detail. But what was the venture. What the desired outcome.



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