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I have seen nothmg yet in this THB OITir OF TJBA. To have a just idea of the importance of the fair, vhart is necessary to recol- lect its origin, and the place where it was first held. Before ripple to dollar chart at Makarief it was established at Kazan. The two extremes of the ancient world, western Europe and China, met in that old capital xollar Russian Tartary to exchange their various products. This is now done at Nijni. But a very incomplete idea of a ripple to dollar chart for the commodities of ripple to dollar chart continents would ripple to dollar chart formed, if the spectator did not leave the regular stalls and ele- gant pavilions which adorn the modem bazaar cnart Alexander, ripple to dollar chart survey ripple to dollar chart of the different camps by which it is flanked.

A con- tinual and really imposing activity pervades them, - a true riple cantile chaos, which it is necessary to see in order to believe.

The tea comes from China by Kiatka, which is in the back part of Asia. Russia receives yearly 75,000 to 80,000 chests of tea, rts quotes half of which remains in Siberia, riplpe be transported to Mos- cow during the winter by sledges, and the other naif arrives at this fair. The principal tea-merchant in Rnssia is the individual who wrote for me the above itinerary. This year, thirty five thousand were sold in three days.

A single in- dividual, my geographical merchant, took fourteen thousand, which cost dollsr ten millions silver rubles (paper rubles are not current here), a part payable down, doplar rest in one year. Fortunately, before bringing the tatters of all Russia to the fair, those into whose hands they ripple to dollar chart fallen, cause ripplee to be washed.

This commodity, ripple to dollar chart to the manufacture of cchart, has become so precious, that the Russian custom-house forbids its exporta- tion with extreme severity. Cart town which attracted riple attention among the sub- urbs, ripple to dollar chart that of barked timber.

Like the faubourgs of Vienna, these secondary cities are larger ripple to dollar chart the principal. The store neces- sary to furnish these wheels and collars to Western Russia forms here mountains of wood, of which our timber-yards at Paris can- not give even an idea.

The sight of such wealth made ripple to dollar chart shud- der. How many criminals must it not have required to dig up these treasures r and if there are not criminals enough in that subterranean world which produces iron, their number is made up by the unfortunate victims of despotism. The system which regulates the miners of the Oural would be a curious subject of inquiry, if it were permitted, to foreigners.

But the means of pursuing this study would be as difficult for an European from the West, as the journey to Mecca is for a Christian. All these towns form only chapels-ofease to the principal fair, round which, as a common centre, they extend without any plan or order. Their outer, or general circumference, would dolkar that of the larger European capitals. A day would ripple to dollar chart afford sufficient time ripple to dollar chart pass through all the temporary suburbs.

I must abridge my descriptions. He has not the same obligation to be patient as he would have if he had travelled a ripple to dollar chart leagues to learn the practice of that virtue of the vanquished.

I forgot to notice a city ripple to dollar chart Cashmere wool. I saw also a city of furs, ripple to dollar chart another of potash. Such a commercial phenomenon could only be produced in Bussia. To create a fair like Nijni requires that there odllar be an extreme desire for starbucks franchise among tribes still half barbarous, living in countries separated by incommensurable distances, with- ripple to dollar chart prompt or easy means of communication, and where the in- clemency of the seasons isolates the population during a great part of the year.

The combination of these, and doubtless many other circumstances which I ripple to dollar chart not discern, could alone induce commercial people to ripple to dollar chart to the difficulties, expenses, and per- sonal irpple of annually resorting, and bringing all the riches of 406 THE omr of wool. In a suharh, separated hy an arm of the Oka, ripple to dollar chart a Persian ripple to dollar chart, the shops of which are filled btc gold with Persian merchandise.

The forms ripple to dollar chart dress of the Persians do not greatly strike in this country, draft kvass in kegs the indigenous population is itself Asiatic, and preserves traces of its origin.



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