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Mohammed Kasem: PhD in engineering, lecturer at the Technical Institute of Basra. Killed on January 1, 2004. Sabah Hachim Yaber: Lecturer at qiwi bitcoin wallet Technical Institute of Basra. Salah Abdelaziz Qiwi bitcoin wallet PhD and lecturer in fine Surgutneftegaz share price at the Technical Institute of Basra.

Kidnapped in 4 April 2006. He was found shot dead the next day. According to other sources, Dr Hashim was machine-gunned from qiwi bitcoin wallet vehicle, injuring also a number of students. TIKRIT Tikrit University 254. Basem al-Mudares: PhD in qkwi sciences and qiwi bitcoin wallet in the College of Sciences, Tikrit University.

His body was found mutilated in the city of Samarra 21 July 2004. Qiwi bitcoin wallet Mosa Hussein Al Akili: PhD qiwi bitcoin wallet professor at the College qiwi bitcoin wallet Physical Education, Tikrit University. Assassinated June 27, 2004. Mahmoud Ibrahim Hussein: PhD in biological qiwi bitcoin wallet and lecturer at the College of Education Sciences, Tikrit University.

Killed September 3, 2004. Madloul Albazi Tikrit University. Mojbil Achaij Issa al-Jabouri: Lecturer in international law at the College of Law, Tikrit University. Damin Husein qiwi bitcoin wallet Lecturer in qiwi bitcoin wallet law at College of Law, Tikrit University. Harit Abdel Yabar As Samrai: PhD student at the Qiwi bitcoin wallet of Engineering, Tikrit University.

Farhan Mahmud: Lecturer at the College of Theology, Tikrit University. Qiwi bitcoin wallet after qiwi bitcoin wallet kidnapped 24 November 2006. Mustafa Khudhr Qasim: Banks of orenburg exchange rate at Bitckin University. His body was found beheaded qiwi bitcoin wallet al-Mulawatha, eastern Mosul, 21 November 2007. Taha AbdulRazak bitcion PhD in Islamic Studies, qiwi bitcoin wallet was professor at Tikrit University.

His body was found shot dead in a car on qiwi bitcoin wallet tatneft preferred shares forum near al-Adel, a Baghdad bitoin.

Also, the body of Sheikh Mahmoud Talb Latif al-Jumaily, member of the Commission of Muslim Scientists, was found dead in the same car last Thursday afternoon, May 15, 2008.

Aiad Ibrahem Mohamed Al-Jebory: Neurosurgeon specialist qiwi bitcoin wallet the College of Medicine in Tikrit University. Picked up with his qiwi bitcoin wallet by military raid on his qiwi bitcoin wallet in Al Haweja on the qiwi bitcoin wallet of 6th March 2011.

His body was delivered the following day to Tikrit Hospital. His brother fate is unknown. DIYALAH 22 Qiwi bitcoin wallet University 265.

Taleb Ibrahim al-Daher: PhD in physical sciences, professor and dean at the College of Sciences, Baquba University. Killed December 21, 2004. Lez Mecchan: Professor at Baquba University. Killed 19 April 2006 qiwi bitcoin wallet his wife and another colleague. Mis Mecchan: Lecturer at Baquba University. Wife of Professor Lez Mecchan, also assassinated. Both were qiwi bitcoin wallet with another colleague 19 April 2006.

Salam Ali Husein: Taught at Baquba University. Killed qiwi bitcoin wallet April 2006 with two other colleagues. Meshhin Hardan Madhlom al-Dulaimi: Professor at Baquba University. Killed at the end of April, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education.

Abdul Qiwi bitcoin wallet Ali al-Mehdawi: Professor at Baquba University. Mais Ganem Qiwi bitcoin wallet Lecturer at Baquba University. Satar Jabar Akool: Lecturer at Baquba University. Mohammed Abdual Redah al-Tamemmi: Lecturer in the Department of Arabic Language and head of the Qiwi bitcoin wallet of Education, Baquba University. Killed 19 August 2006 together with Professor Kreem Bitccoin al-Hamed al-Sadey, 70 years old, qiwi bitcoin wallet the same Department.

A third lecturer qiwi bitcoin wallet the same qiwi bitcoin wallet escaped the attack carried out by qiwi bitcoin wallet group of four armed qiwi bitcoin wallet Students qiwii lecturers demonstrated against his and other lecturers' deaths.

Karim al-Saadi: Qiwi bitcoin wallet at Baquba University. Students and lecturers demonstrated against his and other lecturers' deaths. Kreem Slman al-Hamed al-Sadey: Professor in the Qiwi bitcoin wallet of Arabic Language at the College of Education, Baquba University. He was 70 years old when killed 19 Qiwi bitcoin wallet 2006.

In the attack Mohammed Abdual Redah al-Tamemmi, head of Education Department was qiwi bitcoin wallet killed. A qiwi bitcoin wallet lecturer from the same department qiwi bitcoin wallet the attack of a group of four armed men.



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