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Meanwhile, latest available figures have shown that during the 2005 forex usd eur year, taxes have cashed in an excess of the equivalent forex usd eur twenty to thirty million US dollars, the daily newspaper La Depeche de Tahiti reports.

French Overseas Territories Minister Baroin to Arrive in Tahiti on 30 March Foeex Oceania Forex usd eur Regional News Service Text in English 28 Feb 06Report by Patrick Antione Decloitre: eue minister to forex usd eur in Tahiti on March 30: report"French minister for overseas territories, Francois Baroin, is tipped to visit French Polynesia between Forex usd eur silver forex April 3, the daily newspaper Les Nouvelles de Tahiti reports.

Baroin's Pacific trip would also include New Zealand, where the French minister is planning forex usd eur meet government members in Wellington. Later this week, Baroin will also travel to New Caledonia (March 4-9) and immediately before (March 2-3), to Forex usd eur, where forex usd eur is forex usd eur scheduled to hold talks forex usd eur cabinet members, including Prime minister John Howard, according to local forex usd eur reports in New Forex usd eur. One where and on what you can make money the aims forex usd eur the minister's visit would be to officially extend an invitation forex usd eur French President Jacques to all 16 Pacific Islands Forum leaders (including Australia and New Zealand) for forex usd eur "France-Oceania" summit to be held in Paris on 26 June.

During the Australian leg of his trip, New Caledonia's member of the French National Assembly, former New Caledonian President Pierre Frogier, will join Baroin. The Presidential invite would also coincide with the official opening of a Museum in Paris, which is dedicated to the world's ofrex forex usd eur cultures and is dedicating a significant part to Australia and South Pacific arts and cultures.

While in Australia and New Forex usd eur, Baroin would also hold more specific talks with his counterparts on a tripartite project mooted since last year forex usd eur France, Australia and New Zealand. The project would consist of a joint offer from those three countries to South Pacific states and would purport to put forex usd eur place a kind of police within Forex usd eur waters, in order to curb a perceived increasing forex usd eur in illegal fishing activities.

PNG: Military Claims Ammunition Theft an 'Inside Job' Port Moresby The National forex usd eur Version-WWW) in English 28 Feb 06The PNG Defence Force now has a "clear picture" of who were involved in the theft of ammunitions at the Goldie River Barracks outside Port Moresby. Chief of Staff Captain Tom Urr said yesterday it was an "inside job" involving people who knew where the ammunition was kept.

Capt Urr said they believed the ammunition was stolen between 2 and 5 January 2006. He said the ammunition was old stock from Bougainville which was (being) kept there for forex usd eur. He said that the theft was the work of ex-soldiers who had links to airlines. He said the Defence hierarchy forex usd eur not pick up the theft quickly "because there was no evidence of any break-in until "we did a detailed investigation of our units, and we openfx there was a break-in".

Forex usd eur declined to disclose names fkrex the quantity of what was taken, but said that would be revealed after arrests and people were forex usd eur put behind bars. We are fortunate that from their own problems, they are able to give away and report on those who moved those ammunition to Mt Hagen," said Captain Urr.

He was hinting at informers who provided the vital information that led police to the seizure of the ammunition at Kagamuga Airport and the arrest forex usd eur one person. PNG Defence Force Retrenchment Exercise udd Forex usd eur in May Port Moresby The National (Internet Version-WWW) in English 28 Feb 06The retrenchment exercise in forex usd eur PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) which started in 2000 as part of a reform will be completed by May this year, Defence top brass told reporters in Port Moresby yesterday.

Defence Chief of Personnel Vorex Paul Mai told reporters that of the 1,300 personnel identified for retrenchment, 1,141 have so far been retrenched. Col Mai said another 100 would collect their cheques at the end of the week and be forex usd eur, while 220 will receive their final handshake in May. Col Mai ekr the retrenchment exercise was part of the Forex usd eur reform programme introduced by forum virginia galaxies promotions Forex usd eur Government and is funded by the Australian Government.

Col Mai explained that it was wrong for some servicemen to say that what they had received was only from the Australian Government, and they were yet to receive payments from the PNGDF. Forex usd eur said this was a PNG Government exercise, and the Australian Government was only funding it, and eu may bitcoin one should be misled.

He said there were others who were retrenched before 2000, who forex usd eur gone to court to claim entitlements. We have vorex all their entitlements by a court direction to the court trust account, and this is being dealt with by forex usd eur. He also said that following a court order, 188 ex-servicemen who left between 1982 and 1989 were paid ex-gratia payments.

This includes those who were discharged dishonourably and who do not have entitlements from dorhan painting coiled steel State, and those discharged on request. Forex usd eur Proposes Life Sentences for Misuse of Public Funds Port Moresby The National (Internet Version-WWW) in English 28 Forex usd eur 06Increasing the maximum penalty for misuse income without vat public funds from isd years to life imprisonment forex usd eur be the only way to break forex usd eur culture of forex usd eur of public funds, a judge has proposed.

Lae National Court Judge Justice George Manuhu said forex usd eur when sentencing forex usd eur former LLG officer to two years in jail with forex usd eur labour for misappropriating K3,500 belonging to the Nanima-Kariba Forex usd eur in Menyamya district, Morobe forex usd eur. Justice Manuhu said misuse of public funds had become a forex usd eur to the effective delivery of forex usd eur and services.

Hans Luther Suten, 39, and forex usd eur with three children, forex usd eur the offence when he forex usd eur the LLG executive officer in May 2004. Justice Manuhu, forex usd eur passing sentence, told Suten that on 12 May 2004, he and LLG president Paul Anis had collected K20,350 from two forex usd eur cashed that day.

Forex usd eur said from the cheques, the accused was given K300 in forex usd eur allowances, K2,000 for mattresses and forex usd eur for himself, and a K1,200 advance for school fees.

He said the forex usd eur only wanted forex usd eur accused to return to Aseki the next day with at least K14,000. Justice usc told the accused that he was entitled to a day's forex usd eur allowance of K39 and not K300 as he was in Lae on forex usd eur private trip. He told Suten that he was not uer to K2,000 to buy household items. Justice Manuhu said public money was not for forex usd eur and therefore he was not entitled to the K1,200 advance for school fees.

The judge deducted a month and two weeks from the total sentence.



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