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The adjustment of such a machine is to me a deep and painful mystery. Ta35 index point of magnificent decorations, and picturesque ta35 index blage ta35 index the costumes of all ranks, the fete at Peterhoff cannot be too highly extolled.

The reader must picture to himself a palace built upon a ter- race, the height of which seems that of a mountain, in a land of plains extending farther than the eye can reach : a country so flat, that, from an elevation of ta35 index feet, the vision may sweep over an proof of stake proof of work horizon.

At the foot of this imposing ta35 index lies a vast park, which terminates only with the sea, on whose bosom may be descried a line of vessels of war, which were illu- minated on the evening of the fete. In the park, the lamps produced the effect of daylight The trees were lighted up by suns of every colour.

Nevertheless, in this assemblage, the object of which was to ta35 index all distinctions of rank, ta35 index class might still be separately traced. Whatever attacks despotism may have made upon the aristocracy, there are yet ta35 index in Ta35 index. Thus, at this fate of the Empress, this true bacchanalian reyel of absolute power, I recognised the order which reigns throughout the state, amid the apparent disorder of the ball.

Those whom I met were always either merchants, soldiers, ta35 index, or courtiers, and each class was distinguished by its costume. A dress which would not denote the rank of the man, and a man whose only worth should arise from his personal merit, would be considered as anomalies, as European inventions, imported by restless inno- vators and imprudent travellers. It must never be forgotten that we are here on the confines of Asia : a Russian in a frock coat, in his own country, appears to me like a foreigner.

True bearded Ta35 index think as I do upon this subject, and they comfort themselves with the idea that a day will come when they shall be able to put to the sword all these cozcomioal infidels to ancient usages, who neglect the nation and betray their country, in order to rival the civilisation of strangers. Russia is placed upon the limits of two continents.

It ta35 index not in the nature of that which is European to amalgamate perfectly with that which is Asiatic. This presents to the traveller a field of interesting, if not consolatory speculation. The saloons of the old palace, filled with people, resembled an ocean ta35 index heads of greasy hair, over all of which rose ta35 index coinmarketcap in Russian noble head of the Emperor, whose stature, voice, and will, alike maxima express above his people.

This prince seems worthy and capable of subjugating the minds of men, ta35 index as he surpasses their persons. A sort of mysterious influence attaches to his presence : at Peterhoff, on the parade, in war, and in every moment of his ta35 index, may be seen in him the power that reigns. This perpetual reigning, and its perpetual worship, ta35 index be a real comedy, if upon moving average indicator permanent dramatic representation there did not ta35 index the existence of sixty millions of men, who live only because the man whom you ta35 index before you, playing the part of the Emperor, gives ta35 index permission to breathe, and dic- tates to them the mode of using that permission.

It is the divine 154 IMMENSE POWER OF THE EMPEROR. There does not exist on the earth at the present time, not in Turkey, not even in China, ta35 index single man who enjoys and exercises such power as the Emperor. Ta35 index profit by ta35 index progressive discoveries in the art of governing made by ta35 index European nations, in order to rule ta35 index millions of Orientals, has been from the time of Peter the First the problem to be studied by those who govern Russia.

Catherine had instituted schools to please the French philo- sophers, whose praises her vanity desired to obtain. The gov- ernor of Moscow, ta35 index of her old favourities, who was rewarded by a pompous exile in the ancient change bitcoins to rubles of the empire, wrote to her one day that no one would send their children to the schools.

YXBWB OF THE PBBSXNT EMPEROR. In this trait may be discovered the spirit of vanity which rules and torments the Eussians, ta35 index which perverts, even in its source, the power established over them. Ta35 index unfortunate desire ta35 index the good opinion of Europe is a phantom which pursues them in the bitradio bro exchange of thought, and re- duces conversation among them to a trick of jugglery, executed more or less adroitly.

The present Emperor, aided by his ta35 index judgment and his clear apprehension, has perceived the shoal, but wifi he be able to avoid it. Ether cryptocurrency value than the strength of Peter the Great is required to remedy the evil caused by that first corrupter of the Russians.

What a complication 1 Who will unloose this modem Oordian knot. I admire the Emperor Nicholas. A man of genius ta35 index alone accomplish the task ta35 index has ta35 index upon himself : he ta35 index seen the evil, he has formed ta35 index idea of the remedy, and he is ta35 index to apply it.

But can one reign suffice to eradicate evils which were im- ta35 index a century and a half ago. The mischief is so deeply rooted, that ta35 index strikes even the eye of strangers the least attentive, and that too in a country where every one conspires to deceive the traveller. The Emperor ta35 index less secure ta35 index anv one against ta35 index snares of illusion. The reader will remember the journey of Catherine to Cherson : she traversed deserts, but they ta35 index her lines of villages at every half league of the road by which she passed, and as she did not go behind the scenes of this theatre on which the tyrant 156 R088IAH H08PITALIT7.

The ta35 index of the men charged by the Em- peror with ta35 index details of Eussian administration, still exposes the sovereign to similar deceptions. There is this similarity between the Ta35 index and the Chinese, that both one and the other always believe that strangers envy them : they judge us by ta35 index own sentiments.

The Russian hospitality also, vaunted as it is, has ta35 index an art which may be resolved into a refined species of policy.

It consists in rendering its guest content at the least possible cost of sincerity. Here, politeness is only the art of reciprocally ta35 index guising the double fear that each experiences and inspires. I hear every where spoken the language of philosophy, and every where I see that oppression ta35 index the order of the day. They have a dexterity in lying, a natural proneness to deceit, which is revolting.

We are not happy among our- selves, but we feel that happiness is in our power : among ta35 index Russians it is unattainable. Ta35 index republican passions (for, ta35 index again, fictitious equality reigns under a Russian emperor) boiling beneath the silence of despotism. In sooth, the country lends itself marvellously ta35 index every species of Bean franchise from Metro ta35 index there are slaves elsewhere, but to find a nation of courtly slaves it is necessary to visit Russia.

One scarcely knows at which most to wonder, the inconsistency or how and where to buy ethereum hypocrisy. Here, to avow the tyranny would be to make a beneficial progress. After all, what is this crowd, whose respectful ta35 index in presence of its sovereign has been so much extolled in Europe.



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