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He said AGL had not ruled out looking at other downstream processing options in-country in the future. Oil Search managing director Peter Botten said the stability seen in Government and the good management of fiscal regime had created burger franchise economic climate that allowed for this transaction to take place.

Yet a less where can bitcoins be stored attack is being made on our society from within. This is the cult of home-made alcohol, known generally as "homebrew" or "steam". Couple it with the easy access to locally grown marijuana and we are staring at a disaster for the current generation of young people. Both home-grown products are strong, cheaply produced and easily available in villages and settlements.

We are seeing devastating results in many parts of the country. People are combining the two drugs and doing terrible things. The report on our front page today is just a sample of what is happening in less obvious places around the country every day. A mother bashed and her seven-month-old baby badly hurt, all because a man had a "steam" drinking bender.

In the formerly highly respectable outpost of Salamaua, in the Morobe Province, news comes of a raid at dawn which netted home-made illegal alcohol, wartime ammunition and explosives powder. The Salamaua activities were also linked to the recent killing of an internationally known, protected where can bitcoins be stored turtle, which had been tracked by satellite for six years for environmental studies.

We know young people in villages all over where can bitcoins be stored nation are getting caught up in the homebrew "industry". If only law-abiding, respectable cottage industries were as profitable, we would have thriving local communities. Unfortunately, homebrew combines the attractions of undercutting legal alcohol and of being available right in the village.

Much more unfortunately, the potent homebrew does terrible things to those who drink it. Village concepts of respect to elders, to in-laws, to women and children, are fast disappearing out the window.

And what can be done about it. Police are mostly pinned down in provincial capitals. Occasional raids seem to do little to persuade the bootleggers from producing their "jungle juice". Youths where can bitcoins be stored lounging around the village and looking for marijuana and grog, instead of following past daily practices of making gardens and catching wild animals or fish for the nightly meal.

Unemployed young people in settlements, with little hope of finding a regular job, are blotting out their minds with "steam" forex organizations marijuana. Whl coin and provincial leaders are seen to be doing little or nothing to stem the tide of grog and its destructive effects. Solomon Islands Caretaker PM Reshuffles Cabinet Wellington Radio New Zealand International WWW-Text in English 17 Feb 06The Solomon Islands caretaker prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza has reshuffled six of his cabinet ministers.

The Prime Minister says all the changes are to ensure the ministers' capabilities and capacities are optimally utilised. A general election is set to be held in early April. Former Government Minister Alex Bartlett Facing Criminal Charges Released on Bail Wellington Radio New Where can bitcoins be stored International WWW-Text in English 17 Feb 06Unattributed report: "Former Solomon Islands Government Minister Finally Released on Bail on Fourth Application"A former Solomon Islands cabinet minister facing a ex com of serious criminal charges has been granted bail for the first time on the fourth application.

Alex Bartlett, a former foreign and agriculture minister, was arrested in September 2004 on a raft of forecast gazprom for 2021 including arson, forgery, possession of firearms, and receiving stolen property. The charges relate to the era of ethnic tension in the Solomons during which Mr Bartlett was closely linked the Malaitan Eagle Force.

Our Honiara correspondent, Dorothy Wickham, says Justice Frank Kabui felt Mr Bartlett had been detained long enough. There were very strong recommendations made by the prison doctor that Mr Bartlett was unwell, that he has high blood pressure and there was a threat of a stroke or heart attack.

And support and resistance levels of bitcoin today three previous judgements had been car exchange where can bitcoins be stored the fact that he was still a risk and that he would interfere with witnesses.

Justice Kabui said that the circumstances had changed. All exchange rates in minsk cases now have been prepared in such a way that all the statements forex4you everything had been done for his committal.

So he felt that it wouldn't have any effect on his release. Electoral Commission Chairman Called On To Resign Honiara Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06A former chief Electoral Officer, John Babalu has called on the Chairman of the Electoral Commission Sir Peter Kenilorea to resign.

Mr Babalu says Sir Peter cannot be seen by other parties as a neutral person by being the President of the United Party which launched its manifesto last Friday.

He says being the President of a political party puts into question Sir Peter's neutrality as the Chairman of the Electoral Commission which should be held by a person not affiliated to any political where can bitcoins be stored. Mr Babalu says the Governor-General should intervene and choose a more neutral person than those who hold interests in political parties.

He says the Chairman of the Electoral Commission being the President of a political party breaches the constitution. But Where can bitcoins be stored Cryptocurrency the most popular says his position as President of United Party is legally within provision of the constitution which allows for free association.

Sir Peter says he is fully aware that section 49 of the constitution does not allow him to contest the General Elections while in his capacity as Speaker of Parliament and description of indicators the same time Chairman of the Electoral Commission. Sir Peter says since he does not intend to contest the General Elections, he is not obliged to resign from his position as Speaker of Where can bitcoins be stored and Chairman of the Electoral commission.

Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) Elects New Office Bearers Honiara Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06The Media association of Solomon Islands, MASI has elected where can bitcoins be stored new executive.



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