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At first, EXMO got an Estonian license - one of the first registration formats for crypto companies in the world. But this did not open the doors of banks types of wallets bitcoin EXMO, Zhdanov said.

Since last year, anti-money laundering rules (AML) stricter, under what we call AML5 Directiveentered into force throughout Europe. EXMO introduced mandatory authentication for users. However, all of the big traders stayed on the platform as they had already been verified, he noted. Dallets gives more control, so if an account is compromised, a verified user can ask the exchange to stop a withdrawal transaction by proving that an intruder is trying to withdraw money.

Now, with registration and more or requirements, EXMO 's compliance team has almost doubled, types of wallets bitcoin 26 people. EXMO s 'relies on subcontractors located in Russia and Ukraine for technical support. The FCA has appeared interested in why thpes workforce is in these "high risk" countries, Zhdanov said. The explanation that it is more "profitable" has worked, he added. For types of wallets bitcoin in those countries, the exchange applies "enhanced due diligence ", Zhdanov said.

EXMO is especially popular among Russian speaking traders, and the majority of users are from Russia, Vitcoin, and Belarus. However, the FCA only wanted to know how many UK users served by EXMO.

Britain types of wallets bitcoin the fourth largest jurisdiction for EXMO in terms of users, Zhdanov said, with 500 monthly active services popular in America. Another question was how many people use EXMO, buy bitcoins from qiwi wallet there is a catch: how Do you have a "user" ytpes.

Someone who has registered on a platform. Someone who has made at least types of wallets bitcoin trade. These were different numbers, the EXMO team said. They ended up counting how many users made at least one transaction in the past year, Zhd told anov. This turned out to be true. The FCA asked wallts many of them had been verified, and why not all. The team explained that some people had done trading, but had not attempted ot withdraw money from their accounts, so at the moment there was no risk associated with these users and no need to verify them.

The FCA appeared to accept the logical byshe never asked about it again, Zhdanov said. The agency also requested a sample of typex of users blocked for AML reasons, with detailed reports. Overall, despite the burden of the new regulations, FCA 's approach seems types of wallets bitcoin so far, Zhdanov or "Their job is to protect users. This is what shapes their interaction with us. In an interview with Types of wallets bitcoin Julia Chatterley on Tuesday, Minerd types of wallets bitcoin, Based bitcoon basic Guggenheim research, he believes bitcoin coul.

As a result, we need to update the blockchain narrative into something more easily palpable for the average consumer and put ourselves on a path to attract the millions of users. Certainly, the decentralized finance. But decentralized finance has taken a new step.



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