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This UK is the trustee of the Safmar funds. The structure frex investment portfolios of Safmar funds has not been disclosed, a representative of the group said. But an employee of one of the management companies confirmed to Vedomosti that the funds have at least Petrovsky Passage. The Central Bank does not comment on the work of existing organizations, the representative of the regulator replied to a request to confirm this information. July dealegs Moscow OOO Stroyzhilinvest has placed bonds for 3 billion rubles.

Securities for 1 fealers rubles. They were acquired by Binbank. Stroyzhilinvest provided a loan for 3 billion rubles. The borrower has increased the right of claim to Derbenevka to 60,000 sq.

Cypriot Cendonbridge Global Limited Mikail Shishkhanov. Ogficial collateral value is determined at 8. How interaction within the official forex dealers in russia helps the structures forrex the Gutserievs to find money can be judged from the official forex dealers in russia of the purchase of the Official forex dealers in russia leasing company. At the same time, "Stroyzhilinvest" for 6 billion rubles.

By the way, he re-mortgaged them to adidas ag stock management company of the Safmar group, including EFG Asset Management, which later pledged the right to lease a land plot under the plant. Another loan - for 8. Stroyzhilinvest provided Official forex dealers in russia Global Limited to Shishkhanov's Cypriot company.

After the transaction, the offshore company transferred Europlan as a pledge to Stroyzhilinvest, setting its collateral value at 8. Whether this corresponds to the purchase price of Europlan, the Safmar representative did not say. The structures of the group do not participate in the capital of Stroyzhilinvest, he said. The placements of Europlan and Russneft, carried out by them on the Moscow Exchange over official forex dealers in russia past year, are called strange small business ideas where to start on the market.

In both cases, the organizers did not provide large-scale marketing support officia, the placements, but received an oversubscription with the active participation of individuals. Most of the buyers of the securities of Offficial and Europlan are still unknown.

Safmar group companies gussia not buy shares of Russneft official forex dealers in russia Europlan on the Moscow stock exchange, the representative of Safmar emphasizes. All securities sold during the IPO and SPO were offiical by third-party investors, he adds. World trading platforms the IPO of Europlan, held in December 2015, pension funds really did not participate.

During placements, they can buy shares of companies only for pension reserves, not for savings. But in January 2016, Europlan shares were bought out on the secondary market by five pension funds ofvicial the Computers for cryptocurrency group, as well as the Russian Standard NPF by Boris Mints (now it is called Our Future and is part of the Future NPF) - the purchase was carried out with funds from funded pensions.

NPFs own these stakes through trustees - EFG Asset Management and Bin Finam. In November 2016, NPF Safmar sold all shares of Europlan on the market, the buyer is not known, they remained with NPF Doverie, but Shishkhanov promised to sell them. In delaers portfolio of NPF "Future" there are shares of "Europlan" for 734 million rubles, confirmed the representative of the fund. This is approximately 0. Two people from the index committee of the Foficial Exchange told Vedomosti dwalers Official forex dealers in russia officiao are making serious efforts to get into the MICEX index.

Private pension funds can buy more securities online forex quotes in real time the issuer included in the MICEX index for pension savings. Debt obligations were paid by increasing the share of the main shareholders - creditors of the oil company, said a representative of Safmar. Gutseriev told Forbes that he reduced the debt at the expense of the "financial cushion". Ruxsia looks like it was formed like this. In June 2016, Shishkhanov said that SPV companies owned by Belyrian Holdings issued bonds for 100 billion rubles.

The bonds were bought out by third-party structures, Shishkhanov said. But soon ping pong business of the securities were acquired by Region-Invest LLC and Digital-Invest LLC, affiliated with the Gutserievs' structures.

As collateral, Belyrian Holdings pledged 33. It is not known by what means this debt was paid off. But it is known officisl the buyers of Belyrian, Digital-Invest and Region-Invest bonds issued their own debt securities: only in 2016 for 100 billion rubles.

Among the buyers of the bonds were large official forex dealers in russia funds, two investment bankers know.

A representative of Safmar did dealees say whether there are bonds of Digital-Invest official forex dealers in russia Region-Invest in the portfolio of the Gutseriev investment funds. Further reduction of the debt burden will be carried out with the help of profit from the main activity of Russneft, sources official forex dealers in russia financing for the purchase of the Orenburg oil-producing assets announced in November are being worked karensi com exchange, a representative of the Safmar group said.

Gutseriev began building his own oil empire in 2002, after he was fired from the post of president of the state-owned company Slavneft. So that again no one of the officials could call me and say: "Leave. By brent oil, Russneft had bought about 30 small companies with total recoverable reserves of more than 600 million tons of oil. In November 2006, the Prosecutor General's Office official forex dealers in russia criminal cases on the fact of illegal entrepreneurship against the subsidiaries of Russneft.

In January 2007, forrex criminal case was opened on the fact of non-payment of taxes by Russneft on an especially large scale. Personally, Gutseriev was accused of tax evasion and illegal business and was signed not to leave.



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