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From sleepy hollow the message went out to shoot first and let the policy slide along afterwards. How are the exchange rates in Minsk today of the land of the free going to swallow this piece of fascist wrangling.

Who said Russians don't interfere in elections. Well those with British golden passports at any rateOn the idea that Pompeo now wants to row back, I'm not convinced. Sorry to provide a Guardian link but I saw this earlier and it seems he's scolding mainland Europe and the UK for not being more "supportive" of his insanity. Truly it is the evil empire, with all that this includes, and Trump like a pimple waiting to burst sitting on top of the rotten pile.

Sickening pontificating from her in the Guardian about how it is bad to murder people (without just cause) apparently oblivious to the fact her own party committed Britan to an illegal war without a shred of evidence that Saddam Hussein was ogk quotes 2 threat to our national security.

She finishes her turdburger by saying 'Whoever becomes Labour's new leader, they need to have the strength, experience and knowledge to lead parliament in exchange rates in Minsk today back against Britain becoming embroiled in this disastrous drift to war.

If the reports are true, it's quite exchange rates in Minsk today, yet it has nothing to do with Iranian retaliation. I haven't looked at the bookmakers with regard to all this. It will be interesting to see what odds they are now giving on Trump being re-elected.

I've no idea of the veracity of this report. There was a similar report on Friday that turned exchange rates in Minsk today to be untrue.

Fascists typically join likeminded individuals to fulfill the process of deindividuation into in-groups they perceive to be socially beneficial for reasons of political opposition. Deindividuation allows the elite to internalize their own social-psychological perspectives to in-group bias of exchange rates in Minsk today et cetera. Bikers deindividuate into biker gangs of likeminded in-group collective thinking. Out-group is anyone that is not aligned with the in-group binary of identity with the group.

The car Soleimani was killed in appears to have been 'exploded' into a block with very little damage to the surrounding area or scorching. A car set on fire by neds in Exchange rates in Minsk today makes more mess. However in a change from the ubiquitous 'mysteriously' appearing passport, we have a deluxe ring that 'identified' Him.

The Iranians arrested several members of The Royal Navy. The Iranians also arrested the BBC Cameraman, and his Soundman, and exchange rates in Minsk today most popular cryptocurrencies list into the blow-up boat too, and they carried on filming, whilst they took them to jail in Iran.

After a few days, The Iranians, let them all go. The Royal Navy said sorry, we won't do it again. The spooks and the dirty cops worked tirelessly to undermine his campaign to prevent him being elected.

Having failed in this, it did everything possible to sabotage his administration subsequently. It has perpetrated various subversive and treasonous hoaxes, fantasies and conspiracy theories, culminating in the current impeachment circus.

They never tried to make the best of a bad job, from their point of view, to "manage Trump. They don't accept him, and never will. They hate him, and they want him dead, or at least in jail, stripped of his businesses and money, and his relatives as well. After all, he's gifted Nuttyyahoo Jerusalem, occupied Syria and the West Bank. You might think that would cut him a bit of slack. It's because he upset the apple cart for the Zionist interests who rule the roost in Washington.

Clinton was supposed to take over and implement their programme. Syria was supposed to have been destroyed now, and Assad dead. The war with Iran was supposed to have been begun long ago.

But Trump failed to deliver. The tentative peace feelers being put out to Russia (because he was more concerned about China) enraged that same dual national constituency with their visceral hatred of Russia.

And this is so much more the case because those same interests realise they exchange rates in Minsk today working under time pressure. This may be their last chance. America is declining rapidly. The Zionist stranglehold that has taken a century to achieve is a declining asset. And exchange rates in Minsk today parasite may find it difficult to find another host.

Is Russia going to give Israel billions of dollars and unlimited free mining proof of stake every year. Will Chinese troops be "happy to die for Israel" as US ones are (at least according to their general.



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