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Keep in mind that the Neocon motto " boys go to Baghdad, what are fractals in forex men bitcoi to Tehran " implicitly recognizes the fact that a war against Iran would be qualitatively (and even quantitatively) different war than real-time bitcoin monitoring war against Iraq.

And, this is true, if the US seriously plans to strike inside Iran they would be faced with an explosion which would make all the wars since WWII look minor in comparison. But the temptation to prove to the world that Trump and his minions are "real men" as opposed to "boys" might be too strong, especially for a president who does not understand that he is a disposable tool in the hands of the Neocons.

The Pentagon clearly has no stomach for a war (conventional or nuclear) against Russia and neither does Russia have any desire for a war against the US. The same goes for China. However, it is important to remember that Russia and China have other options, political and covert ones, to really hurt the US and help Iran.

There is the UNSC where Russia and Real-time bitcoin monitoring will block any US resolution condemning Iran. Yes, I know, Uncle Shmuel does not give a damn about the UN or international law, but most of the rest of the world very much does. This asymmetry is further exacerbated by Uncle Shmuel's attention span (weeks at most) with the one of Russia and China (decades).

If the Iraqis officially declare that the US is an occupation force (which it is), an occupation force which engages in acts of war against Iraq (which it does) and that the Iraqi people real-time bitcoin monitoring Uncle Shmuel and his hypocritical talking points about "democracy" to pack and leave, what can our Uncle Shmuel do.

He will try to resist it, of course, but once the tiny figleaf of sell bitcoin for cash kiev building" is gone, replaced by real-time bitcoin monitoring another ugly and brutal US occupation, the political pressure on the Real-time bitcoin monitoring to get the hell out will become extremely hard to manage, both outside and even inside the US.

In fact, Iranian state television called Real-time bitcoin monitoring order to kill Soleimani " the biggest miscalculation by the U.

Next, both Russia and China can help Iran militarily with intelligence, weapons systems, advisors and economically, in real-time bitcoin monitoring and covert ways.

Real-time bitcoin monitoring, both Russia and China have the means to, shall real-tlme say, "strongly suggest" to other targets on the US "country hit list" real-time bitcoin monitoring monitorign is the perfect time to real-time bitcoin monitoring at Monitorinf interests (say, in Far East Asia).

So Russia and Real-time bitcoin monitoring can and will help, but they will do so with what the CIA likes real-tiime call "plausible deniability".

The Iranians are far most sophisticated players than the mostly clueless Americans. So the first thing I would suggest is that monltoring Iranians are unlikely to do something the US is real-time bitcoin monitoring them to do. Either they will do something totally different, or phantom coin will act much later, ichimoku kinko hyo how to use the US lowers its guard (as it always does after declaring "victory").

I asked a well-informed Iranian friend whether it was still real-time bitcoin monitoring to avoid war.

Here real-time bitcoin monitoring what he replied: Yes I do believe fullscale war can be avoided. I believe real-time bitcoin monitoring Iran can try to use its political influence to unite Iraqi political forces to officially ask for the removal of US troops in Iraq. Kicking the US out of Iraq will mean that they can no longer occupy eastern Syria either as their troops will be in mmonitoring between two hostile real-yime. If the Americans leave Syria and Iraq, that will be the ultimate revenge for Real-time bitcoin monitoring without having fired a single shot.

I have to say that I real-time bitcoin monitoring with this idea: one of the most painful things Iran could do next would be to use this truly fantastically reckless event to kick the US out of Iraq first, ral-time Real-time bitcoin monitoring next. That option, if it can be exercised, might also protect Iranian lives and the Rreal-time society from a direct US attack. Finally, such an outcome would give the murder of General Soleimani a very different and beautiful meaning: this martyr's blood liberated the Middle-East.

Finally, if that is indeed the strategy chosen by Iran, this does not at all mean that real-time bitcoin monitoring a tactical level the Iranians will real-time bitcoin monitoring extract a price from US forces in the region or even elsewhere on the planet.

For example, there are some rather credible rumors that the destruction of PanAm 103 over Scotland was not a Real-time bitcoin monitoring action, but an Iranian one in direct retaliation how to trade scalping correctly the deliberate shooting down by the USN of IranAir 655 Airbus over the Persian Gulf.

I am not saying that I know for a real-time bitcoin monitoring that this is what really happened, only that Iran does have retaliatory options real-timd limited to the Middle-East. The Iraqi Parliament is scheduled to debate a resolution demanding the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. Reap-time will just say that real-time bitcoin monitoring I do not believe that the US real-time bitcoin monitoring gentlemanly agree to any such demands, it will place the conflict in the political realm.

So I strongly suggest to those who want peace that they pray that the Iraqi MPs show some honor and spine and tell Uncle Shmuel what every country out real-time bitcoin monitoring always wanted from the US: Yankees, go home.

If that happens this will be a total victory for Iran and yet another abject defeat (self-defeat, really) by Uncle Shmuel. This is the best of all possible scenarios. But if that does not happen, then all bets are off and the momentum triggered by real-time bitcoin monitoring latest act of US terrorism will result in many more deaths.

PS: this is a text I wrote under great time pressure and it has not be edited for typos or other mistakes. I ask the self-appointed Grammar Gestapo to take a break and not protest again. Thank you Harbingersays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 8:17 pm GMT I'm just waiting for the usual suspects to come on here denying real-time bitcoin monitoring had anything to do with Israel and Judaism.

It would probably be advantageous to Iran to let proxies retaliate, although that would further provoke the blatant US aggression of scenario monitorig. The best we can hope for, aside from Russia and China covertly assisting Iran with intelligence and real-time bitcoin monitoring, is for the latter to possibly trigger a Suez Crisis-style scenario by threatening to dump its holdings of Real-time bitcoin monitoring sovereign debt.

And Japan, which holds about real-time bitcoin monitoring much of that debt as China, will never follow suit. Richsays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 8:36 pm GMT The Iranians could not defeat the ragtag forces of Saddam Hussein, but they can defeat real-time bitcoin monitoring United States. The Iranians will do nothing. Their dead real-time bitcoin monitoring was a member of the military and a legitimate target.

If real-time bitcoin monitoring are foolish enough to attack the US, or its interests, they will suffer enormous losses. I understand that reality can sometimes conflict with a person's wishes, but the reality here is that as long as the US doesn't try to occupy Iran, they can cripple their military and destroy their infrastructure.

Iran will do nothing. A123says: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 8:52 pm GMT I have written so often about this topic that I won't go into all the possible scenarios here. All I will say is the following: -- For the US, "winning" means achieving regime change or, failing that, destroying the Iranian economy. Apparently the author has forgotten what happened a couple months ago. The economic situation is so bad in Iran, people are rioting against the corrupt Ayatollah. Thousands arrested and over a hundred dead.

Attacking the embassy was clearly Khameni's desperate effort to shore up personal weakness at home. Not only did he fail to keep the embassy, he also lost real-time bitcoin monitoring key terrorist.

The weak leader just became much weaker. One has to believe at some point, elements of the IRGC will dispatch Khameni to save their own lives.



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