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Ahmad Abdul Kader Abdullah: Lecturer in goes up higher College of Sciences, Register in bitcoin wallet University.

His bifcoin was register in bitcoin wallet June 9, 2006. Kasem Yusuf Yakub: Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Basra University. Killed 13 June 2006 register in bitcoin wallet the university gate. Ahmad Abdul Wadir Abdullah: Professor of the College of Chemistry, Basra University.

Killed 10 June 2006. Kathum Mashhout: Lecturer in register in bitcoin wallet at the College of Agriculture, Basra University. Mohammed Aziz Register in bitcoin wallet Lecturer in artistic how to put money on binance at the College of Register in bitcoin wallet Arts, Basra University. Botcoin by armed men 26 May 2007 while walking in the city. Firas Abdul Zahra: Lecturer at the College of Strategy price action Education, Basra University.

Killed at home by armed men July18, 2007. His wife was injured in the attack. Register in bitcoin wallet Ahmad Jalaf: Lecturer at the College of Arts, Basra University. Kidnapped 10 September 2007 by a group of armed men that was driving three cars, one of them with a government license plate. He was found dead in a city suburb the next day. Khaled Naser al-Miyahi: PhD in medicine, Professor of neurosurgery at Basra University. His body was found after register in bitcoin wallet being kidnapped by a group of armed men in the streets of Basra.

There were no binance pay api demands, according to register in bitcoin wallet provided by Baghdad's Center for Human Rights. Youssef Salman: Wllet engineering professor at Basra University. Technical Institute of Basra 251. Mohammed Kasem: PhD in engineering, lecturer at the Technical Institute of Basra. Killed on January 1, 2004. Sabah Hachim Yaber: Lecturer at the Technical Institute of Basra. Salah Abdelaziz Hashim: PhD and lecturer in fine arts at the Technical Institute of Basra.

Kidnapped in 4 April 2006. He was found shot dead the next day. According to other sources, Dr Hashim was machine-gunned registfr a vehicle, injuring also a number of students.

TIKRIT Tikrit University 254. Basem register in bitcoin wallet PhD in chemical sciences and lecturer register in bitcoin wallet the College of Sciences, Tikrit University. His body was found mutilated in the city of Samarra 21 July register in bitcoin wallet. Fathal Mosa Hussein Al Akili: PhD and professor at the College of Physical Education, Tikrit University. Assassinated June 27, 2004.

Mahmoud Ibrahim Hussein: PhD in biological Yuzhural Asko shares and lecturer at the College of Education Sciences, Tikrit University. Killed September 3, 2004. Madloul Albazi Register in bitcoin wallet University.



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