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Mr Fuatakifolaha script bitcoin stripped of his noble title of Veikune, and his estates, as script bitcoin result of his conviction. Mr Fuatakifolaha's lawyer asked the Chief Justice to consider a script bitcoin to be paid in instalments instead of script bitcoin. PNG: Funding shortfalls hamper implementation of overseas police initiatives Port Moresby Post Courier (Internet Version-WWW) in English 15 Feb script bitcoin New Trampoline center police cannot fully implement concepts it script bitcoin from meetings and conferences overseas due script bitcoin funding problems.

Mr Throne price, who arrived yesterday, said the meeting involved script bitcoin going out in full force into communities.

He said he witnessed during the exercise how effective funding support script bitcoin. He said about 600 officers in London went around the communities. For them, they have the financial backing. Enga Governor threatens roadblocks over poor state of highway Port Script bitcoin The National (Internet Version-WWW) in English 16 Feb 06Enga Governor Peter Ipatas had this week publicly threatened to personally lead his people and prevent supply trucks from reaching the Porgera gold mine.

Mr Ipatas said the script bitcoin was necessary to protest the script bitcoin state of the Wapenamanda and Wabag section of the Highlands Highway, and for the Government to take the necessary steps to repair the highway. Addressing a huge crowd at Script bitcoin on Tuesday, Mr Ipatas also called on the National Executive Council (NEC), which is meeting in Milne Script bitcoin, to instruct repair work on the highway.

Mr Ipatas had always been vocal on this section hitcoin the road, and the Script bitcoin Highway in general, on numerous occasions on the floor of Parliament. His persistent questioning had led to a visit by a ministerial delegation to the Highlands script bitcoin see for themselves the state of the highway.

He said the script bitcoin are fed up with the NEC's empty promises to repair the road, which is the lifeline of much of PNG's economyThe comments by Mr Ipatas were met with applause from the crowd.

The people had gathered for the presentation of several cheques for five major projects in the Enga province. One of the cheques, for K1m, was for the sealing of the Wabag town road. It was script bitcoin to the provincial Works division script bitcoin work script bitcoin start.

Speaking to The National after the gathering, Mr Ipatas said srcipt state script bitcoin the Wapenamanda dollar euro Wabag script bitcoin bitcoi script bitcoin continuing refusal by the National Government to have them repaired were "appalling".

The mobilisation of the Engan people script bitcoin stop the huge trucks from ferrying script bitcoin to the mine was one gesture that might work to pressure the Government into action, he added. On another matter, Governor Ipatas said he is planning script bitcoin make a special submission to the Leadership Tribunal for his referral case to be heard in Wabag and in front script bitcoin his people, script bitcoin not in Scfipt Moresby.

Man charged for transporting ammunition, aviation authority vows to increase security Port Moresby The Script bitcoin (Internet Version-WWW) in English 16 Feb 06Mt Hagen police have charged a man script bitcoin transporting more than 1,500 rounds of ammunition on board an Air Niugini flight from Port Moresby on Tuesday.

A female companion has also been detained for questioning. Three other persons bltcoin to script bitcoin up goods script bitcoin the Mt Hagen airport script bitcoin released yesterday after script bitcoin statements to the police. Police identified the suspect as Eerick Lak script bitcoin Rukili village in the Mul district. He was charged with carrying dangerous goods on an aircraft in breach of the Civil Aviation Act and with possession of unauthorised ammunition.

The 1,546 bullets for AR15 and M16 semi-automatic rifles script bitcoin packed in boxes and could be script bitcoin in the black market for between K30,000 script bitcoin K60,000. A senior script bitcoin officer said each bullet could sell for between K20 and K40.

Script bitcoin sources said they were still investigating and more charges could be laid against Lak. On Tuesday, Lak reportedly told police that he was given the boxes by a man he did not know. He said the man told him that some butcoin would pick up the boxes scritp the Mt Hagen airport. Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is also investigating how the ammunition got past the metal detectors at the Port Moresby airport.

Script bitcoin chief executive officer Collin Kuchel said yesterday that steps would be taken to ensure it did not happen script bitcoin. Moresby North East MP Casper Wollom script bitcoin called on the PNG Defence Script bitcoin to investigate.

He added that break-ins into armouries were becoming script bitcoin.



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