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His work as a journalist was a cover for espionage on behalf of the Germans, Polish sources suspect. There is no corroboration for this in the Polish files discovered to date. Two other documents in the IPN dossier, dating well after the German defeat and the end of the war, indicate that whatever Chomiak had been doing for the Germans became a fresh issue of interest to the Polish authorities in the mid-1960s.

The truth of Chomiak's stint at a Nazi-controlled newspaper in occupied Krakow has been known to Freeland for more than 20 years. Her uncle, historian John-Paul Himka, wrote about Chomiak in a 1996 journal article. Freeland helped edit the article. There's no evidence Chomiak wrote any of the anti-Jewish diatribes that flowed like sewage through the pages of the newspaper, Krakivski Visti.

His state of mind at the time cannot be known to us. After the war he told his family he had worked with the anti-Nazi resistance, helping its members get false papers.

Perhaps it's one of the stories people tell themselves later, as they try to live with the things they did to stay alive in hell. What we know is that if Chomiak was still alive at the end of the war, it's because he took pains to stay on the right side of the murderers who had occupied Ukraine and Poland for the war's duration. You might be a resister for three hours a day after collaborating the other 21. Those who didn't manage to escape to the West, as Chomiak and his family did, stayed behind and spent generations staying on the right side of the new occupiers, the Stalinist murderers who took over from the Nazis.

Chrystia Freeland is in the business of helping societies -- ours, Ukraine's, the world's -- stay on the side of sanity. It makes her a target. The fact that her family existed in the damned 20th century gives her opponents ammunition. None of this takes away the legitimacy of her important work. The letter states that the classified footnotes contradict information in Horowitz's report that appears to have misled the public. However, the Senator's did not disclose what section of the December FISA report contradicts the footnotes in their findings.

The Senator's state in their letter to Barr that certain sections of Horowitz's report on the FBI are misleading the public. This classified information is significant not only because it contradicts key statements in a section of the reportbut also because it provides insight essential for an accurate evaluation of the entire investigation. The American people have a right to know what is contained within these four footnotes and, without that knowledge, they will not have a full picture as to what happened during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

The impeachment is a giant nothing burger considering democrats lack the votes and any reasonable person knows that Barr was destined to return a giant nothing burger from the beginning so there must be something important the establishment wants to keep hidden by keeping these nothing burgers alive and in our faces.

Didn't NeoCon puppet Trump order Barr to declass the Russia hoax docs?. Horowitz discredited himself in an earlier report and Congress testimony when he said "there was no bias in the FBI's efforts to surveil Trump"He's a Democrat. Wanna know why some businesses fail. They let 'qualified' but sabotaging people stay around.

Governments can fail too. Looks like Horowitz has proven once again he's not neutral. I actually emailed the White House, I believe after he testifyied in that hearing, to get rid of him. Barr is likewise useless in terms of protecting the government and citizens from the deep state.

The US government is for the US government. The system protects the system. It does not matter who it looks like is running it because the system is running the system and the system is covering for everyone in the system that needs to be protected to protect the system.

In east Syria the Kurds are cooperating with U. Turkey wants Syria to at least disarm the Kurds. The Kurds though use their U. Neither Ankara nor Damascus seem yet ready to make peace. But both countries have economic problems and will have to come to some solution. There are still ten thousand of Jihadis in Idleb governorate that need to be cleaned out. Neither country wants to keep these people. The export of these Jihadis to Libya which Turkey initiated points to a rather unconventional solution to that problem.

To prevent that the U. Baghdad as well as Tehran will throw everything they have against the plan. This because those are exactly the bases the U. The missiles demonstrated that the U. It is not known whether Mohammed al-Halbousi, the speaker of parliament with ties to both Iran and Saudi Arabia, attended the secret Amman conference, but it is said that he was informed of the details.

The plan is not new. But now an idea which has long been toyed with by the US, as it battles to keep Iraq within its sphere of influence, has found a new lease of life as Saudi Arabia and Iran compete for influence and dominance. Anbar comprises 31 percent of the Iraqi state's landmass. It has significant untapped oil, gas and mineral reserves. If US troops were indeed to be forced by the next Iraqi government to quit the country, they would have to leave the oil fields of northern Syria as well because it is from Anbar that this operation is supplied.

Anbar has four US military bases. The western province is largely desert, with a population of just over two million.

As an autonomous region, it would need a workforce. This, the meeting was told, could come from Palestinian refugees and thus neatly fit into Donald Trump's so-called "Deal of the Century" plans to rid Israel of its Palestinian refugee problem.

Anbar is almost wholly Sunni, but Salah al-Din and Nineveh aren't. If the idea worked in Anbar, other Sunni-dominated provinces would be next. The timing indicates that the plan was initiated when John Bolton as Trump's national security advisor. To split Iraq into three statelets the U. The empire cannot maintain more than three foci for that dis-information campaign due to the social engineered response it has manufacturedBy constantly maneuvering, especially in coordinating with friends like Xi, opportunities of attack open upThis is a far cry from the classic mass formation attack strategy that most present warfare strategists endlessly debate.

The Palestinian authorities have repeatedly objected to the plan, as its details were trickling out, and mass protests are expected in the Palestinian territories as Israel tightens security measures. However, Israel would freeze the construction of new settlements on Palestinian territories for four years while Palestinian statehood is negotiated. Trump said that the US will open an embassy to Palestine in East Jerusalem. The US president said that his Palestine-Israel map would "more than double" the Palestinian territory.

On Monday, Donald Trump held separate meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz. Neither of the two managed to achieve a decisive victory in general elections in April or September last year, and a third vote is scheduled for March to break the impasse.

Benny Gantz, the leader of the centre-right Blue and White alliance, praised Trump's plan following Monday's meeting in Washington and promised to put it into practice if he wins the March election.