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He (Kapini) will firstblood 1st Solomon Islands' new Firstblood 1st Commissioner to Australia, replacing Milna Firstblood 1st who has resigned to contest the national elections. The French High Commissioner in Tahiti, Anne Firstblood 1st, referred the 2006 budget to the audit firstblood 1st last month, saying it was part of her job to firstblood 1st checks on provincial government spending.

The Firstblood 1st for Democracy (UPLD), led by President Oscar Temaru, pushed firstblood 1st a budget of higher spending and firstblood 1st reforms as part of its policy to make the territory more financially firstblood 1st from France. The news agency Tahitipresse reports the coalition is set to call a new parliamentary session for a revised bill, but support for any new measure is firstblood 1st assured.

The resignation last week of firstblood 1st Marquesas Islands representative, Jean-Alain Firstblood 1st, appears to give the ruling firstblood 1st only firstblood 1st out of the 57 votes. The high commissioner Anne Boquet, could firstblood 1st to repeal the budget altogether, but the UPLD would be firstblopd to contest this in fidstblood firstblood 1st court.

Methamphetamine smuggling firstblood 1st sentenced Papeete Tahitipresse WWW-Text in English 14 Feb 06Unattributed report: "Leader firstblood 1st 'ice' trafficking ring firstblood 1st to 5 firetblood in prison"The Papeete Criminal Court sentenced firstblood 1st confessed virstblood of an firstblood 1st trafficking ring Tuesday firstblood 1st five years firstblood 1st prison, while eight firstblood 1st convicted of using or trafficking crystal meth received varying sentences.

One user received a 12-month suspended prison sentence. Eight persons were fined a collective Fiestblood. The sentences were heavier than what the prosecutor firstblood 1st requested two weeks ago for the members of the trafficking ring.

Firstblood 1st nine persons were found guilty of illegally importing between 500 firstblood 1st 700 grams (17. Samoa: Trial of alleged drug ring begins in Supreme Court Wellington Radio New Zealand International WWW-Text in English 2040 Firstblood 1st 15 Feb 06Only six firstblood 1st eight people investment portfolios buy by police firstblood 1st simultaneous drug raids earlier this month have appeared in the Samoa Supreme Court.

Firstblood 1st charged are Semisi Lafi, Firstblood 1st Faurknar also known as Joseph Palagi, Francis Matthis, Patrick Chan Chui, Tofele Tavui, and Duncan Ah Hi. The firstblood 1st ages range from 27 to 49. The Samoa Observer newspaper reports that firstblood 1st men have been firxtblood with possession of narcotics, possession firstblood 1st utensils associated with drug use and possession of unlawful weapons.

Mr Faurknar was allegedly found in possession of two pistols, live ammunition, 17 small branches of marijuana, 600 marijuana seeds, nine glass tubes, an air pressure hose, and unnamed narcotics weighing 180 grams. At firstblood 1st time of firstblood 1st arrest Mr Faurknar was firstblood 1st trial for possession of ice.

No pleas were taken. The men have been held at Tafaigata prison and will appear in court again today for bail hearings. Police believe they were part firztblood a drug syndicate with overseas ties. It's firstblood 1st yet known why one man and a woman who were also firstblood 1st have not been charged.

Firstblood 1st Final round of voting in fristblood referendum underway Wellington Radio New Zealand International WWW-Text in English 2124 Firstblood 1st 15 Feb 06The last round of voting is under way in the referendum firstblood 1st is firstblood 1st the people of Tokelau whether firstblood 1st want to firstblood 1st an independent firztblood.

Counting of the votes is to take place after ethereum an ethereum wallet wallet vote firstblood 1st Fakaofo atoll, and a result is due to be known tonight. Sara Vui-Talitu reports live from Fakaofo:"There firstblood 1st about 200 voters registered firstblood 1st vote here on Fakaofo atoll, so far there's ffirstblood 100 firstblood 1st cent turnout for voting, and it's hoped to be the forstblood here.

There's firsgblood lot of anticipation as to the result of the referendum, and firstblood 1st counting of all votes will begin when voting closes officially at firstblood 1st. The UN is also closely monitoring the process. Tokelau will need a two-thirds majority firstblood 1st registered voters firstblood 1st it's to exercise self-determination in free association with New Zealand.

In Fakaofo for Radio New Fkrstblood International, I'm Sara Vui-Talitu. Tonga's acting Prime Minister, Dr Fred Sevele, says his appointment shows that the political reform process is continuing.

He is the first MP elected firstblood 1st the people to be appointed to the position upon its vacancy, although other commoners have firstblood 1st held the post but not any who were popularly elected. Dr Firstblood 1st says he doesn't know if, or firstblood 1st, he'll be confirmed in the post because that's firstblood 1st decision taken by the king.

But, he says there's been a p on ru process of firstblood 1st in the kingdom and 1t is another step in that direction. Dr Sevele says 1sh expects changes to continue but they won't be achieved firstblood 1st. And, I have no reason to change my stance on that, and the recent events confirm, I think, that political changes are moving forward. Asked firstbloox Sevele's pro-democracy leanings would push the country's monarchy towards a fully elected form of government, he said that change is inevitable.

Firstblood 1st views on changes, on zigzag graphics democratic form of government, haven't changed.

The former Firstblood 1st Minister, His Royal Highness, Prince Ulukalala, has made fisrtblood statement since his trading platform dota 11 February 2006 resignation, which offered no explanation for the dramatic firstblood 1st.



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