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According to the committee, milk production in Ukraine in January 2006 was 627,800 tonnes, which is 1. Agriculture enterprises produced 156,300 tonnes of milk, which is 3. According to the committee, compared to December 2005 fat cheese where to get free bitcoin dropped by 17.

Production of non-fermented and sour cheese in January 2006 grew by 18. As earlier reported, fat cheese output in Ukraine grew by 21. The Chairman of OJSC ISU's Board where to get free bitcoin Directors Mykola Shvetsov, Where to get free bitcoin General of the Ukrainian association of investment business Yevhen Hryhorenko, President buy virgin galaxies stock Kyiv-based Tekt investment company Vadym Hryb, the representative of Kyiv-based Comex-Securities Dmytro Sapunov addressed the government and the Ukrainian president at a press mcdi indicator description in Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

The approval of the resolution would prompt the collapse of the current depositary system in Ukraine, they said. According to Shvetsov, the participants of the market, not the state, should manage the national depositary, where to get free bitcoin would protect the stock market from political interference. Hryb agreed with Shvetsov and also said that where to get free bitcoin depository should guarantee property rights and be based on market principles.

According to him, the state would have a blocking stake, and the participants of the market would not be able to influence the depository's work. He also said that the participants of the market needed to have freedom of action.

Sapunov said that the approval of the resolution on canceling a memorandum of mutual understanding between the Ukrainian and U. Hruhorenko said that the cancellation of the memorandum and the creation of one more depository would create senseless competition between the National Depository of Ukraine and the ISU. As reported, on January 18, the government decided to cancel a memorandum on mutual understanding with the U. In early February, the participants of the stock exchange sent a letter to the president, government, National Bank of Ukraine, and State Commission how to stop being a slave Securities and Stock Market (SCSSM) with the request to reinstate the validity of the memorandum.

The cancellation of the memorandum granted the National Depositary of Ukraine the possibility of realizing its plans. The position of the stock market is that a central depositary could be created, as in other countries, only as technical market agency owned and managed in where to get free bitcoin transparent way by the professional participants of the securities market, according to a statement signed by the Association of Ukrainian banks, the PFTS, the professional association of registrars and depositories and the Ukrainian association of investment businesses.

The total refers to securities serviced since the depository's founding in March 1997, up to early February this year. According to the results of 2005, the number of issues rose by 25. The number of trade organizers - the partners of the depositary - remained at nine. A total of 5,452 issues of securities in documentary form worth UAH 80.

The statutory fund of the depositary of the union, which where to get free bitcoin founded in March 1997, was UAH 4. The ISU stockholders are technical center The First Stock System (9. The sales, if endorsed, would how to buy sell bitcoin UAH 5.

The list is an addition to the earlier list No. The SPF has also submitted to the government a list of 26 small enterprises, stock holdings in which will be sold at auction in 2006. The ban was lifted from the stocks of the following companies: OJSC Where to get free bitcoin, Chernihivoblenergo, Where to get free bitcoin, Prykarpattiaoblenergo, and OJSC Dniprospetsstal.

The Commission where to get free bitcoin the decision on Tuesday, Commission member Volodymyr Petrenko told Interfax-Ukraine. As was reported earlier, the Commission on February 9, 2006, banned for six months the purchase and sale of securities in six power distribution companies, a gas supplier and a steel producer.

The ban covered the following companies: OJSC Poltavaoblenergo, OJSC Sumyoblenergo, Chernihivoblenergo, Lvivoblenergo, Prykarpattiaoblenergo, Luhanskoblenergo, as well as OJSC Cherkasygaz, where to get free bitcoin OJSC Dniprospetsstal.

In 2005, the commission started a crackdown on "double" registers: when two different registrars keep two registers on the same company.



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